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  1. Dalebob77

    Best Tires For The Oregon Trails???

    Summer riding Maxxis SI both f and r. Winter IRC M5-B rear hands down!
  2. Dalebob77

    Monkey Butt XC...

    I am heading up on sat. to camp out that night. I've never ridden in the Heppner OHV area, what kind of riding should i expect?
  3. I might be heading up and would like someone to show me around.
  4. Dalebob77

    3-30-08 Starvation Ridge Race

    How long is the total race?
  5. Dalebob77

    3-30-08 Starvation Ridge Race

    whats the diffrence between the race on the 29th and the xc race on the 30th? Are they the same seat time?
  6. Dalebob77

    6 Hr Team race

    Ok, thanks for the help guys. Have a good ride.
  7. Dalebob77

    6 Hr Team race

    squid67, kmon2 and bikedude127 I would like to ride the expert class if anybody is up for it. kmon2, i fall short of the +30 class by a few years. Let me know.
  8. Dalebob77

    6 Hr Team race

    Still looking for a team mate...Anyone?
  9. Dalebob77

    6 Hr Team race

    I'm part of a four man team but want more seat time. Dose anyone want to join me to make a two man team? I usually ride open expert class, on a KTM 250xc.
  10. Dalebob77

    New bike, have questions...

    I am picking up an 08' 250xc this weekend. I have always owned Honda 250f's and 450's, so this is my first 2 stroke. I need to get a spark arrestor in order to race here in Oregon. I have herd good reviews on Pro Circuit. What is reccomended, Nature Friendly or Type 296? Also, what oil is reccomended or favorite? And at what ratio? For break-in of my four strokes i have had good luck running them hard out of the gate. Is this reccomended for 2 strokes also, the dealer was talking to me about heat cycles? Thanks for the help, hopefully i will be a long time KTM fan.
  11. I am starting to get bored with the same old trails in Browns camp and Jordan creek. I am looking to hook us with guys that know where the gnarly tight trails are. I am done riding MX tracks, but need to find somthing to get my adrenalin running.
  12. Dalebob77

    How many hours on Rotella T?

    Honda says every 15 hours.
  13. Dalebob77

    Relocate to Eugene

    You'll love to ride Starker, which is about 30 mins from Eugene. It's a nice place to ride woods, lot of tight stuff and hill climbs. Eugene MX is a good user friendly track for guys that are new to MX and fast guys too. I miss living in Corvallis, because of all the good riding spots that are so close. I'll have to show you around. See you.
  14. Dalebob77

    VRP-MX... Buyer be aware

    That's why i posted here. I cannot stand people who hide behind their answering machines, especially people who are in business.
  15. I ordered a new piston from VRP-MX for my bike back in July off their web site, paid in full with my visa and never received anything. So, I send them emails, no response. Call the number and leave messages, also with no response. Recently, I tried to send them an email but the message was rejected. I’m at the point now I don’t know what to do. Has anyone had similar experiences? I just want my money back. So, please be aware, don’t get screwed like I did.