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  1. Nice - Welcome to the forum What part of WI are you from? I'm in Minneapolis
  2. GUMBYXR400

    Filter Skin: on the cheap

    Great idea. You can also use the little pantyhose type botties they have at most shoe stores. They fit perfect with a little stretching. Been using them for years when I ride they sandy stuff.
  3. GUMBYXR400

    97 XR400 Oil Filter Question

    I've used the Fram filter since I bought my XR 8 years ago. No related oil problems at all. Just change your oil regularly and it will be fine. They're inexpensive and fit perfect. Most auto parts stores will stock them.
  4. GUMBYXR400

    OHV parks closing

    Every is correct in focusing your speech towards your audience is a must. But don't feel like you can't jazz it up. Freshman year of college I brought my bmx bike right in to class to talk about riding and different trick. I had a guy come up to me senior year at the bars and told me he remembered me from my bmx speech. This is how I would approach it. They might not care about the land closing but all the kids interested if you bring in a rear tire of your bike. But, show the teacher that its important to keep areas open so kids interested in riding have a safe place to do it. Hope my blabbering helps. "Extra Steps"
  5. GUMBYXR400

    XR400 Electrical Gremlin/Cut-off switch...

    Make sure to check the throttle cables too. I had this happen when I put stuff back together after a rebuild and my throttle cable was tighting enough to stall it out. Sounds weird but give that a look too.
  6. GUMBYXR400

    Disappearing brake pads

    It's not EBC. I've used EBC for a long time on many bikes over the years. It's a matter of right tool for the right job. You must of had the carbons on there. They will blow through like nothing if you get mud behind there. I bought the wrong ones once and blew through them in a muddy weekend. They won't hold with mud. Great brake control cause they don't fade like sintered. For any type of mud riding or pads you don't change per riding conditions you should buy the metal sintered. However, some people believe they will eat through a rotor. Except for the mix up I have run metal sintered on my XR for 7 years and I am still running the same rotor. They don't have the same soft feel as the carbon's but they'll last a long time.
  7. GUMBYXR400

    Lubing the cables with WD40

    I wouldn't recommend that. WD-40 is a solvent based "water displacement" spray. It will not so much lubricate as well as it will clean the cables. I prefer to use the dry wax type lubes for cables. I get mine from the bike shops. Mtn bike shopes. One brand is called White Lightning. It goes on wet and drys to a waxy film. It stays dry so it doesn't attract any excess dirt. Or use a teflon based lube like Tri Flow. I use that if I don't have any white lightning.
  8. GUMBYXR400

    my buddies exhaust smells AWESOME!

    +1 for Klotz - To me it smells like fresh made popcorn (real popcorn not the nasty microwave crap).
  9. GUMBYXR400

    Won't stay running :bangshead: - AKA Please help!

    I didn't read the whole post so sorry if this is a repeat. Does it stay running if you leave the choke half or full on? This would help it point at jetting.
  10. GUMBYXR400

    Slime flat fix - temporary?

    That stuff is nasty if left in there. Also it weighs the tire down more than you think because of centrifugal force. Works great for getting you out of sticky spots but it's best to just replace the tube after. I've used it more than once to get me out of the woods. Cheap assurance that you have a good tire.
  11. GUMBYXR400

    Any one try Applied Clamps?

    I'm running them on my XR. Big difference on that pig. Non rubber mounted and they have held up great. I'd buy them again fo sho ("for sure" to the laymen).
  12. GUMBYXR400

    Safe cleaning solution?

    Silicon Spray works great on rubber stuff. It will help keep the rubber from drying out. Use it on your door seals to keep them new.
  13. It is just the disc gaurd but, I dyed it then painted mine with black bumper coating. It has held up pretty well and I didn't dye it as black as I could of. It looked kind of purplish when I painted it but it doesn't show up white with surface scratches. Deep scratches will of course show up but I'm really not that particular about how it looks.
  14. GUMBYXR400

    99 XR tune up

    The off idle bog is pretty much un-avoidable unless you go to a pumper carb. I added the dual taper needle and that helped too. A16A is the part number. It should of come stock in that carb so that should be good. You have to pull the carb or at least get it turned to take the top off to check the needle so I'd save that for last. I just learned to roll it just a tad that puch it. Keeping the idle a tad higher tends to help as well. Like already said the valves will help too. Look up the Gorden Mods in the XR250 / 400 forum. They are a big improvement and very easy to do. You treat her right and she'll go forever. Mine is a 97 and has only been rebuild once and I don't even think I really needed to yet but, it sounded fun.
  15. GUMBYXR400

    Extra part pic; Where does it go?!?!?!

    Come on guys be serious. He's just looking for some help. That's the reverse gear for your CRF. Shouldn't be that big of a concern unless you need to parallel park your bike.