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  1. I have a Baja Designs on my XR650R and have been very happy with it for 2 years. Getting ready to buy a Baja Designs for my daughters CRF150F. Pretty easy to install and works well. Just add mirrors and speedo (I like the Vapor). Mike
  2. I thought JS would win a popularity contest over Reed hands down. However, when I went to the St Louis race I was surprised to hear the majority of the fans cheering for Reed. Even more interesting, the Reed fans boo'ed JS, but the JS fans didn't boo CR. I thought it might be a reflection of the type of people who prefer CR vs JS.
  3. Not sure there was much acting going on. Evidently there is a concrete berm underneath the dirt on the outside edge of that corner, which made it much trickier to exit the track without falling, and much more dangerous than it initially appears.
  4. KC was a lapper and was accused of trying to take a rider out on purpose (very little contact and less time lost by CR that JS lost after CR ran him wide). KC was immediately black flag, then fined and suspended. CR has been saying for 2 or 3 weeks that he was going to take out JS, then ran him into the tuff blocks on a high speed sweeper. I am surprised that CR wasnlt "Warned" by AMA/FIM after his earlier pronouncements of planning to take JS out. Usually the penalty is maganfied when something is "pre-meditated", which this so obviously was. Seems odd that you can announce your intentions to break the rules, then break the rules and not be penalized. My $.02
  5. Is JS about 40 or so wins behind RC? To be the greatest you have to have some long term success. Yes, JS has had long term success if you count is youth and Lites career, but he needs a long career at the highest levels. Racing SX, outdoors, Moto Des Nations, and whatever other opportunities come up will help his case to be GOAT. Everyone knows he has the skills, but it's as simple as I said before.... He needs more wins.
  6. Getting my XR650R experience was similar. At the time my tires were not DOT and I didn't have a speedo, but still passed with just a quick look. My local police department seems to be more interested in helping, rather than finding a reason to not approve. I live near Evansville, IN, and don't see much in the way of DS rides, although the Lap of KY DS ride is coming up soon. Mike
  7. Had it on my XR650R for 2 years. Great support, straight forward to install, works even after lots of miles of off road and DS riding. Will buy another one for my daughter's bike later this summer. Mike
  8. I'd pick the XR650R with a Baja Designs Dual Sport kit and Vapor computer over the L any day. More offroad capable, has a kick starter, better at highway speeds, bulletproof, and faster all around. Put Evans coolant in and you'll never over heat the coolant. The only place I'd give the L the edge is in cargo carrying capabilities. Mike
  9. On the R the Clarke 4.3 is a good fit. On my 2007 I had to remove the air recirc crap, which interfered with the front right lower corner of the tank, and I needed to remove that stuff anyway. Greatly enjoy the extended range.
  10. I have to agree with locomoto77 on 1-6. It didn't appear to slow CR down enough to make any difference. JS just pulled away after that. Clearly faster. The one thing from the Chisolm incident that may have made a difference is that it may have caused CR to lose his focus. He clearly was not as fast as JS after that incident.
  11. Mefo Explorer on rear has been great for mostly street, dirt trails, and gravel roads. Once it gets muddy I definitely find myself wishing for knobbies! I really need two wheels; one with the mefo for dry weather and dual sport trips and one with a knobbie for mud and woods trails. If I had to live with only one tire, I'd probably not buy the Mefo (even though it seems to be a great tire) since I tend to do more riding where I need the knobbie. If I lived in a drier climate I'd probably love the Mefo all the time. Mike
  12. www.bajadesigns.com has a dual sport kit that has most of what you need (check your local requirements). Only thing missing for me way a mirror (cheap) and a speedo. Mike
  13. Hmmm. I didn't realize rejetting was required after painting the rear number plates. I was just getting ready to paint mine, so guess I'd better get some extra jets....
  14. You shoulda rode a 650r before you bout the L. With a light kit on the R I don't know what the L does better.
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