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  1. Guys, I bought a mate's run down 525 exc sumo. It's been recently rebuilt, but also died from some sort of issue. Nobody has found out why its not running and since he did not really have the cash to have a proper shop look at it, a few okes have had their fingers in the pie. He was strugling a little finacially so I made him an offer, which I slightly overpaid, with the intention of stripping the bike and flogging it for parts and maybe making a buck or two, while I keep the motomaster setup, fcr and exhaust for something else. But, what if i fix the thing... dump the motor and find something that runs well and just turn it into a fun bike. Would you find a donor engine 450/520/525 find a big bore single - lc4?? find a 4 cylinder superbike 600?? at this point, who knows... looking for some ideas
  2. Im around 240 without gear. Rear shock made a huge difference.
  3. '10 250 WR gearbox 18" rear Rekluse Relocated rear brake 6.4 rear spring Hyde Protection Fugly... but she goes anywhere.
  4. stev0

    Rekluse clutch issues

    Guys, I have some rekluse clutch issues. It all started when I drowned my bike a couple of months back. Got it started again and rode about 30 miles. I came home and parked it for around a month or so. Obviously the ATF was now milky and my rekluse wouldn't slip as well as it use to (wouldn't sit in gear while idling) If I rode it and locked up the rear brake it would kill the engine. I took the clutch out and cleaned everything and reinstalled. Its way better but my full slip on idle is still missing and I can feel the bike struggles in really technical terrain. Any ideas? Clutch is relatively fresh (about a year) and I have not ridden it that much. Should I just drop in fresh plates?
  5. stev0

    Rekluse question

    Exactly what I meant. I just did not want it to be too rough on the box. I always unload the engine
  6. Must be the only time in the year its green... Nice vid
  7. stev0

    Rekluse question

    I've been struggling to find out online if hard shifting is acceptable with the rekluse clutch? I have my rear brake relocated to the clutch perch and a smaller clutch lever. I find it odd that they had a small clutch lever like this if it was not intended or acceptable to hard up or downshift?
  8. stev0

    2010 YZ250 feeling a little odd

    Bottom end seems fine, it just seems to be sounding a little strange to me. Ill see if I can get a Vid done tomorrow.
  9. I had my bike out in the dunes a couple of days ago and rode it fairly aggressively, it ran fine, pulled strong and nothing seemed odd. Yesterday I had it out on the trails and while riding on harder terrain I noted that it was not as crisp and smooth as it was before. Sort of hard to explain but almost felt like the transition just before you get into the power band, but only this felt like it a little bit lower down in the rpm range. It still pulls hard in the power band, but not as smooth. Complete rebuilt was done about 28hours ago. I nearly due for a top end, which I was hoping to do at 40hours. Bike starts first kick, idles and runs fine with no hesitation. What would the symptoms be of a damaged power valve? I know my bike and im pretty sure its not in my mind. It could be fuel related too, i guess?
  10. stev0

    Show your PIG

    Thats a serious tank.
  11. stev0

    Show your PIG

    thanks bro, they are warp 9 wheels. I don't particularly like them that much, they are ... ok I guess. I've taken them off now and left the bike in dirt trim.
  12. Wifey and I waiting for the rain and injuries to clear... hehe
  13. stev0

    Show your PIG

    My pig. From dust to glory
  14. stev0

    Yz250 vs ktm for woods bike ?

    a 250 with a weighted flywheel and an 18inch rear will deffo rock. Its got enough low end and a decent hit up top. Mine sometimes is too much for me, even more than my 950 Super enduro.
  15. stev0


    Orange looks great.