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    I live in Pinellas county Clearwater actually. I "Rode out the storm" so as to say. I stayed here to board up my house. All the rest of my family wife included headed for the hills. Carolina's, Missouri. Actually my wife and daughter were scheduled to go on a Disney Cruise that week. Which was cancelled finally on the Wednesday before sailing. Ironically. we were on another Disney cruise the very year before when Juoquine hit us hard while in the Caribbean. The freighter that went down was actually not that far from us. Terrible shame. As for Irma, locally here we only had 70mph winds as the storm diminished as it neared the top of Tampa bay and Hillsborough county. The dog and I were on generator power and had a lot of cleaning up to do. I lost a fence @ another property of mine further south in Largo but otherwise emerged unscathed.
  2. Karoo

    Gas in oil...changed oil and cleaned carb...

    Good Morning everyone and happy Fried Day!!!! Hey Hey Hey!!!. I own a 2000 DRZ400s since brand new here in Florida. I ride summer and winter almost daily. No more street riding. In the fifteen years of owning this vehicle I have replaced the fuel petcock and rebuilt the carburetor twice. 2008, and just last week. Both times were due to a period of inactivity three or more months and using the damned Ethanol containing gas. Both times I rebuilt the carb, thoroughly cleaned jets and replaced all rubber seals and o-rings, valve seat included naturally. Stock petcock from Bike bandit. Lessoned learned: I will no longer EVER use gas containing ethanol in any item not used daily ie. motocycles, lawn equip. generators....Also am switching to a top brand fuel valve (Pingle) not going to use the junk Suzuki vacuum diaphragm type. Just on, off, reserve. I habitually turn on and off my fuel petcock. There was enough fuel leaked into the crankcase oil that the bike would not even idle properly due to excessive richness!!! holy smokes....when I drained it out after staring the bike I could actually smell the putrid stale gas and see how thin the oil had gotten. Never mind how "Over full" it was. Shame on Me!!!. My first refill of oil is with 20-50 and pre primed oil filter and gallery. I will not run engine to hard or long with the thicker oil. Question.. I noticed that with the vacuum line disconnected from the better running bike the idle would increase as opposed to plugging it with something. I will take a spark plug reading to see it is not too lean that way. Do you think this may indicate a need to lean out my pilot jet another 1/2 turn or so when I just plug the unused petcock vacuum line or carb fitting?. Many thanks. Karoo
  3. Yepp. Always Have. My mom often said to me when young." I thought you were so sick.... But your not too sick to get on that motorcycle"." No mom never too sick to ride", would be my reply. Never feel any pain on the bike. Just hurts pretty bad when I hurt the ground. A motorcycle ride always makes me feel better even if it is on my street bike. However there are time when I stay off the bike due to illness.
  4. Karoo

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Was kind of clumsy about it but did finally get a photo to show up on a forum page via URL link, sorta cool. I am the guy with #330A. This is turn four at Orland California 1/2 Mile. I am riding a Champion framed 360 single Yamaha. I still have the bike too!
  5. Karoo

    Extreme riding, old school style

    ok got it will try with snapfish If that does not work then photobucket here i come!!
  6. Karoo

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Hey Phillybeef;Thanks for the Huge memories of my riding days with Billy J. and Bob G. back in Clear Creek. I grew up In San Francisco learning to ride in McLaren Park. My older friends who had trucks and Vans would take me to places like Clear Creek (an old asbestos mine as I remember). We also went to Upper Lake, Lake Almanore, and Forest Hill to ride enduros like the "Fool's Gold". The picture you show of the guy "Side hilling" it was near above the road that crosses the stream after the Landing strip / "Airport" we used to cross on the way in. Do you remember the sign on the road saying to "Watch for Taxiing aircraft"? If one stayed on the top ridge long enough and didn't ride off the edge like that guy did you would really get into a tight spot. I did it more than once on both my '72 AT125MX and my 74 CR250. The view was beautiful as you made your way south on these ridges. Many places they were no wider that your front tire for distances of ten to twenty feet, Hence the need to "Side hill" if you wobbled off the edge. You could actually see the desert long and flat beyond what I figured was Bakersfield or maybe Fresno from way up there.I used to Flat Track a few years later. If this works we should see a shot from Orland 1/2 mile taken in the spring of 1975 I believe.How do I get the photo up to a URL? Do I need to store it on my Snapfish account or is there a place here to store them and then point to?http://herodecbrkaro...com/pictures/67
  7. Karoo

    What software to edit videos?

    Hello Don; All I used is the "I movie" that came with my 2008 MacBook. It is the first Video I have made on this platform and the second in my lifetime. I used two sources for video capture. My old I Phone 4 down low on a mini Tripod and my Nikon Coolpix S630 pocket Camera in video mode on a full sized Tripod. If you look closely you can see the I Phone 4 down near the bottom of the fence and a leg of the Nikon's Big tripod on one of the later shots. I really like the "I Movie" software and found its Video and audio editing/mixing features good enough for me. Hope you enjoy the Video. Let us know what ya think.
  8. So this forum really has developed over the years. Helping identify issues and solutions for my DRZ's Timing chaun tensioner. Now it is time to give back to the community. I made this short Video showing the true versatility of my DRZ and the many ways to enjoy dirtbiking. Enjoy...
  9. Karoo

    Zeta handguards w/ built in blinkers?

    Nope. Never tried them but about six years ago I made up these BrushBuster Blinkers for my DRZ. I wanted a completly stock look so I used Stock DRZ Lenses and wiring. http://www.sv-portal...&pictureid=1019 When did the Zetas finally come out? I have a couple more pictures of them from a distance just have to dig them up.
  10. Karoo

    looking for cam chain tensioner kit

    Whoa this site has changed so much since I used to last frequent it. I assume the tt stor is the thumper talk store? now I have to find how to navugage there.Thanks alot guys. Ok for now.
  11. Karoo

    looking for cam chain tensioner kit

    cam chain tensioner
  12. I have a 2000 Drz 400s with about 9,700 miles on it. completely stock! these miles are about 30% dirt. I checked the cam chain tensioner about 3,000 miles ago it was still healthy then. I hear there is an upgrade kit available for it. Can anyone help me find where to order one?
  13. Hello All; In addition to trail riding and commuting on my Thumper I like to keep abrest on other things like the MOTO-GP standings. It seems that my favorite update site at Cyclenews online dot com has not been updating lately. It seems to be stuck back in August covering the Brno race in CZ. (which Rossi won !) Ok let me know guys if you are experiencing the same things with that site. Thanks!
  14. Karoo

    Remember 9/11/2001

    Wow Flux! I have a great interest in Hydrogen power. I did not know any country had such a well advanced system already. I will start seaching for more information on it. I know that here in Florida there is some funding coming from the federal government to start an infrastruture of stations around here. One that would be closest to me as far as I know will be about thirty miles north of me in Weekiwatchi. Thaks for the tip.
  15. Karoo

    Remember 9/11/2001

    One of the benifits of riding motorcyles is that we make out country more independant of foreign oil. We as a country need to wean ourselves from fossill fuels. Those of us who choose to ride to work are doing our utmost in this respect.