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  1. Can I just JB wild it together? P.O. Had it and the Chain came off and warped up in the cover. Looks like cover has some air breather channels etc.... Is this a pressurized area or can I just JB weld the 4 pieces back together ?
  2. I will see if I can get some pics. I know it's like 3 it 4 pieces plus one of the machined flat surfaces.
  3. damone

    03 crf 50

    New to me. PO said it is really fast so I assume it is built to ????? It has extended forks large pegs and riser bars on it. There is a "fast 50s" cover on the side. How do I go about figuring out what the bike has on it? Is there an option to extend the rear of the bike so it sits level. Bike tends to wheelie easy due to extended forks up front ( looks like a chopper). Front has a disc brake as well.
  4. damone

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Thank You for your service.
  5. damone

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I dont know about that.
  6. damone

    Input.... on bike choice for my grandson

    I vote CRF150. Bigger than the 140 and will have all the power needed. You should be able to pick one up now and sell it in a year for the same amount of money. my 10yo out grew her 110 and I put her on a CRF80. A year later she is ready for the 150. I can get what I paid for the 80 no prob. You should be able to do the same with a 150. then put him on the 250 after he gets his feet wet under a bike with some power and a clutch (crf150).
  7. damone

    Chalk bluff / Burlington ridge open?

    I didnt get to see the pic of the plastic signs , but that is one spot that I would agree that the carsonite signs are good to have. The Pioneer Trail has been there longer than just about anything else. It is hike/bike/horse only. There is plenty of motorcycle trail in the area. there are plenty of ways for a motorcyclist to end up on the pioneer trail by mistake just to get verbally asaulted by the REI crowd. If a couple of signs help, no biggie. Now what we see at most every other ride area with the closures and what not, that's bullshit. There needs to be more multiple use areas with segregated trails. Makes everyone happy. Now if they could just charge the hikers/bikers/and horseman so they could pay their way, that would be genious.
  8. damone

    I'm Thinking Downieville in June !

    If there are MTB only trails that would make sense given the quotes came from the local bicycle shop. Unless they started running shuttles for dirtbikes.
  9. damone

    Kawasaki Auto Clutch Experts?

    07' Kawi Bayou 250 I removed the clutch hub assemly. It looked like this Dont want to have to replace the $200 part. Thoughts? Advice? I opened it u due to clucth slipping. Friction plates are smooth, so figure that was source of slipping. Is hub toast?
  10. damone

    Auto Clutch Experts?

    I noticed there is some scoring on clutch gear expected considering the look of the clutch hub assembly. If this may go with no issues I am willing to put new clutch plates and rock and roll. Otherwise I am looking at new hub assembly ($195) and new clutch gear ($170). There was a bit of slipping that caused 1st look. 1st look revealed worn friction plates. 2bd look revealed these problems with hub and clutch gear. Thoughts? Used parts warehouse link needed. Thanks
  11. damone

    Easy, scenic riding near Tahoe Reno

    There is a trail system right off of 89South in truckee. Prosser Loop or something?
  12. Who's this Dan guy? Say I wanted a Beta or a Gas Gas, is he the guy to talk too?
  13. damone

    Might be moving to CA. Q's about plating my KTM

    If it's currently registered for on-road use in another state it shouldn't be a problem. Only vin verification needed to register out of state vehicle. Call a dmv and ask.
  14. Scott, in those last pics, i didn't see any tipped over bikes/ What gives? That is the same place that gave you the kawi killer nickname.
  15. I still enjoy riding with her, been watching from behind for about 4 years now. I can still stay ahead of my 10yo though Too bad you all didnt know how many woudl show, Grey Pine(that group site) is only $50 a night.
  16. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I think I got her talked into one of those chines go carts. Full cage and 5point harness. I know I know still not a dirtbike, but better than a quad. Less expensive too.
  17. Sounds like yall will have a lot of fun. Wish I could come over with family. My 10yo could show some of yall the ropes. She can ride that little CRF80 on those hills no prob. Between Opening Day of softball little league, family birthday, and a cabin to build my weekend is full. Luckily I will get to ride some bootleg after the bags come off. Have fun. I remember once me and the crew (ask Scott, we are lots of fun) were camping at Davis Flats and had invited someone else from this site. We went out on a ride and the 9yo niece went with on her XR80. By the time we got to the top of 30 where 20 starts some of the men on that ride were already asking to go back to camp. that 9yo kicked their ass. She is 18 now and took 2nd overall women last week at gorman. 21st overall for the race. Wish i still rode like that. OK OK who am I kidding i never rode like that.
  18. damone

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Hop Hunter by SN is pretty good. Hoppier than Hoppy Lager but not too hoppy. Not heavy like Torpedo. I geuss the beer camp replaced the Ruthless. That was my goto last couple springs.
  19. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I agree with all yall. I dont want to get her one. maybe I should get one of those electric dirtbikes for her to try. less scary because more lieka bicycle????? Damn quads.
  20. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Thats the respect I am talking about. Its the riders responsibility no matter what the situation. Like quads make decisions. Shouldnt be on a hill that could kill you regardless of vehicle.
  21. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    I know I know. I never pushed her. Figured she would come around after watching the other three girls riding bikes. maybe want to ride on my tank once in awhile. Never did. loves the offroad golf cart, but saw a quad in a commercial and asked....."can i get one of those mini's?" I was excited but at the same time deflated. Dont think I can go many more times waving goodbye to her as we leave camp. She is more stubborn than me and wont come around regarding a bike until she is ready. How do i say "no" to that little girl. She doesnt ask for much. I agree about quads being dangerous, wait....it's the rider that is more dangerous on a quad because quads are so easy to ride they dont require any respect. What to do?????
  22. damone

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    My niece was at a race down by grapevine???? Is this same place/ She is a B woman (18yo). Took 2nd overall woman, 21st overall total.
  23. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Thx. I will get pix tomarrow.
  24. damone

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Too many kids to afford two bikes. Gotta upgrade the 10yo too. She is ready for a 150. Anyone want a 06 crf80 (xr80). The 7yo has shown no interest w/ bikes but loves the cart. She asked for a quad lastnight. I was OK with a cart but a quad. I don't know what to do, lol.