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  1. I have the Scotts clamp and stabilizer nd didn't have to modify anything on my S.
  2. ptgarcia

    Does a 2015 RMZ 250/450 front wheel fit on a DRZ?

    Yep, it does. On appearance (I have not taken any measurements mind you) the RM hoop is identical to the DR-Z hoop. Other than the DRZ having the tangs for the speedo, the hubs are the same, too, and use the same bearings, seals, spacers, brake rotor and axle. Hell, the forks, and probably the clamps (I haven't measured the offsets to verify) are the same on RM models with the conventional fork, and they share the same brake caliper. I did notice, however, the spokes do not have the same diameter. You can adapt the larger rear brakes of the RM to the DRZ quite easily, too.
  3. ptgarcia

    Does a 2015 RMZ 250/450 front wheel fit on a DRZ?

    21x1.60, but the spoke hole pattern needs to match.
  4. ptgarcia

    Does a 2015 RMZ 250/450 front wheel fit on a DRZ?

    You're really testing my memory here, but I think its 1997-2008. RM wheels are easier to find and much cheaper. I paid $100 for mine, complete with brake rotor, tire and tube, all in excellent condition. There's one thing to consider, though: RM wheel hubs do not have the tangs to drive the OEM speedo gear.
  5. ptgarcia

    Will a 400SM seat fit on a '01 DRZ 400

    Yep, they're all the same.
  6. ptgarcia

    Does a 2015 RMZ 250/450 front wheel fit on a DRZ?

    Regarding the rear wheel, I haven't found any other Suzuki wheels to fit the rear. Oddly enough, a KTM rear wheel bolts right up, but you need to use KTM sprockets and brake rotor.
  7. ptgarcia

    Does a 2015 RMZ 250/450 front wheel fit on a DRZ?

    Yeah, the RMZ wheel does not fit. You want an RM125/250 front wheel.
  8. Factory left side spacer works without modification, or order up some RM 250 spacers from the aftermarket.
  9. ptgarcia

    Carb problems when standing on adventure bike

    Did you bypass the kickstand safety switch? If not, you have discovered one of the reasons why it is recommended to do so.
  10. ptgarcia

    My first drz400s and disappointed.plea for advise

    I bet that's a carb warmer for cold climates. I think in some regions that was a standard feature.
  11. ptgarcia

    Need help with lacing DRZ400SM Rear Wheel

    Short spokes on the inside hole, long spokes on the outside hole.
  12. ptgarcia

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    Looks great.
  13. ptgarcia

    Rear rack mounting?

    Scaggs: https://www.scaggsmotodesigns.com/suzuki.html
  14. ptgarcia

    Throttle Cables For A Fcr 39 From Tt Store

    That silver bracket attaching the engine head to the frame.
  15. ptgarcia

    My first drz400s and disappointed.plea for advise

    Sounds normal. Don't know if they're any different in the UK, but DRZs over hear are delivered running lean to meet emissions requirements and benefit greatly from the mods I listed, especially the jet kit.
  16. ptgarcia

    suzuki drz400 carburetor float height

    Do you have a kick start model (DR-Z400 like you indicate) or E model with the Keihin FCR 39 carb? Or is it an S model with the Mikuni BSR 36 carb?
  17. ptgarcia

    My first drz400s and disappointed.plea for advise

    I would install a James Dean jet kit and to the 3x3 mod, and if you don't mind the extra noise a new header and muffler. These basic mods get the bike running at its best and add a couple horsepower. If you still aren't getting the performance you want, things like the FCR-MX carb and a big bore kit increase power more dramatically.
  18. ptgarcia

    DRZ400SM rack

    There you go, Bryan has you hooked up. Buy from the Thumpertalk Store with confidence. Welcome to the site!
  19. ptgarcia

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    Thanks Durf. I thought they were using the headlight connector at the bulb to adapt the light but it sounds like they are going to the connector at the harness.
  20. ptgarcia

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    I know it's plug and play, just wanted to verify it has an H-4 plug. Or maybe it connected further down the harness? No worries if you're not sure.
  21. ptgarcia

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    Hey Durf, did your KTM setup come with an H-4 plug installed?
  22. ptgarcia

    KKE wheels - Seal Protection.

    Why not just pull the seal and flip it around?
  23. ptgarcia

    I could use a new front rim

  24. ptgarcia

    I could use a new front rim

    There's a fellow on ADVRider.com selling a complete front DRZ400 wheel with tube and tire for $250 plus shipping from Indiana. I bought the rear from him and it was in excellent condition and the tire was new.
  25. ptgarcia

    "S" to "SM" Conversion

    Keep the S swing arm but you may want the shorter SM shock. Rear caliper needs to match the swing arm. You can fit an SM caliper to an S swing arm with a caliper carrier off an RM250.