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  1. ptgarcia

    DRZ only runs choked

    3.5 turns out is a bit much. You risk it vibrating out completely and getting lost. Should be closer to 2.5 turns out.
  2. When I was younger I was ticketed for this so definitely think about it.
  3. Sound like it was some kind of blockage/contaminant in the fuel system.
  4. ptgarcia

    FMF exhaust issues

    My RS-2 header glows when I let the bike idle for longer than necessary, and its not because it's running lean.
  5. ptgarcia

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Installed an Anti-gravity Restart Lithium battery. My Yuasa didn't even last 2 years this time around.
  6. ptgarcia

    DRZ400SM Suspension Clickers

    Shock damping is speed sensitive. You need to compress it faster to notice.
  7. ptgarcia

    Advice on dual sport boots

    There are plenty of Adventure boots out there that are a good compromise between dirt and street. Either Rocky Mountain ATV/MC or Revzilla, or maybe both, have a decent video covering this segment of boot.
  8. ptgarcia

    DRZ only runs choked

    I know you say you replaced the pilot and cleaned the carb but what you're experiencing is classic symptom of clogged pilot circuit. My guess is the carb body itself is still dirty.
  9. ptgarcia

    Stumbling and dying off idle...

    You don't say with model you have, but the S and SM do not have an accelerator pump. What you describe sounds like a dirty carb, probably the pilot beginning to clog. If your able to do so, pull the carb and flush it out. If you dont want to pull the carb, you can try pouring Sea Foam into the carb and letting it soak a couple days (add more as needed). I've done this a few times with dirty carbs and been successful at getting them to run cleanly.
  10. I concur with Erik. I suggest one buy a thread restorer kit before investing in a tap and die kit. Most home mechanics will need one many times more often than a true cutting tap and die.
  11. You'll need longer cables for sure. And you may need to extend the wiring to the switch assemblies, too.
  12. ptgarcia

    18" or 19" front wheel?

    This is what I do, but I'd love to have 19" wheels for the street. I think it looks pretty cool on the DRZ.
  13. ptgarcia

    Wiring harness from scratch

    Do you need a new case half to do this? Or can the starter "hole" just be covered? I've never really looked at how this would be done.
  14. ptgarcia

    Broken Tab on Rear Hub

    Ha ha ha, that's what I was thinking.
  15. ptgarcia

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Pushed it home. Ran out of gas on a test ride. Luckily I was only 3/4-mile from the house, and 1/2-mile of that was downhill. You really feel the weight of the DR-Z when pushing it.