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    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    From what I've gathered, the first thing DMV personnel do is look at the VIN, and if there is a "3" or "C" in the 8th position they shut you down. This seems to be their policy at this time, whether it is compliant with the regulations or not, because its easy for any employee to do (no special knowledge required). There may be a way to get around that, but most DMVs don't seem to know or don't want to deal with it or have been told by their superiors to not go any further. If no "3" or "C", they'll start the process. Model year 2004 and earlier bikes seem to not have those digits in the VIN, so maybe that's what helped get your bike through. Regardless, glad it worked out for you. Enjoy that bike!
  2. ptgarcia

    Fitment of Riding Boots

    Have you tried another manufacturer? Alpinestars just don't fit my foot right.
  3. ptgarcia

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    What do you mean by "the body type was being changed?"
  4. ptgarcia

    Seat concepts and IMS 4G tank fitment

    All I can say is the aftermarket plastic tanks in general are all very durable. I've never seen one "break."
  5. ptgarcia

    Drz longevity??

    Yeah, that's pretty much normal. I use cheap oil, Valvoline 4-Stroke 20w-50, and change it every 1000 miles. I ran the expensive esther-based synthetics and they still needed to be changed every 1000 miles but they cost 3 times more. I also change the oil after every dirt ride. I buy my filters in bulk-like quantities (like 10 at a time) to save a few bucks. My bike definitely likes the fresh oil so I don't mind.
  6. I do. Cover shipping and you can have it.
  7. ptgarcia

    New bike to me 2008DrZ400

    Yes they are. It's an SM but with dirt wheels.
  8. What model DRZ do you have?
  9. ptgarcia

    Ktm dirt wheels on drz400sm

    You need to use KTM components. The rear bolts up, but the front will require custom spacers. Does KTM make a 310mm rotor?
  10. ptgarcia


    Medium strength thread locker and locking nuts are what I do.
  11. I'd save the labor required for a part worthy of replacing the factory light.
  12. ptgarcia

    DRZ400SM Handlebar Help

    You either need new bar clamps for 7/8" bars or an adapter that takes the 1-1/8" down to 7/8"., the latter being the easiest and cheapest.
  13. ptgarcia

    Fcr39 model 3 fuel stuck

    Like Erik said, easiest/safest solution is changing the fuel valve to a 90* unit.
  14. ptgarcia

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    Be sure to post you're thoughts on the handling after the swap. I'm curious how much the reduction in trail (due to larger fork offset of RMZ clamp) affects the handling. More specifically, has the front end become twitchy or feel unstable at higher speeds?
  15. ptgarcia

    USD fork install on 2012 DRZ400S

    Have you compared the RMZ clamp offset and the RM fork offset to the DRZ numbers? How does the new setup handle, mostly in regards to steering response and high-speed straight line stability?
  16. ptgarcia

    Removing headlight mounting frame...?

    Like Erik said, don't remove the clamps, drop the fork legs. Much quicker that way.
  17. ptgarcia

    RM 125 Wheel not fitting on DRZ400SM

    Did you get it on? Should bolt right up with RM spacers or (2) left side DRZ spacers.
  18. ptgarcia

    Yoshi Ti TRC?

    Yes, it is. It's also quite a bit louder so make sure noise is not a concern before buying.
  19. ptgarcia

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    If you're planning to move to WA you might as well stay in CA. The loonies are taking over there, too. Regarding the bike, sounds like it is a CA neutered E model, in which case its nothing more than a stripped-down S model (same engine, carb, exhaust). If street legal is a priority you'd be better off buying an S model over that E model.
  20. ptgarcia

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    You won't be able to get a CA plate for that bike today even if it had one at some point. You will need to plate it in another state. And you have a DR-Z400E. No such thing as an "EK." The "k" is part of the year designation, not model. Your '04 is a DR-Z400Ek4.
  21. ptgarcia

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Do a quick search and you'll quickly get the answer to your question.
  22. ptgarcia

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    Nope. I did try 15/41 once and it didn't work, but it was close enough that I would try 15/42 if I wanted taller gearing.
  23. ptgarcia

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    You don't have to run a 44-tooth sprocket. You can certainly fit a 43 and possibly even a 42 using the 112-link chain.
  24. ptgarcia

    06 DRZ bogging issue even with gentle throttle

    First of all, 4-turns is too much on the fuel screw. You should be less than 3 on a properly tuned bike. Second, it sounds like your carb is still dirty, or at least the jets are still dirty. Get yourself a new pilot jet (I'd get both a 22.5 and a 25; you won't need anything larger) because once varnished they are darn near impossible to get completely clean.
  25. ptgarcia

    SM my S list

    The stock menu for setting rolling diameter has a ton of adjustment, you're saying it can't compensate for 17" rolling stock? I believe it could, you can run it down to zero percent of stock size. Should be an easy calculation to determine percentage of 21 size based on ratio of overall diameter. Sounds like you don't have a stock speedo.