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  1. adam728

    Most durable MX GLOVES?

    Fox Bomber gloves have been the most durable for me. Especially in terms of not wearing through the palm in the outer meaty are (like below pinky, opposite my thumb). Some cheapies with thin singe layer palms seem to go about 2 rides. I have pobably 6-7 pair of various closeout gloves around, and yes, do not last worth crap. Coming apart at the stiching along the fingers or outside of the palm seems to be the common failure point for me. And usually it just looks like there's no material there for the stiching to grab, it pulls through (stiching doesn't break).
  2. Most fuel jugs are made from HDPE, which will swell some over time with fuel exposure. Lots of factors, but generally 3-5% volume increase (maybe 10% tops for some wildly different tank geometry). Typically settles out after a few months. I believe Ford had a paper out there years back documenting ~3% capacity increase in plastic automotive tanks, new vs after 1 year(???) of fuel exposure. So being off 1 quart on a 5 gallon can sounds very resonable to me. I've never trusted the can markings.
  3. adam728

    XR650l Broken piston Major Damage

    Aa wild as 650L's usually get. Big bore, big valve, big fin, cammed, high compression, pumper carb'd, etc.
  4. adam728

    XR650l Broken piston Major Damage

    Advrider XR thread. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://advrider.com/f/threads/xrl-owners-sign-in.114834/&share_tid=114834&share_fid=14159&share_type=t mcma111 (Steve) builds stock to wild 650L engines.
  5. I must of missed where it said they do a WOT dyno pull. While it's often a part of an end-of-line dyno run, it's only a small portion of what's being checked. I haven't been in a KTM facility, so I can't say what they test.
  6. That's one opinion. My DR650 is much too heavy (about 380 lbs wet), but has done so much better off road than I thought possible (till it comes time to pick it up). Ideal, no. But has done a lot of single track. Is it a race bike? Heck no! But it's off road capable, and has done Tail of the Dragon, Pike's Peak, passes in Colorado, 850 miles of Michigan MCCCT trails, etc. To say >300 lbs is a streetbike isn't exactly truthful.
  7. adam728

    power valve rattling???05 yz 250

    Not really. And WOW. Almost 10 year old thread back from the dead! Bike was parted out like 5 years ago. Best I can guess is what the noise was made by the power valve being pushed closed by the "power valve link", or upper foot. Search "YZ250 broken power valve" and you'll find a LOT of pictures of the foot on the valve being broken off. I think there are times where the valve can be pulled down away from that foot, as the spring allows movement, then it hammers back against the stop. Just a theory. No testing to prove it.
  8. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    YOU decided it's worse than you are willing to pay, and somehow determined that YOU are the target group. Are sales numbers actually down? Real data not anecdotal evidence. Are new bike prices actually higher? From the little researching I did, once you factor inflation prices today are close, or even substantially cheaper than 10-20 years ago. Bikes on markdown means little to nothing. I worked in dealers almost 20 years ago, there's always some promotion going on. Always. And typically changes each month (similar to auto dealers). Decline in mx participation. I don't think that's a bike cost, track layout, etc thing. I think it's more a generation/society thing. Many younger people have zero interest in motorized toys. Look at how many kids don't care about getting a license. The world (and friends) are available instanly via electronics, so driving isn't the huge shot of freedom it was for previous generations. Disinterest in other motorized activities as well. Mog, I generally like your posts, but this one just comes off as whining. From an outside view it sounds like you bought a bike and expected it to be worth a lot more than it is (in the worst season for selling, and not doing it yourself to make more). Then you blame the market, use all anecdotal evidece to support your claims (because you got a better deal on a Suzuki 13 years ago), and then claim that everyone out there must feel the same way you do. Plenty of people are still willing to buy new bikes, whether or not you think it's reasonable. Sort of like people buying pickup trucks in droves over here, despite the average sale price topping $48,000 now. Most on the GMC lot here are high $40k to well into the 70's. Ridiculous to me, and I would think that's pricing most people out, but sales numbers climb....
  9. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    Look at how cheap some of the street bike offerings are getting now days. That said, go look at MSRP of bikes of yesterday and add inflation. A 1999 KTM 125 adjusted for inflation is a tick over $7700. A 2019 is $7199.
  10. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    Manufacturers are raking in side by side money here. They out number bikes by a huge margin on the trails up north. Don't tell me a 40 something year old can't afford a $9k bike. Instead he's paying $15-$30k for a side by side and can take the whole familly.
  11. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    I thought his point was that used bike prices are dropping? Shouldn't that make it easier for people to get into the sport?
  12. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    In my area it seems KTMs always held value much better than the Japanese bikes. Maybe there's enough used ones out there now to shift that? Also, it's fall. Again, at least here, a lot less buyers and prices are much lower than when they get jacked up in the spring time. Is your "half" value selling it outright or trading in? In my opinion buying a new bike each year is the best way to lose the most money.
  13. adam728

    2019 Honda CRF450L DYNO CURVE

    EPA updated it's certifications for highway motorcycles. https://www.epa.gov/compliance-and-fuel-economy-data/annual-certification-data-vehicles-engines-and-equipment The 450L is listed as 32.5 kW at 7500 rpm (crank). So that would be 43.6 hp. I'd expect 35-37 hp at the wheel. The dyno chart posted here makes me wonder what a tune could do. It's either tunes to choke it off, or setup to physically choke (exhaust, intake restriction, etc). If the hp curve just followed the expected trend on the top end it would be 42-43 hp at the wheel easily. I'll also say area under the curve absolutely means something. Go compare a 35 hp 125 2 stroke or 35 hp 250 fourstroke for general riding and roll on throttle. One in general makes much more forgiving power for when you aren't on point with clutch and shifting.
  14. Is wet weight supposed to be full of fuel? DR650 with a full tank is spec'd as 364 lbs full. With a skid plate, rack, etc mine is about 380 lbs. Others with light exhaust, battery, etc get in the 350's. 340 is empty weight (although dry was spec'd at 320-something years ago).
  15. adam728

    single map MCCCT with cities on it as well?

    I need to relearn it, and it seems it maybe changed recently. I was trying to do the opposite yearerday, Google tracked my Grand Traverse Motorcycle Trail Loop and I wanted to export it as a GPS file. Seems in June-ish the web pages you could use to do that found Google changed their coding and haven't caught back up yet. GPS files of all the trails are available from the Michigan ORV website. Unfortunately that seems to have changed recently too. They've been working on a pretty cool interactive maps that's been up and down, and not showing on my phone right now.