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  1. new toyhaulers 01 dodge ram 2wd 8foot bed. 37k miles. low low miles Summer toy/ toyhauler/ tailgater/ plowtruck. 1986 chevy k5 cucv military diesel. lifted 4inches on 35s. removable top tinted windows. new stereo and 10'' pioneer sub.
  2. 2 different bike haulers now. 88 toyota pickup 4x4 241k miles last 20k have been spent in the woods. And a 86 chevy k5 diesel blazer. Take the top off and my 05 ttr250 fits nicely in the back.
  3. I need to know how much tire pressure goes in the front tire of my 2001 yz125.
  4. Hey guys its been a while. I just bought an rm80 for 100 bucks and it needs an exhaust. Im having a hard time finding one, so my question is will one of an 85 work? and sorry but i have no idea what year it is:bonk: the forks are no inverted and its water cooled if that helps. Or does anyone have a stock exhaust they would like to get rid of?? thanks
  5. Is there anyway someone could chop this picture to make it look like my truck has blue neons under the body. I dont know if it is possible but if anyone wants to give it a shot heres some pics. Thanks
  6. yamahamotox8

    New Vienna

    Is New Vienna still open. Their website was supposed to be updated 2/14 about their races and it didn't happen? Just wondering if they were still open.
  7. I have posted it before but what the heck.This is my first truck (and car) It is a 1998 Dodge Dakota sport with a 3.9v6 auto and a Flowmaster 40 series. t probable gets 15-17mpg city.
  8. Fixed Or Repaired Daily I don't have anything against ford just against people who bash everything that is not a ford. yzbro:lame:.
  9. What section was it in? motorcycles and scooters or something else?
  10. I respond to this before but I got a new 2 stroke. 2001 yz125
  11. Should I waste my time with stock fork seals? The seals in it are only 2 years old, and are oem and leak. What do you guys use? BTW the bike is a 2001 yz125.
  12. Good luck pushing a bike up to the bed. It would be cool tho.
  13. Yep when it snows. They throw down salt before it even snows:bonk: then we get barely any snow and there is just salt everywhere.
  14. It has a 3.9 v6 auto. With a 3.55 gear. Sorry, no huge v8. Here it is doing its job. This picture is from last year of me and my sister. We were the only ones at the track. http://s129.photobucket.com/albums/p234/yamahamotox8/?action=view&current=9-3-2007-18.jpg
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