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  1. Like mentioned above, the stock header is the major restriction in the factory exhaust system. If you want more power out of the exhaust the header needs to be upsized. If you just want more noise than cutting out screens and end caps works.
  2. How about Option #3: road tires for your E wheels?
  3. Looks like the Ricochet Racing skid plate. Best deal in skid plates if you ask me. You can get the ThumperTalk branded version for $95.
  4. I do, with cheap Valvoline 20w-50 4-stroke oil.
  5. While the Brembo parts themselves are nice that mod could suck if the size of the master isn't appropriate for the rest of the system.
  6. Maybe not theoretically, but it may effect how a certain dyno measures horsepower.
  7. I'd say the Safari tanks are probably the best made, although Acerbis tends to be very good.
  8. If you just torque them down un- gorilla-like there's no need to remove the pre-applied thread locker. Here's a nice 6-pt ratcheting wrench. Not cheap, but excellent quality., but if you get a quality wrench a 12-pt will be fine.
  9. Had you removed the bolts before or was this the first time they've been off? Sprocket bolts usually come with some thread locker pre-applied (at least all that I've seen) so I would not add any more to that, not even the medium strength stuff.
  10. Not likely.
  11. My bike sees plenty of summer heat (100*) and slow riding (traffic sucks in CA) but I change the oil frequently (1000 road miles or less and after every dirt ride).
  12. I'm on year 12 with the original stator.
  13. I never said anything about price point, that was you. He asked for winter riding gear for the wet, I suggested he look at A.R.C.
  14. It's probably your cap. Remove the vent from the cap and try again. Those trick little billet pieces have a tendency to fail.
  15. Take a look at the A.R.C. Battleborn and Back Country Foul Weather pants at RMATV/MC.
  16. I installed an MCCT onto my DR-Z400S 9 or 10 years ago and it has never needed adjustment.
  17. Yes, annoyingly so for both you and everyone around you.
  18. If you're just wanting an emergency backup add the kick start and leave the electric starting system in tact. Now you have both to use as needed.
  19. It was on my bike.
  20. Nice clean '06 you found there.
  21. I wouldn't know if that's normal or not. I would have tossed that tire long before it looked like that.
  22. I'm moving away from this setup. Especially with regards to the tools on my waist. I much prefer putting the weight on the bike. My body thanks me after 8 hours in the seat. I still wear a Camelbak MULE with water and small items, but the tools, spare tubes and misc items which make up the bulk of the weight all reside on the bike.
  23. I'm old school; I change the oil and filter after EVERY ride offroad (usually 100+ miles in dusty conditions). I don't do a lot of street riding but don't usually go over 500 miles before changes. I use cheap Valvoline 4-stroke oil and Wix (in a Napa Gold box, usually) filters.