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  1. Zomby woof

    2009 KX100 - Should I get one?

    If you're a novice the bike should be fine, but as you get faster you might want something bigger. I'm about your size and my normal race bike is a 125 Husky, but I bought a KTM105 and rode it for 2 years . I was never faster in the woods but on the wide open sections or motocross track I found the bike too short, twitchy, and not quite fast enough. I like the power of a 125 but find most full size bikes too big (too long) to get through the woods comfortably at speed, and there are very few capable bikes for small riders. I'm looking for a new bike to race hare scrambles and it will likely be a YZ125. They are the shortest full size MX or woods bike so that might be a good option for you too.
  2. Zomby woof

    What is the best 250f for woods?

    All the fastest woods guys in our club are on MX bikes. There's very little difference. I would never buy a used 4 stroke unless it was either a play bike or one of the mild dual sports.
  3. Zomby woof

    125 2 stroke or 250 2 stroke?

    It depends on your riding style. In my classes I can run any size bike I want. I tried a 300 2 stroke and ridden several other 250 2 strokes but race a 125 because it's much more suitable for my riding style. And for me a lot more fun This is good advice
  4. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    Tell me about it. I'm 5'6" 145 lbs. I had to lean it against a tree and get it just right In the end the bike turned out to be too fast for my riding style.
  5. Zomby woof

    Rebuild of a 16 YZ125

    Seems awfully premature, and none of the other bikes I'm looking at have had bottom ends replaced. With the YZ's it's probably 2/3's of them
  6. Zomby woof

    Rebuild of a 16 YZ125

    Why are you doing bottom end bearings on a couple year old bike? I've been looking at late model YZ125's and I'm surprised at how many of them have new cranks. Do these motors not stand up?
  7. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    Good idea on the ODSC and SCORRA sites. In 2016 I bought a WR300 for $2800. Rode it for half a season, cleaned it up and sold it the next spring for $3400. I need to buy more bikes like that 😜 That thing was a beast.
  8. Zomby woof

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    55.5 according to Beta's specs, but it doesn't matter. I'm wrong about everything else 😜 I am short and lightweight. I had a KTM 105 and I liked it in the woods but it was too skittish and (when I geared it for my size and woods riding) too slow for me on the open sections. I wondered if the Honda was any better. probably not.
  9. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    SW Ontario. Yes, it's very clean for a 8 year old bike. I've taken meticulous care of it, unfortunately it's a niche bike to begin with and been abandoned by the manufacturer. Interest in them is gone, and so is the value. I'll probably just keep it and use it for the MX track. It's not as good there as a new Husky or KTM, but still better than a YZ125
  10. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    If I wanted to know what Husky riders thought I would have posted it here or on Cafe Husky. I wanted to know what normal people thought it was worth 😛 Note when the comments stopped... when it was moved
  11. Zomby woof

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    1.5" shorter than the 250. Didn't realize you had the 150 also. Off topic, how would you compare the Beta to the 150 for woods?
  12. Zomby woof

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    The wheelbase is actually 2 1/2" - 3" shorter than a full size bike and shorter than your Honda
  13. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    Thanks to the moderation team for moving this specifically where I didn't want to post it, for obvious reasons
  14. Zomby woof

    What is my (Husky) bike worth?

    If it was a YZ125 I would be able to do that. Not a single one on FB marketplace, but there is one for sale locally, and that's what prompted the question. It's as clean as mine, maybe even a little cleaner but doesn't have the work or as many spares. He's asking $4200 Herr Schmid is just jealous of my Husky
  15. I never thought I'd do this but I'm thinking of selling my Husky. I know it's a niche bike and it's not for everyone, and I understand that it's not going to be worth what a similar YZ125 is, but I'm having a hard time putting a value on it. 2011 CR150 I've owned the bike since new and it now has 112 hours with about 3/4 of that being hare scrambles. It has been meticulously maintained. Factory 144 with Light porting Modified head for increased compression and improved squish, runs on pump 91 Modified 125 power valves fit for better low end, and it makes incredibly linear power FMF pipe with stock silencer Enduro engineering suspension sprung for 160 lbs IMS 2.9 gal tank Spares Rekluse clutch 2 stock tanks New stock silencer 2 sets plastics, one white FMF pipe New stock pipe Swingarm Subframe with airbox 144 barrel and head 165 barrel, head, piston, (low hours) with new rings, gaskets and KTM 200 FMF pipe 50, 51, 52 sprockets New rads I'm sure I'm missing a few things so I will add them as I remember them.