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  1. tythew

    Eddieville playdays Nov. 23-25th

    Goldendale Washington
  2. tythew

    Sherco 2019

    I have had exactly the opposite experience.
  3. tythew

    Sherco 2019

    Well those fork stickers definitely catch ones attention!
  4. tythew

    Tugger Straps on my 300 ser

    Looks great!
  5. tythew

    What husqvarna do I got? Help?

    Looks more like the TXC. I have had a 2008 for 7 years and have loved it. Mine has a lot of hours. Son rides it now.
  6. tythew

    2008 TXC 250 Coil

    Thank you!
  7. tythew

    2008 TXC 250 Coil

    Does anyone know where to find a replacement? The resistance on the primary side does not match the spec in the manual, so it somehow went TU all of a sudden. As another thought could I change it over to a Coil on plug type?
  8. tythew

    Show us your Sherco motorcycle!

    My 2017 300XC.
  9. tythew

    SHERCO owners - please make your self heard

    Awesome thanks Brian!
  10. tythew

    SHERCO owners - please make your self heard

    Hear hear!
  11. tythew

    Chernobyl is now immortalized

    That's really cool! Back when that trail was first built for the Spark Plug Enduro it was really tight and a challenge.
  12. tythew

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    Looks like you are making good progress! I bet it will steer easier when rolling, however I remember that being one of the complaints of the old BW200.
  13. tythew

    Crf250x for northern Idaho?

    My Wife's Xtrainer is a very fun and capable bike! I steal whenever she lets me
  14. tythew

    125 Sherco

    Where's the picture??