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  1. Sell the 310mm rotor and but a 310mm kit. I don't think the adapter you need is available.
  2. I wouldn't be comfortable riding a DRZ on a large track with superbikes. Have you asked the track if they do times for small displacement/low horsepower bikes?
  3. I bet that guy is saying "I almost got taken out by some a-hole doing wheelies in the public street."
  4. I'd rather remove the skid plate 50 times to clean off mud and oil than pull the engine and replace engine cases one time. It only takes one hard hit to ruin a great ride.
  5. Chaparral used to have a Renthal display. Not sure if they still do, though; it's been a while since I've been there.
  6. Just use an SM rotor.
  7. Just make sure you get the Galfer rotor kit if you need the bracket. It is possible to order rotors without the bracket. I have bought rotors both ways. Here is an example of a Galfer Rotor Kit, but I prefer one with a floating rotor.
  8. The large rotor is definitely not too much braking power; however, depending on the terrain you'll be riding, it may take more hits than 260mm rotor. I ride in really rocky terrain so on my front wheels I run 270mm rotors with a disc guard.
  9. A punch, drill, rivet gun, silicone, and something to pack the material down with, like a dowel or similar.
  10. Looks like I found a rear wheel on ADVRider that I'll probably buy. It's more than I want to spend on a used wheel but its factory so the sprockets I already have will bolt right up and I won't have to remember where to source bearings and seals and spacers when the time comes to replace those. The less I have to remember the better!
  11. The rotor and sprocket thing don't bother me at all. It's the fact that spacers are only available from Warp 9 that bugs me.
  13. If you're willing to sell only the rear wheel send me a PM. I only need the rear, I'm already set with the front.
  14. Couldn't tell you who I talked, it was years ago. But Moto X Industries reaffirmed it just this past Tuesday.
  15. Warp 9 told me the bearings, sprocket and rotor are KTM and DRZ parts will not fit. They also told me they require their spacers, which tells me the hub isn't even the same as a KTM hub, because a KTM hub uses KTM spacers to fit the DRZ. So I don't know what the Warp 9 hub is and that's why I haven't bought one.