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  1. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    Manufacturers are raking in side by side money here. They out number bikes by a huge margin on the trails up north. Don't tell me a 40 something year old can't afford a $9k bike. Instead he's paying $15-$30k for a side by side and can take the whole familly.
  2. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    I thought his point was that used bike prices are dropping? Shouldn't that make it easier for people to get into the sport?
  3. adam728

    My new bike bubble has burst

    In my area it seems KTMs always held value much better than the Japanese bikes. Maybe there's enough used ones out there now to shift that? Also, it's fall. Again, at least here, a lot less buyers and prices are much lower than when they get jacked up in the spring time. Is your "half" value selling it outright or trading in? In my opinion buying a new bike each year is the best way to lose the most money.
  4. adam728

    2019 Honda CRF450L DYNO CURVE

    EPA updated it's certifications for highway motorcycles. https://www.epa.gov/compliance-and-fuel-economy-data/annual-certification-data-vehicles-engines-and-equipment The 450L is listed as 32.5 kW at 7500 rpm (crank). So that would be 43.6 hp. I'd expect 35-37 hp at the wheel. The dyno chart posted here makes me wonder what a tune could do. It's either tunes to choke it off, or setup to physically choke (exhaust, intake restriction, etc). If the hp curve just followed the expected trend on the top end it would be 42-43 hp at the wheel easily. I'll also say area under the curve absolutely means something. Go compare a 35 hp 125 2 stroke or 35 hp 250 fourstroke for general riding and roll on throttle. One in general makes much more forgiving power for when you aren't on point with clutch and shifting.
  5. Is wet weight supposed to be full of fuel? DR650 with a full tank is spec'd as 364 lbs full. With a skid plate, rack, etc mine is about 380 lbs. Others with light exhaust, battery, etc get in the 350's. 340 is empty weight (although dry was spec'd at 320-something years ago).
  6. adam728

    single map MCCCT with cities on it as well?

    I need to relearn it, and it seems it maybe changed recently. I was trying to do the opposite yearerday, Google tracked my Grand Traverse Motorcycle Trail Loop and I wanted to export it as a GPS file. Seems in June-ish the web pages you could use to do that found Google changed their coding and haven't caught back up yet. GPS files of all the trails are available from the Michigan ORV website. Unfortunately that seems to have changed recently too. They've been working on a pretty cool interactive maps that's been up and down, and not showing on my phone right now.
  7. Many years ago in Arizona, Ride Now quoted me out a CRF450X for something like $9600 when MSRP was $7200-ish. They had lots of big fees, and immediately knocked a grand off when I said "no thanks".
  8. adam728

    4stroke vs 2stroke bottom end

    When people talk about 2 strokes having more low end it's on a same-size basis, so 250 vs 250. Give the 4 stroke 2.2 times the displacement though...
  9. adam728

    single map MCCCT with cities on it as well?

    You can load the MCCCT maps into Google maps. We did it for a 5 day MCCCT loopa few years back. Red pins are Luzerne and Chandler Hills campgrounds, and Cadillac Holiday Inn. Green, gas stops (if needed).
  10. adam728

    Kdx with kx 125 frame

    Huh? A very healthy KDX is still way down on power to a 2 stroke 250 MX bike. I've had a 200 and two 220's, one of which had the world thrown at it and was 10 times the bike it was stock (porting, head work, big carb, pipe, etc). A stock YZ250 would be a beast compared to any of them. Yes, boring a bike way out changes dynamics a bit and it generally won't rev quite like stock, but a lot of that is because ports enter the cylinder on an angle and boring effectively lowers them. Also, ports generally end up a bit small in terms of port/time area taking a little optimized cylinder out bigger. Takes a lot of work to open things up and take advantage of more cubes. If small bores make more power, why aren't we all riding 80's?
  11. adam728

    Is your two-stroke running rich? Read here.

    Your experience sounds like many Smart Carb users on KTM talk. Some rain praise upon it, many curse the softened low end power and failure to live up to the marketing claims. They lost me after claiming better power and emissions than EFI and DI.
  12. So the intention for the new formula is all out peak power, ridability be damned? Because a 50 mm carb on a 250 or 300 two stroke is not going to be very usable. If you are concentrating on just 125's though...
  13. Try different engine sizes and yours gets way out of whack without massive VE changes. For instance, the original formula says a 300 with a VE of 0.8 needs a 36.7, 39.2, or 41.6 mm carb depending if you are spinning 7k, 8k, or 9k. Same numbers in your formula spits out a unrealistic 46.2, 49.4, and 52.4 mm carb sizes for those rpms. VE need to goto about 0.5 to match the old way and give realistic numbers. In the real world I've never seen a manufacturer NOT test a range of diameters and pick based off real results.
  14. Mog stated in the post you quoted that no-one would ever hold a bike at peak RPM for 4 seconds, not peak hp. 2 very different scenarios. If peak power is 11,000 rpm, it should be able to survive there for an amount of time appropriate to the application (big difference in engine tuning and application demands between an enduro bike and a dune bike, and even bigger between those and a PWC, sled, ultra-light, snow thrower, etc). If peak power is at 11K but the engine can free-rev out to 14K while making 1/3 the power then I'd say life could be substantially shorter there and not be a negative.
  15. HERA - I think you bolded the very part where you and mog are differing : under heavy load. Mog's point on that run was just to go into crazy high revs, in real use conditions the rider would upshift. Not that you wouldn't occasionally touch that rpm, but you certainly wouldn't come out of a corner to a long hardpacked staight, brap through send, then just hold it here pinned for 15 more seconds without grabbing gears, putting more load on the engine, and pulling the rpm back down to a more useful range. You wouldn't clutch a sled to run 2500 rpm above peak power and then run it WOT for extended time, would you?