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  1. Yes, the line (not the T) indicates TDC. Just be sure you are on the correct stroke.
  2. I'd much rather have factory wheels over Warp 9. I don't know about now, but in the past Warp 9 wasn't know for their quality.
  3. Lucky you, that certainly isn't the norm.
  4. -longer gearing- now its 13-50 and it is too low for open dirt roads. dont know what gearing to use but thinking about 14-47 or something like that. Without knowing where you are riding making a gearing recommendation isn't really possible, but I haven't really found a need for gearing lower than 15/47 in the deserts and mountains around me. -phone holder- will a bycicle holder work? I don't mount my phone to my motorcycle but make sure whatever you choose is tuff enough to withstand a crash. -phone USB charger- can i use one from a car ? charger is 12V 1.0 Ampere... will the stator hold that, and a little led light to reinforce the high beam? The stator can handle that, but USB chargers often cannot handle the vibrations and dust.
  5. You guys bicker like a couple of old ladies! No offense, Padilen. I've bought chains that required cutting and I've bought chains that came the length I needed. If I can get a chain at the length I need I will. I don't need practice cutting chains and, when possible, like to work smarter, not harder. But chain quality is certainly higher priority than a pre-cut chain.
  6. 112-link and 14/47 was the factory setup on the E model.
  7. Time Left: 4 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Factory Suzuki 250mm front rotor originally from an RM250. Fits the Following Suzuki Models: DR-Z250 2001 DR-Z400E 2000-2004 DR-Z400S 2000-2004 RM125 1989-2008 RM250 1989-2003, 2006-2008 RMX250 1992-1995 Fits the Following Yamaha Models: WR125 2001-2007 WR250 2001-2007 WR250F 2001-2006 WR426F 2000-2002 WR450F 2003-2006 YZ125 2001-2007 YZ250 2001-2007 YZ250F 2001-2009 YZ426F 2000-2002 YZ450F 2003-2009


  8. If you're planning on running a 130 I wouldn't bother with the expense of swapping in a wider rim. It's a pretty common size here and I'm not aware of any inherent issues with that size. There are some here that like a 140, albeit a knobby.
  9. Looks heavy. Are you going to hog out some of that material? I think I would frame it with thinner sheet material and run a left and right side from the neck out to the forward mount in a more triangular shape. That would eliminate that massive center beam and most of the brackets at the light.
  10. I use the Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever. Can't say if they are the best because I haven't used other brands (I bet the Tusk version are good and will save you a few bucks) but they have worked when I needed them.
  11. Sure. SM rims fit and they are 3.5" (or is it 3.25", I don't remember) wide in front.
  12. E cams will have letters stamped (A and B if I remember right) on the sprocket end of the shaft. I don't remember if Hot Cams are market or not, but I think factory cam sprockets are pressed on the shaft whereas Hot Cam sprockets are bolted to the shaft.
  13. Does your E head still have the factory cams? If it does, use those instead of Hot Cams.