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  1. weatherman64

    TT Store Shipping

    all i know is i have made several orders from motosport.com and they always arrive within 3 days from WHEN I PLACED THE ORDER. They always ship the package the same day i order, and fedex delivers on saturdays too so thats nice
  2. weatherman64

    2006 Honda CR 250R Transmission problem

    a small piece of the countershaft on my crf250r was broken off when i split the cases... piece wasnt in the case so i guess it was put in like that. My guess is its a manufacturing flaw.
  3. weatherman64

    TT Store Shipping

    slow. if you want fast shipping go with motosport
  4. weatherman64

    Exhaust and Jetting for 06 CRF250R

    I have the WB aluminum duals and like them, however one of my friends got a FMF system and it is very nice... quality seems a lot nicer than WB
  5. Its a local thing... before i moved to NC everyone had hondas... i went to a race about 3 hours away and 9/10 bikes were kawasakis, and since i moved to NC hondas seem to be dominant. I actually like kawasakis... i wouldnt buy a 04-05 kx250f or a 06 kx450f but other than that i like em. If i didnt get a honda itd be a kawasaki... not a stinkin yamaha
  6. weatherman64


    well when i went to my pediatrician (couldnt go to a neurologist without a reference from a pediatrician) he said that it was all muscular and that a MRI was completely unneccesary and told me to take a shitload of advil and leave. I am also almost positive its in teh muscle to cause it pops on the sides of my neck... not in neck bone.
  7. weatherman64


    K back around february i landed on my head and messed up my neck... megadoses of ibuprofen for a week made it stop aching, but it still pops... like when i roll my head to the side my neck pops... still... i was thinkin itd go away but it didnt.... this somethin to worry about? It doesnt bother me at all....
  8. weatherman64

    Unfortunately I Dont Know How?

    hit the search button. Or spray/pour air filter oil evenly on the filter and gently squeeze out the excess and apply white lithium grease to where the filter meets your airbox.
  9. weatherman64

    leo Vince not so good.

    good to know
  10. weatherman64

    Best AIR FILTER?

    I have tried moose, uni, twin air, and the white bros power filter and like the white bros the best. Its the thickest, most tough feeling, and has a rubber sealing ring.
  11. Heres how ordering a helmet through them went: On sunday night (23rd?) i placed an order online using a check card. I had not received a email from them on Wednesday so I called and the guy said it hadn't shipped yet but should ship that evening or Thursday morning, and that I should receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when it ships. I check my email thurday afternoon and I dont have a email. I call them and they dont answer, call an hour later, and another hour later, and another hour later... no answer... this is during store hours. I called periodically throughout the day on Friday... maybe a total of 15-20 times with no answer. Today comes along and I'm getting pretty damn pissed. I called in the morning and got no answer. After lunch today I called them... of course no answer. I call back... nonstop for about 5-10 minutes until someone answers the phone. I asked him, in a polite tone, what the status of my order is. He puts me on hold and 5 minutes later tells me hes not sure and will call me back on my cell phone in about 5-10 minutes. An hour later i still haven't received a call. I call back and this time they answer on the 3rd call. Someone else puts me on hold and then finally tells me that my order hasn't shipped because they are having issues with my card. I asked him what he means by issues and he says hes not sure. I then asked him why I haven't been contacted or notified and he said that someone tried to contact me... they only have my cellphone number and there was not a call or message from them. I then told him to go himself and cancel my order. I will be paying a little more for a helmet i know that will be at my door in no more than 3 days from motosport.
  12. Anyone use one of these? http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&navTitle=Trailer+Accessories&webTypeId=110&webCatId=21&vehicleType=&pageLinkUri=&prodFamilyId=3190
  13. weatherman64

    Honda HP4S Full Synthetic Oil????

    yeah its expensive
  14. weatherman64

    Helmet questions

    DO NOT ORDER FROM EXTREME SUPPLY I ordered a shoei on sunday evening and called on wednesday to get a tracking number... they said it hadnt shipped yet. He said i will get an automatic email with a tracking number when its shipped. I called about 5 times on thursday and friday and no one answered.