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  1. Trashrider

    Namura Piston after 10 hours

    You mentioned 10 hrs ride time and a hare scramble. I'd say you have exceeded the service life of a single ring piston regardless of brand. I had an Eric Gorr 144 CR and he told me to re-ring after 5 hrs and replace after 15. Single ring pistons are high performance but short life. Mark
  2. Trashrider

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Sounds like you have a great start on your "woods" bike. Headlight is not necessary unless you plan on riding till dusk. If you have the resources, a 36mm carb will give more grunt but lose some on top. Mark
  3. Trashrider

    show your 92-97 steel frame CR

    '96 CR250 Getting it ready to race. 18 inch rear. Waiting on shock spring and front spoke kit. Mark
  4. Trashrider

    show your 92-97 steel frame CR

    Work in progress... '96
  5. Trashrider

    Chain Slider

    I am fixing up a 1996 CR250R (to race). The original chain slider has worn through. This would be the plastic piece at the left front of the swingarm not to be confused with the chain guide. OEM is not available and have not had any luck in the aftermarket. Any help would be appreciated. Mark
  6. Trashrider

    2019 Gas gas (torrot) txe

    Looks expensive
  7. Trashrider

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Valley Trail Riders in Bentley would be a good one. It is mostly single track trail. Camping is free. Mark
  8. Trashrider

    2008 KLX 140L

    Check where the lever moves against the piston at the reservoir. There could be a misalignment from the impact.
  9. Trashrider

    Helmet choice

    What is a good helmet for trials? If you have a favorite please include a source. Thank you.
  10. Trashrider

    New to trials rider

    I'd say with your skill set you should be fine. My first trials bike was a 300. I used 2nd gear for everything. Once in a while 3rd. Ist was too "jumpy". You can get heavier flywheels to tame the responsiveness. Mark
  11. Trashrider

    2017 TXT 300

    I have an opportunity to purchase this bike. Are there any pre-existing conditions I should know about? Quirks or oddities that owners have to deal with? I appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Mark
  12. Trashrider

    Wrap around hang guards for KLX 140

    I installed Enduro Engineering handguards on my 140L. They are the wrap around style with the clamps.
  13. Trashrider

    BBR Fork Springs and Rear Shock Spring

    I ordered the BBR spring kit (front and rear) off Amazon. I weigh 165 lbs. The bike is worlds better to ride now, safer as well. My next step will be a slightly heavier fork oil. It was worth it to me. Mark
  14. Trashrider

    Hello Beautiful! 2018 250 st factory

    That's what I want. Congrats.
  15. Trashrider

    Vintage Bikes on MI trails

    Check out the Family Enduro Series in Michigan. They have added a vintage class. It looks like a great time to spend a day single tracking with other old hacks on old bikes. Mark