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  1. zilla

    rear brake rotor guard... yes or no?

    SCOTTS for years
  2. zilla

    Transmission vent line

    Rt side PV galley. on top. Here's a tip replace the small OEM line and ditch the crappy plastic fitting on the frame that it attaches to. Run a larger hose and curl it back exiting by the carb.. The plastic POS only has a small opening to vent and will get clogged up causing the tranny to pressure up and blow a gasket. Been there
  3. zilla

    300 excited too vs 450f?

    Werd: Slavens..
  4. zilla

    300 excited too vs 450f?

    As a guy who rode and dez raced a 98 380 EXC, I can tell ya it's not all that. While I had great success racing the 380, I like the 300 that replaced it much better.. The 380 was just not as smooth or easy to ride as the 300.. Sometimes it would just cough and die on slow technical stuff.. My current 300 is just as fast if not faster. I had Slavens do the engine and Stillwell the susp. Now that I no longer race [I am 70] I had to tone the 300 down with a larger front sprocket and a yellow PV spring. As for the 250, I rode a buds new 2016 250 he just picked up as a leftover.. The 250 is a very good trail bike and has a great engine.. It doesn't quite have the low end of my 300, but it is a very good off road setup.
  5. zilla

    Ktm 300 boggging

    I live at 6500' and run a 40..Could be the passage is clogged up too. I like to pull the bowl and clean everything when mine does that.
  6. zilla

    Old 300 - stock pipe vs gnarly?

    I'd agree , but please read the original complaint. Too much power. As for the PV and the top end, I had a 91 break the shaft on the flapper. As you state, no top ..
  7. zilla

    Old 300 - stock pipe vs gnarly?

    To the OP. For smoother power try changing the PV spring. Red is the most aggressive, then yellow, followed by green. See what's in there and then try a different one. If it is still too much try putting a one tooth larger counter shaft sprocket on.
  8. zilla

    15' KTM 300 XC Light Kit

    I installed lights and brake switch on my 12 XC 300. I believe I bought an EE kit, my dealer got the switch. I see EE also has the switch. Lookin at ~ $250
  9. zilla

    Picked up a 1999 KTM 380 EXC

    Cool I dez raced a 98 for several years
  10. zilla

    KTM rear wheel bearings and spacers

    According to the parts phisch I looked at they both take the same bearings. 6005
  11. zilla

    How much do you worry over a little leak?

    I had that problem on two different KTM's.. Gasket was blowing out right behind the kicker..2 issues I found. 1. The tranny vent fitting was small and getting plugged up. This in turn caused the crank case to pressure up and push the gasket out at the weakest place right at the top of the oil level, which happened to be right behind the kicker. Second issue was that KTM switched to a narrower gasket. Not thinner but narrower. I went to the dealer and looked through his gaskets til I found an older wider one. Next I ditched the OEM vent hose and installed piece of automotive rubber fuel line, like 3/8" or so and ran it back over the top of the engine. Next I took an ice pick and dimpled the case mating surfaces all around. Finally I used some YamaBond to help hold things in place and put it back together. End of problem. Now I upgrade the vent line before I even ride a new bike..
  12. zilla

    Gas in Ktm header pipe

    I have a horror story about this. 81 Yamaha 425. Kids sat on the thing and somehow the fuel got turned on. Filled the lower end and the pipe. I took the pipe off and turned it over by hand. It spewed fuel every where. Then without warning it fired and started. Flames shot out the exhaust and caught the fuel that was on the bike and garage floor on fire. F*&K!! Drug the bike out the garage door and tried to put the fire out with my hat. I loved that hat, but it too caught fire. Finally got the fire put out. Wasn't the first time I had fuel in the lower end. Had a 72 CZ with a low pipe do that, but it had a drain screw in the lower case just to drain it. Drained it and fired it up. Oops the low pipe was also full and blew gak all over my truck..
  13. zilla

    Rekluse? Love em' or hate em'?

    I swore I would never have one after riding an early one on my buds bike. BUT several years later I tried one on my bike along with the lefty rear brake. Love it.. Thing just pulls especially in the wrong gear. And it seems like traction is improved. Cn't live without it now.
  14. zilla

    Lectron Carb Worth It? 2017 KTM 250 XC-W

    Jeesuz.. All this uproar over Mikuni.. Back in the day we actually bought Mikuni's and fitted them to our bikes.. Then properly jetted them.. They were the best thing going..
  15. zilla

    Good replacement battery?

    Shorai here