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  1. anaudiophile

    Let’s see those XR650R Supermoto Bikes!

    I had a lot of fun with this bike on and off road.
  2. LOL he wants to feel like a winner? He makes it sound like he is in a league of his own. Heck he can't even ride back down to help a fellow rider, then have a fun ride back up a challenging trail from the sounds of it. Instead he just stays put and is ready to explode. It doesn't matter where you ride.........sooner or later there is gonna be a guy in your group, or someone you hook up with that's gonna challenge your pace. That's half the fun of learning and just getting out there. Do your best, have fun, learn and help the other guys!! At least that's how our group rides here in BC Canada. Now if he's in an enduro race or hare scramble........................that's a new set of variables........................but it didn't sound like it hehe.
  3. Rider etiquette 101 Or step it up and ride with guys that can leave you in the dust with no rider etiquette!! Garmin Rino's work great in our group. We all wait at the trailhead turns for the rider behind ( etiquette ), but if one gets a pinch flat they can easily regroup without the rest of us even knowing!
  4. Hey guys I am trying to find an article from years back that compared new KTM off-road bikes with riders own setup bikes on an enduro loop. I believe it was a dealer that was close to trails and also rents KTM’s. It was an interesting read hearing what riders of all skill levels had to say about the new rides compared to theirs. The lap times were eye opening in some cases too. If I remember right the new 200XC was consistently at or near the top for lap times on the Gnarly loop they made. If someone recalls the story and could attach a link that would be cool thx.
  5. anaudiophile

    Looking for wide MX boots - Help

    I have the same issue. Until I bought Gaerne SG12’s. Super happy with them!
  6. anaudiophile

    Saved another 4oz today

    Now if you go smoke 4oz., you can create the illusion of a 400 oz. savings...........and when you see Wille E.Coyote on the trail say hi for me!!
  7. anaudiophile

    What screws/bolts do you loctite?

    If the bike is a KTM 2T “ALL” bolts should be loctited! 😂
  8. anaudiophile

    Tight valves??!! Please help

    Am I the only one thinking there is some HUGE miscommunication going on here from both sides?
  9. anaudiophile

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 First 5 Hour Impressions

    I've ridden a buddy's bike with a Z start and I've owned 2 bikes with Core EXP's. For me I would only own an EXP version. Even based on clutch feel alone I much prefer the EXP. And not putting alot of hours on the Z Start I can't say if it could've been adjusted better but my EXP's engage like butter and are super predictable.
  10. anaudiophile

    New '17 450X

    I heard the same possibility from a Ducati dealer.......awesome can't wait!!
  11. anaudiophile

    02 R cam in 08 x

    I am wondering what you think of the '08R cam ? Assuming you've had some seat time with it?!
  12. anaudiophile

    The best Pipe for the xr650r

    What about the Honda power up kit that installs into the stock can?
  13. anaudiophile

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 First 5 Hour Impressions

    Interesting. Rekluse must have high staff turn over or something? I had the same problem 2 years ago when I installed my Core EXP 3.0. One phone call to Rekluse and they recommended their basket with new rubber snubbers. I removed the OEM basket and found all the rubber snubbers to be badly cracked (and interestingly different from the Rekluse rubbers). The noise and vibration was gone 100% and is good to this day. I've always run Rotella T too.
  14. anaudiophile

    Need more power!

    I totally get the supermoto thing AND I have a crotch rocket. If you want to pass a litre bike on the outside and out brake them into a corner.........they are a blast. Mind you only up to 100mph but super flickable in the twisties. Perfect in town and canyon carver genre!