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  1. khbarrel

    Never Live This one Down

    A 150r is a full on race bike. Stock, it puts out more HP than a 250F. The throttle response is like a 2 stroke. This bike is scary fast. So, my questions would be.... Has she ever riddin a dirtbike? Are you looking at racing or trail riding? Do you want to ride MX or trails? More info would help us help you. However, everyone's opinion will be different and it will come down to what you and/or someone you trust think will work best for her.
  2. khbarrel

    Never Live This one Down

    HM- You're so right about the wheelies! I race a 150rb in my HS series. I have gotten the holeshot in 5 out of 6 races this season. (Got to the corner 2nd on my 1st ever race on the bike with 1 lap of practice in sloppy mud) This bike will lift in every gear. While I can touch on mine, at 120# I do have to make sure I'm way forward to help keep the front wheel somewhat close to the ground. LOL
  3. khbarrel

    Moving to Beale AFB N. of Sacramento

    Thanks for the help. Anyone else? Any other HS series or are there just the "big" ones. Thanks again, guys.
  4. Alright guys, I'm hoping someone on here can help me. As the topic states, we are moving about an hour north of Sacramento to Beale AFB. Down here in Texas, my husband and I race 2 Hare scramble series. Points are kept all season, and top 3 per class at seasons end get custom jerseys, rings, helmets, jackets, etc. Is there anything like that around Yuba City, Sacramento area? Any type of series, not just D-36 AMA events? Anyway, I appreciate any help I can get. Websites would be great.
  5. khbarrel

    2008 150rb jetting

    Is the jetting off on the 2008's like it was on the 2007's? Just checking. I pick up a 2008 in 10 days and didn't know if I needed to order a jet kit. Thanks.
  6. khbarrel

    wedding thread

    Well, Rich and I both want a small wedding....Very small. We have it all planned out already, just waiting to put it into action. LOL He only wants 1 person there, his daughter. So, we are having it in Prescott, AZ where my mom and lil' sis live. His daughter will fly in from MN to be there. Total, there will be 6 people there besides he and I (not counting whomever performs the service). It will be at a lake, in the gazebo, with the water and huge red rocks in the background. Okay, we are a little strange. We don't want children, but treat our 2 Great Danes as if they were our kids. So, my 10 y.o. lil' sis will walk my dog down the aisle. He will have Richs' ring, tied VERY well, on some sort of small "pillow" type thing on the back of his neck. Richs' daughter, 8 y.o, will walk his dog down the aisle with my ring on the same sort of contraption. Then, we will take all to dinner at a nice restaurant. So then Laura flies home, mom and sis drive 20 minutes back to their house, and Rich and I spend the rest of the week in our toyhauler doing some kick-a** riding in Az. The only thing fancy about our wedding is the limo. A friend of my mother's has a 1956 Rolls Royce limo that is in perfect condition. He has graciously offered his car and himself as chauffer.
  7. khbarrel

    I Demand Weekend Pics

    I'm on a 150F currently. I'm looking to get a 150RB in the next few months. If I keep doing things like in the picture, my S.O. may decide I need a new bike sooner rather than later!
  8. khbarrel

    I Demand Weekend Pics

    Well, I had the final race of our summer H.S. series this past weekend. I ended up 3rd in my class. Here is a short video of the start (I'm #64 on the outside)....Be nice, I've only been riding 1 year! LOL http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d85/khbarrel/?action=view&current=DIRTBIKERACINGCRAFTON2007038.flv Here is a picture from the race that I'm very proud of. I made up a lot of time by going over the tires instead of taking the longer alternate. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d85/khbarrel/DIRTBIKERACINGCRAFTON2007028.jpg
  9. khbarrel

    Whatz Up for Your Labor Day Weekend??

    We, well now I, are headed to the Freestone Nat'l to work as flaggers. My S.O. was going to do it as well until he decided on Sunday to take a sand sample and broke his collar bone. Hopefully, after his surgery tomorrow, he can still go and just watch the races. Then, some riding on Monday.
  10. khbarrel

    Funny jokes

    The Cajun Fireman Begnaud, the Cajun fireman came home from work one day and said to his wife, "You know sumpin, we have a wonderful new system at de fire station." Bell 1 rings -- we put on our jackets, Bell 2 rings -- we slide down the de pole, Bell 3 rings -- we jump on de ingine and we's ready to go. So, at home from now on, when I says " Bell 1", I want you to strip naked. When I says " Bell 2", you jump on the bed. When I says " Bell tree", we's gonna mek love all tru de night. The next night, he came home and yelled "Bell 1", his wife strips down, he yells " Bell 2", she jumps on the bed. Bell 3 and they are off making love. After a few minutes, the wife yelled out " BELL 4". What the hell is " Bell 4", he asked? She replied, " Roll out more hose, you ain't nowhere near de fire ! "
  11. khbarrel

    Noobie riding tips

    On off-camber hill climbs, weight the down hill peg to "push" the tire into the hill. It may sound backwards, but it works just like cornering.
  12. khbarrel

    Let's see an Oops pic...

    Here is an oops pic from 1 of my HS earlier this year. Guess I should have gone left instead of right Needless to say I was quite frustrated and worn out trying to get my bike out. As you can see, it took 4 men to get me out of the mud.
  13. khbarrel

    How long?

    Actually, May 21 will mark my 1 yr. anniversary for riding. WHOO HOO! Boy, I've come a long way from that 1st ride where I never left 2nd gear (and just about lugging it at that)
  14. You could try posting this in the Arizona forum. Maybe that would get you an answer.
  15. khbarrel

    So we have some uninvited guests in our backyard...

    Speaking of uninvited guests...How would you like to be a 70 y.o. retiree, living the good life in south Florida. Then get hit by Hurricane Charlie. Bad huh? Well, then you walk out your front door and see this Poor old man didn't even realize FL. had bears. I had to dart him for relocation. Just prior to my shot, he did this. I love this one. And here is yours truly with the sedated bear