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  1. KX02

    Ciao from Italy

    Abito in Ohio. My parents were born near Foggia. I have owned a couple of KX's a Husky WR and now my Sherco.
  2. KX02

    Ciao from Italy

    Ciao Massimo, piacere mio!
  3. KX02

    Piston 300 ser

    The rear sprocket is the same as Italian Husky and Gas Gas bikes.
  4. The funny part is I almost never see quads there anymore.
  5. I have not been there in a couple of years, but I know there are still people there all the time. Just wondering if he is one of them . It's dicey at best.
  6. Wow, good to know. Yes Crow is getting very torn up last couple of years. You'll have to show me around Lightning. I like easy MX tracks, I'm not too much of a jumper. Do they groom the track every weekend?
  7. I have never been to Lightning. How would you say it compares to the trails at crow as far as size and quality?
  8. Are any of you guys members at Crow Canyon?
  9. KX02

    17 Sherco 250 Se-r vs 17 Ktm 250 Xc-w?

    Probably just have the stock head worked on. I believe RB designs took 2.5 cc's out of mine. It's really easy to do the clutch spring mod. Just try it and if the clutch slips for you just return it to stock.