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  1. I can't remember, is it an N424-21 or N424-24? Thanks!
  2. I have the Euro spec Edge with the bracket with holes that don't line up with USA plates and I have the stock signals and everything works fine. The signals mount with a simple L-bracket and I'm pretty sure they came with the light.
  3. Running with the choke on then dying when turned off usually indicates a clogged pilot jet. I always suggest replacing pilot jets instead of cleaning them because they're cheap and they never seem to come clean on the first attempt.
  4. I have a like new Suzuki E floating rotor which probably uses the same buttons as the SM rotor. You can have that, too, if it helps. It's just been sitting in my office for months now. Ready for pickup off the 15/10 freeways.
  5. These were a semi-hot topic about a decade ago but there's a reason they haven't been spoken about since.
  6. Most agree the Trailwings are terrible off road, but lowering pressure will help some. Without rim locks I wouldn't go less than 14 psi.
  7. I have a brand new EBC 4mm high clearance kit from the 320mm rotor. I don't know if it will work on your factory rotor but you can have it if it does.
  8. I'm curious, does that guide have the relief for the weld on the E/S swing arm? If you have room on the brake side of the wheel I suggest you offset (some refer to it as dish) the wheel a bit more.
  9. I may have some rivets at home from an EBC rotor. I can measure one tonight and see if they'll work for you. If they do you can have them.
  10. Factory rotor?
  11. If you really want electric start you're probably better off with a different bike. The best thing about the kicker model is the lighter, more powerful kick-start only engine. Sounds like an E model is what you're after.
  12. Can you do all the work yourself? If not, sell it or part it out and find something else because parts and labor to fix it will be more than the bike is worth fixed. Regarding the hard kick: does your bike have the decomp on the head?
  13. Cool, but expensive. I've been running the standard DRC Edge with factory blinkers for 10 years now with zero issues.
  14. Get the 120.
  15. Tubes are relative easy to change, maybe a little more difficult with 17" SM wheels, but if you've never changed one it would be helpful having someone that has show you how. You will need special tools (tire irons/spoons), too. Having a shop do the work is certainly an option. A tube is about $25 and most shops should change it for $25 or so if you bring the wheel in off the bike. Edit: I like Michelin tubes.