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  1. That’s true, but I’m not presently considering any other new MX bike either. I have recently ridden a newer RMZ250 on familiar trails, and liked it quite a bit. I wasn’t racing it on a modern MX track with the goal of beating other riders on other brands. I just know I like how it handled, and could enjoy owning it for the riding I do. I just don’t think it’s “dumb” to buy a Suzuki, even though they could surely improve it if they ever felt so inclined (weight/e start). Different bikes work well for different riders.
  2. I love Suzuki dirt bikes. Ever since racing a friend’s TM125 one weekend when my 125 Elsinore was down with a gearbox issue. Back then, the gates were filled with 125 Elsinores, which were “known” to be the best bike. Every magazine review said so, and Marty Smith and Tommy Croft proved it every weekend. After experiencing the fantastic turning capability of that TM I wondered why everyone wasn’t on TM 125s. I bough a new RM 125 two years later. To this day, that was my favorite bike. Amazing handling and trademark Suzuki turning capability. If I were shopping for a bike to race modern MX on, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new Suzuki. I’d be happy about the discounts. Maybe they don’t win the tech sheet comparisons, but I wouldn’t care. Everyone was wrong back then ((Elsinores are better) and I believe “they” are still wrong about Suzukis. To each their own.
  3. motrock93b

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    I agree with this. When I first demo’d a 29 I couldn’t stand it. It was sluggish, difficult to wheelie and just felt slow. I passed on it and stayed on my Santa Cruz Blur XC 26. A few years later I tried a Specialized Stumpjumper hard tail 29. Night and day difference. Very quick steering, even as quick as my old Bontrager Race Light. I was immediately noticeably faster on it than my 26, confirmed by my computer. These timed runs included long climbs. Descending was no contest. The 29er has way more traction. They killed a bit of the fun factor since it was much more difficult to pitch the rear tire due to the increased traction. As my speed built, this became a non issue and I can pitch it just as well. My Scott Spark 29 is slower handling, but still a great overall handler. I can’t imagine going back to 26. I haven’t tried 27.5, and don’t feel the need. Your dissatisfaction may be a geometry issue. I test rode a 2019 Stumpjumper, and it’s a slower handling bike than my 2013. I reviewed the specs, and they changed the geometry for more stability. I prefer the razor quick handling (I like Suzukis) of my older model, but the new model handles very well also. I suggest test riding a few different brands. Even parking lot demos will give you a good idea about nimbleness. I love my 29ers.
  4. motrock93b

    Fluid Displacement

  5. motrock93b

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    See what I mean!
  6. motrock93b

    01 CR250 shock removal

    I use the method depicted in the videos mlatour posted above. That technique works great.
  7. motrock93b

    1994 cr250 issues

    Something simple to check. He may be experiencing fuel tank vacuum lock (I did). Make sure the gas cap vent line is unobstructed. The “trick” stubby billet vent tubes can clog. Mine did. My bike ran great for a few minutes, then started cutting out and dying also. Good luck!
  8. motrock93b

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    OK. Back on topic. Zacho! He’ll show up ready to rumble.
  9. It looks rideable, at least if it isn’t muddy. The soil looks like it has good traction, especially with the grass unless it’s very wet. I’d take it very slow with as much of my weight as possible on the outside (downhill) peg. You’ll need to use low engine rpms and your clutch to allow very slow forward progress while avoiding tire spin while stopping if necessary. Use your uphill foot to very gently dab when necessary as you slightly lean into the hill to avoid high siding and falling down the hill. Stay low over the bike, again pushing as much weight as possible onto your downhill peg. Press the inside of your right knee (riding as depicted by your arrow) against your right shroud to stabilize the bike and to keep it from tilting away from the hill. If you must sit, sit on the outside of your seat with your butt crack to load the outside of your bike for better traction. However, sit as lightly as possible, holding your weight with your right leg as it applies traction into the hill. If the front or rear tire slip, apply more weight there. For example, press a lot of weight into your right handgrip as you turn back up the hill to prevent the front tire from slipping. Two more advanced techniques which may work here. Use the rear brake, since it’s available as this is basically a left hand turn, to work against engine power to drive the rear tire into the ground for more traction. Also. As you head back up the slope to rejoin the trail, you can attempt little wheelies by placing more weight on the seat and popping the front wheel up. You can do this from a stop,holding the bike with the rear brake. Start by leaning the bike into the hill supporting it’s weight as necessary with your uphill boot against the hill. Use the slow wheelie technique. Push down into the bars and as they rebound, release the brake as you add gentle power and allow your body weight to fall back to eventually allow your straight arms to pull your upper body weight back over the rear tire as it applies a pulling pressure to the bars. Keep weighting your outside peg during all this as you lean left to avoid wheelying down the hill. Continue to support yourself against the ground with your left leg. This should allow your front wheel to loft gently and rotate left. Edit: If you can’t pull off this small wheelie technique, make sure to put a lot of weight on the front tire as you turn it into the hill for traction. If you find either tire slipping, apply weight there for traction, which is a good general rule for all your dirt bike riding. Another way to position the bike facing back uphill (which should occur on it’s own if attempted wheelies fail) is to lean the bike hard into the hill as you keep it from falling by supporting it’s weight with your left foot. Apply a quick little throttle/clutch blip to break rear wheel traction so it slides a bit down the hill. Once the bike is repositioned so it’s facing more uphill you can handle it just like climbing any steep hill. Weight your rear tire while seated and modulate your clutch to deliver smooth power to avoid wheelspin. Yo can lift your body off the seat and drop it back down as you simultaneously add power to momentarily add much more weight (traction) to the rear tire. All of this is done at very slow speed, requiring good clutch control. From zero to maybe one or two mph. It’s tricky to describe, so I hope this makes sense and is helpful.
  10. motrock93b

    Vintage / Post-Vintage MX Fun

    Nice come from behind charge and last lap pass.
  11. I’m pretty sure she can help explain it to us.
  12. motrock93b

    New CRF owner

    Yes. And, sounding like a broken record I strongly advise using a Twin Air filter. It doesn’t have the problematic little sealing lip at the mating surface. That lip can easily get buckled during installation (which is difficult to confirm), and they always separated from the main filter for me. The twin air is a bit lower profile for easier fitment, and has a very wide air box mating surface to ensure a secure installation. If you insist on OEM parts, the filter from the ‘04-05 CRF 250R will fit and doesn’t have the lip. That same model is the source for the longer screw (apx. $5).
  13. motrock93b

    Vintage / Post-Vintage MX Fun

    Thank you, Sofie.
  14. motrock93b

    Vintage / Post-Vintage MX Fun

    Sofie. Do you know much about the track at Motoland at Casa Grande? I have some riders interested in possibly heading out there for the December 2 event. I haven’t read all the posts in this thread, but do you have any of your excellent race videos of that track? Thanks a lot!
  15. motrock93b


    Good business decision on his part. At least for now.