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  1. Cuchara Red

    DRZ400E Fans

    I put my temp sensor in the line leaving the engine, so I'm getting the hottest coolant before any cooling in the radiator. That could explain the difference in our readings.
  2. Cuchara Red

    DIY quiet insert ideas

  3. Cuchara Red

    DRZ400E Fans

    My greenE ran well over 212F on mountain trails, regardless of temperatures. A 4" (120mm) computer fan on each radiator works perfectly. I tried running a high cfm 92mm on each radiator and they didn't move enough air to keep temps below 220F, so I went back to 120mm. I have a Vapor with water temp so I watch temps and manually flip the fans on. In the mountains I just leave them on. If you ride only street then fans aren't really needed. My bike needs over 15mph to cool sufficiently without the fans on.
  4. Cuchara Red

    Noisy aluminum skid plate fixed

    Excellent idea and execution.
  5. Cuchara Red

    Looking for feed back on Recluse on an E

    The LHRB was an option from Rekluse. It's not nearly as easy to lock up the rear wheel using fingers instead of foot but it does work well enough. I do wish I'd gone with the option to keep the foot brake as well as the hand brake as there are times when one works better/easier than the other. As to the earlier question about engine braking, mine stays locked up until the speed is really slow, so no prob with lack of engine braking. ron I just re-read your post and noticed that you said you lost engine braking after using the rear brake. Yep, in that instance the drive train slows down enough that the clutch discs let go and then you're into freewheeling. I don't know how to change that. Raising the engine revs will re-engage the clutch so there's a fine line between the "damned if you do and damned if you don't".
  6. Cuchara Red

    is my exhaust designed badly?

    Dunno, that exhaust looks bitching to me. I would think that it would be leaner now than with the stock exhaust so I'd look at slightly richer jetting. That's just me. It always bothers me when somebody's response is to "throw more money at it" like a $900 exhaust system is nothing. Regardless of whether there's a ton of exhaust out there or not, they are not always available to everyone for whatever reason. Me, I don't even consider them 'cause at my age I don't need it, and my fixed income doesn't need it. I make as much as I can for the bike and save up to buy what I can't make.
  7. Cuchara Red

    Mods/Fixes Checklist - New Guy

    List looks solid to me but might want to wait on anything that might void warranty if bike is truely new. I don't think I'd cut into wiring to do the free power mod until out of warranty. - I don't see any reason to locktite the exhaust header since heat is how you get locktite to loosen it would seem a waste of effort. - I don't see any reason to mess with the battery bracket unless you're changing the battery size. It's fine as is for stock. - I didn't see where you are addressing the stock cam chain tensioner. As far as I know it still needs replacing with the manual version available in TTStore. ron
  8. Cuchara Red

    Questions about building sm wheels?

    Just thinking out loud here. If you were to use the 18/18 combo, how about using a stock rear street tire (trailwing?) on the front and getting a wider street tire for the rear? Seems like the Trailwing is 120 in width; surely there's a 150-160 rear you could use on the back. Even a 140 might be enough to work. Anybody want to react to this? Is there some good reason this wouldn't work? ron
  9. From everything you've said it sounds like fuel is not flowing smoothly to the carb. Got to be stopped up somehow. Yes, it's open enough to get some fuel, but not enough to keep up with a running engine. That sitting for 15 minutes you mention is time enough for the fuel to seep by the obstruction and refill the carb bowl. At that time it will start but only run until the bowl doesn't have enough fuel to keep it running. Find the obstruction and I think you may solve your problem. The only other thing I can think of is a bad electrical connection somewhere in the ignition circuit. It might be good enough to let current flow at first but heats up in the short running time, gains too much resistance, and shuts things down. Hope this helps. Good luck. You'll change your mind about the bike once it's running good. You'll see... ron
  10. Cuchara Red

    To those with after market Kickstarter!

    Did you also install the decompression parts into the head? This helps me in two ways. First and most important for me, it lets me get the crank in the exact location that is best to get the engine lit. Second, it does lower the compression for the initial rotation by the kickstarter and that helps to get things going. Sounds like both might be advantageous for you, also. ron Uh, this feeble brain may have just fed me a little more info - I have an E and the head was machined for the decompressor. The S might not be machined for this additional. Dunno for sure.
  11. Cuchara Red

    Full engine rebuild DR-Z 400 E model

    I believe the kicker cases are different from the rest, as they do not incorporate the starter motor, gears, etc. Maybe that's what these "vendors" are referring to.
  12. Cuchara Red

    Clarke and FCR

    Hey, thanks man. Appreciate it. Didn't know anyone was still seeing my old stuff. All is still intact and doing it's job - but the bike is still in Colorado and I'm in Texas so that makes riding it a little harder in the winter months. ron
  13. Cuchara Red

    Clarke and FCR

    Here's what I did to get my choke working... http://rs176.pbsrc.com/albums/w192/cucharared/IMG_6570.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  14. Cuchara Red

    who's got an auto clutch?

    Stick with the family ride and don't put it in until after - or this winter. It does require a little break-in time and may need some adjustment so upcoming ride is not a good time to experiment.
  15. Cuchara Red

    Looking for feed back on Recluse on an E

    I put the original Rekluse on my greenE back in '08 or so. I also installed the left hand rear brake and mini-finger clutch lever. All have served me well and continue to work well. No problems over the last 5-6000 miles. There are times when I wish for the original clutch just for the better potential for lifting the front end over obstacles, but if I'm honest with myself I'll admit to just not being very capable at getting it up regardless of the setup. It is far better in the mountains that I could ever be with a regular clutch. ron