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  1. jaredc28

    Valve Adjustment

    93' 650l. I've decided I'll shoot some video of what I am doing (valve adjustment) and post here soon...that way if I am doing something wrong I'll at least get some opinions. I did some reading in the 4strokes.com forum and found several people decided to take their stock cam to a machine shop to remove the auto decomp (mixed results). Any advice from people who have done this and had good/bad experience?
  2. jaredc28

    Valve Adjustment

    Still waiting on all those who have expertise on this issue to weigh in... It seems to be a prevalent problem for many weekend "mechanics" who decide to try their own valve adjustment. I know once I dial it in I'll think "that was simple", but right now I feel like lighting a match and walking away:banghead: How about a really good quality video, what do you say martinfan?
  3. jaredc28

    Valve Adjustment

    Headtrauma, thanks for the help. I'm positive I'm at tdc when I adjust the lash, but that RH exhaust valve keeps tapping and is very loud. I'd love any help you could give!
  4. jaredc28

    Valve Adjustment

    I've followed this post in detail and several others on TT hoping to dial in my valves. I've tried it all but cannot keep the RH Exhaust valve to stop clattering once it's running. Help me with this: The compression stroke is when the intake valves start to open (rockers going down when you are looking at them from the top). So the adjustment needs to be done before they start to open right? Also, has anyone here had luck with adjusting the first three (2 intake and LH exhaust) then rotating a bit to losen up the RH exhaust before adjusting...like the previous post states? I rode about 1000 miles on a clattering rocker because I couldn't dial it in...I cannot stand that noise anymore!!! Help?
  5. jaredc28

    Chain tensioner fail?

    I have this EXACT same click on my 93 XRL. I thought my valves were loose several times and kept re-checking/adjusting them. I finally gave up and just dealt with the click. I can only hear it when I am at idle, and the bike has run fine for several hundred miles with the click... please post if you get to the bottom of it!
  6. jaredc28

    Show your PIG

    Nice rebuild...either you are really short, or that bike is 4 feet tall!!! Wow it looks big next to you!
  7. jaredc28

    Ride then dies

    i had the same problem with my 93, replaced everything except the CDI and kept having the same problem. bought a used CDI from a 97 off Ebay and its been runnin fine ever since...
  8. jaredc28

    Anyone know where to Buy Cheap tires?

    Fleabay...last set cost me around $100 for two tires. Bridgestone 80/20 tire
  9. jaredc28

    Accident Avoidence & Dual-Sport Bikes

    I have a set of tires on now that are more an 80% road, 20% off road type. I noticed a great difference in how they "hug" the road compared with the knobbies i had before. I can bank corners much quicker and the tire feels solid underneath me. I have also noticed a greater stopping ability. I know not all accidents are avoidable, but I like to think that I avoid a fair bit of accidents by: * Staying out of blind spots (I tend to go faster than traffic so I can keep it all in front of me rather than behind or to the side). *Slow down at intersections (especially when the yellow comes on) *I use hand signals when I can because people tend to ignore bikes and bike turn signals My .02... Jared
  10. jaredc28

    question on engine temp.

    I live in St. George Utah and have the 4.7 Clarke Tank, temps these days are around 110 when I ride home from work. I don't have a temp guage, but I would guess it is in the 300 range unless I am on the freeway. Sometimes when I am at long stop lights, I will just cut it off...
  11. jaredc28

    Show your PIG

    trackhead, where are these pics taken?...i did alot of stuff on horseback when I was younger in Utah County mountains, it looks very similar, or maybe logan area... beautiful, I miss it a bit since I am now down here in the sweltering heat of st. george!
  12. jaredc28

    Stolen!!! 2001 xr 650r

    makes a guy want to park his bike out in the open one night and sit on his roof with a shot gun waiting for them to try...:censored:ers!!! I hate thieves:devil:
  13. jaredc28

    Help with Headlights

    check ebay, i see the plastic headlight mounts all the time in white and red.
  14. jaredc28

    XR650L Intake Upgrades & Mods???

    I have a K&N filter, don't go off road much. I really like the low maintenance and it breathes much better than stock.
  15. jaredc28


    Anyone had their front tire go flat at 70mph...I can now say I am a proud member of this club. Everything feels squishy, look down and the tire looks like its about to leave the rim, start to slow and it gets worse, big rigs nearly thumping me as I limp to the shoulder...finally stop:worthy: Anyway, going to the shop tomorrow to see why this happened. Anyone with similar scaaaaary stories of high speed near misses? Jared