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  1. Chevy_97

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Can anyone tell me the current conditions at Evart? I'm 4 hours away in Ohio, just looking to ride some single track this weekend. I may do the dual sport ride in southern Ohio this weekend, instead, but the weather looks like it will be great up there. Anyone else riding Evart on Saturday? Not sure how I feel about going somewhere new by myself.
  2. Chevy_97

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Pre ride - tire pressure, chain tension, controls (brakes, clutch, etc), and adjust air screw if needed After every ride- wash, change/ clean air filter and air box, change oil As needed- engine rebuild, brake pads rotors etc, flush brake fluid, clutch kits, bearings, etc... This goes for pretty much any bike that you want to last. Edit: forgot to mention keeping an eye on your coolant level, but yzDoc has it covered
  3. Chevy_97

    Baby Burr National Dual Sport

    I'm no AA rider lol. It's 2.6 gallons I believe. 2018 KTM 300 xc stock tank.
  4. Chevy_97

    Baby Burr National Dual Sport

    Cool, good to know. I've only had the bike a couple months and haven't actually figured out the range. 60 miles just sounded like alot. Will you carry and extra fuel in your pack just in case?
  5. Chevy_97

    GasGas more power than KTM? Dynos included.

    I'd like to see the numbers on the 2017/ 2018 KTM 250/300 with the keihin pwk. If I had access to a dyno I would do it.
  6. Chevy_97

    New KTM 250 XCW Owner!

    Are you the one who posts on the TT Facebook page? That front fender looks familiar from the videos lol
  7. Chevy_97

    Baby Burr National Dual Sport

    Man I'd love to do this, but I don't think I can get 60 miles out of the stock tank on my KTM 300
  8. Chevy_97

    150 electric start cold

    Huh, I don't know if the batteries are the same, but my '18 300 xc fires instantly even when cold (with choke on). Now that I think about it, I've never actually used the kicker on this bike.
  9. Chevy_97

    KTM 85sx torque enough for me?

    The trails at Wayne national are very fast and flowing, so you should have no problem keeping the rpms up where the 85 makes its power... There are hills, but they're not technical at all with plenty of run up, the 85 has plenty of power to make all of them. My cousin rides there all the time with his wife, and she did just fine on her rm85. It will make you a better rider vs the ttr as well... Although at your age I would be looking into the 150.
  10. Chevy_97

    Fouling plugs with (good?) jetting?

    Well if the crank seal is good, and you're fouling plugs it's gotta be your jetting. You said the jetting was good, and this issue just started, so I was just throwing out a different possibility.
  11. Chevy_97

    Fouling plugs with (good?) jetting?

    Assuming your jetting really is sorted properly, you might wanna check the clutch side crank seal. Have you noticed any white smoke that would indicate you're burning oil? Leak down test would tell you if the seal is bad.
  12. Chevy_97

    Shutax’s 2018 250XC Post

    From what I've read you'll actually get a bit more bottom and mid range, and quite a bit more up top.
  13. Chevy_97

    Shutax’s 2018 250XC Post

    DEP armoured enduro pipe. Thicker 18 gauge steel like the FMF gnarly, but power delivery doesn't suck like the gnarly. Jeff Slavens says its very linear like the stocker with just a bit more power across the entire range. Biggest gains are in the top end/ over rev, but it doesn't rob anything from the bottom like the PC platinum. He says it is his pipe of choice in his review video.
  14. That fact that the bottom end has already been split/ rebuilt makes it seem even more likely that it's a crank seal problem. Any excessive white smoke? Get him to do a leak down test as already suggested.
  15. Chevy_97

    Taming YZ295 for bush trails

    If you can afford it, I'd suggest the DEP armoured enduro pipe. Perfect 300 pipe imo. Very linear power delivery, very nice gains in the top end/ over rev where our 300's are lacking. It also has the ground clearance you're looking for, tucked up and in very nicely. Great part is the "armoured" version is 18 gauge steel like the gnarly so you won't easily destroy it. Thicker base gasket would help for sure, not only lowering compression but also raising the ports some.