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  1. mxracer535

    My favorites from today

    thanks guys I used a canon 5D and 70-200 2.8 for these
  2. Here are a few of my favorites that i got today. Let me know what you think 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Fraction/math wise yes, camera talk wise no, but yah doesnt really matter lol Im just using a xsi with the 55-250 kit lens right now...nothing great
  4. ^thanks man, it is hard as hell. But you actually decrease your shutter speed for panning...using a high shutter speed "freezes" the action. I was using a shutter speed of around 1/1250th of a second for most shots and for panning is was using 1/100th of a second
  5. Yah that the gist of it...you use a low shutter speed and follow the rider, the lower shutter speed allows for motion blur in the background. Thanks for the comments guys! Really didnt expect everyone to like them this much
  6. So i posted some pics a couple weeks ago and ask for your guys opinion's...and a few said i needed pics of jumping and more corner pics with some roost. So here are a few today that im pretty happy with, let me know what you think And my first try at panning
  7. mxracer535

    Motocross photography

    Im trying to figure out if i were to go out and shoot the races if you guys like my style of work enough to buy the prints if they were of you
  8. mxracer535

    Another go at it...shooting mx

    these were taken with a canon xsi and 55-250 kit lens, nothing special
  9. mxracer535

    Another go at it...shooting mx

    I do have a flash, and probably should have slapped it on, next time ill remember lol. I also agree that a better lens would help a lot, but so far i have been spending all my money building up my collection of primes for portrait work...a tele is next. And to everyone else, thanks for the comments!
  10. mxracer535

    Another go at it...shooting mx

    Thanks andrew. Yah i fully understand aperture and DOF but thanks for the good write up. I would love to shot wide open at 2.8 but unfortunately all i have is the crappy kit lens at the moment (im working on getting a 70-200 2.8L tho). I have found that shooting 1/500 is fast enough to freeze the action but allow a little motion blur... 1/800+ is for completely freezing everything
  11. the built in flash is a complete waste...it does way more harm than good. You have to get a shoe mounted flash for the TTL (E-TTL) such as the 430EX II or 580EX II
  12. mxracer535

    Another go at it...shooting mx

    ^ i agree with that. I also shot with a high enough shutter speed to completely freeze the action, but sometimes prefer a little motion blur. Also, the background blur is due to my aperture, i was still shooting with a shutter speed of 500+ and wasnt doing panning (which usually requires a shutter speed of around 40)
  13. mxracer535

    No Toil Filter Products ???

    I've only used no toil for years now (filters and oil) and have had a single problem. And you can use oxy clean to clean them...no harsh solvents
  14. mxracer535

    keeping boots shiny

    WD-40 and soapy water. Gets mine shinny white every time
  15. mxracer535

    new goggles

    ^agree completely. Scott voltage are the best pair of goggles my face has ever seen