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  1. texsurfer

    Honda XR650R (2000)


    Gotta Love It! Braaaaaap
  2. texsurfer

    Honda XR650R 2000

    Gotta Love It! Braaaaaap
  3. texsurfer

    1989 XR600R - worth picking up?

    sold in less than 36 hours from posting on craigslist ! too bad I wasn't local
  4. Found a 1989 XR600R for sale locally for $800. haven't gone to see it but looks decent. Is the twin carb a pain to mess with or is this a good bike? I currently have a 2000 XR650R so this would be something for friends to ride, etc.
  5. i like 1 and 2. 3 not so much.
  6. check out my thread on advrider. Short story is the two 6mm bolts that hold the oil pump plate vibrated loose into the crankcase, got picked up by the tranny and trashed 5th gear, bent the mainshaft, and put some flat spots on the countershaft bearing, AND knocked a hole in the crankcase when it spit the bits out. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/xr650r-broken-bolt-in-crankcase-gonna-split-the-case.1127320/ if you have a 650R you might think about spending the money on a right case cover gasket and loctiting those buggers. haven't been able to find anyone that has had this before.
  7. texsurfer

    Uni Filter for the R

    I've used the UNI's with the uni metal frame and had zero problems for the past 7 years. i used BelRay blue filter oil. it's like molasses...
  8. texsurfer

    Acerbis Brake/tailight= Junk

    after the Acerbis breaks, buy a DRC Edge2... http://www.equipmentlocator.com/asp/dtlPhoto.aspx?id=354390&eID=235&loc=na-en
  9. texsurfer

    2001 Xr650

    looking at the wear on the clutch cover, it looks like it was ridden quite a bit and they exchanged some plastics on it to keep it looking fresh. or maybe they kept the originals and raced it with aftermarkets? if you're going to decieve someone into thinking hte bike is low hours/use, buying a $75 clutch cover would seal the deal for a lot of people.
  10. texsurfer

    *NEW* 2006 XR400 Supermotard

    would be nice to pick one up for about $3,500. then add a set of dirt wheels and have a killer little dual sport with USD forks, electric start, etc. then pop the street tires on fri/sat night and go hooliganning
  11. texsurfer

    Down with the CRF150R!

    these are CRF's not XR's so Honda is free and clear of any XR claims!
  12. texsurfer

    02 xr650 pipe

    i don't ride Baja and have a ProCircuit T4 slip on. PLenty for me. i wouldn't go with a complete system unless you are going to massage the internals on the engine or need to spend 700 bucks for some reason .
  13. texsurfer


    i have the R model and use a DRC Edge2 LED taillight mounted on top of my fender. it's still pretty low profile. could be mounted underneath. if you want a pic ask and i'll send one from home.
  14. texsurfer

    Wanted: 650r Motor

    buy an entire used bike and part it out on ebay. best way to keep what you want and usually come out money ahead.