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  1. thsp485

    2020 DRZ400SM release date rumors?

    That is an impressive machine there.
  2. thsp485

    Yz400 Complete Rebuild

    I love reading these tales of the YZ 400. I bought a brand new 1999 from Yamaha of Troy. The salesguy had some stories of things he heard from the YoT race team of that era, so that was cool to learn a few things. My YZ-F was new and I mistakenly sold it 2 years later with maybe 50 hours on it. I really should have kept that bike at least two more years, as I went back to my big-bore Suzuki DR 435, then bought a used 1998 CR 250. As I recall...the only real issues with it was that it really was stall-prone, so a flywheel weight is needed in a big way, and careful setup as to fork ride height and shock sag makes a huge difference in how well it turns. Aside from that, I loved mine.
  3. thsp485

    First-time Zook Owner! '13 RM-Z450

    It looks like you got yourself a really fine Suzuki. I nearly bought a '13 RMZ a couple years ago but waited one day too long in making my offer. The one I rode was as good as any newer 450 that I have rode and should work out well for you.
  4. thsp485

    Rm 125 conversion kits

  5. thsp485

    It's Not The Bike

    Ken messed up bigger by leaving Suzuki.
  6. thsp485

    Did I hear RC say last night

    RC was not terrible, but not good either. He DID slide in a "fer sure" near the end of the 450 Main. I like RC as a racer, but he is not so good on TV/.
  7. thsp485

    2003 ktm250sx blown

    You did good by NOT buying this bike. A 15 year old bike that had a bad reputation and a blown motor, and maybe more, is not a good combination. The 2003 125 SX, as well as the 200 SX, were much better...the 250? Not so much.
  8. thsp485

    what year cr125 has the best motor?

    The last version of that bikes, the 2005-2007, had the best motors. Not compared to the competition, but compared to older Honda's, for sure. Bikes don't get slower thru the years.
  9. thsp485

    Factory Racer Horsepower

    One Million Horsepower !!
  10. thsp485

    2006 RM125 Build - Modern Twist

    Very nice bike you have here. A few years ago, I picked up a super low-hour 2003 RM 125 for $1200. I really liked that bike but I sold it to buy a new 250F, Really wish I had kept it and keep it forever as a 2nd bike. Enjoy your bike.
  11. thsp485

    2019 RMZ450 - you still have to kick it

    From a performance standpoint, I scarcely care about e-start. Just this Spring I owned both a 2017 RMZ 250 and a KTM 450 SX FE with e-start. Sure, it did help me once when I stalled due to braking, but for the most part, kicking my Suzuki did not make me like it any less. However, from a marketing standpoint, Suzuki will have to join the club pretty soon and do e-start.
  12. thsp485

    Finding Stew

    Fairly funny little deal AC and Matthes have here. I liked the subtle deal with Trey Canard playing with the motorcycle in the back seat.
  13. thsp485

    MX2 Prado vs Jonass

    The way I saw it, Prado was going to have a very hard time making that turn given the line choice. On a different topic, these top few guys in MX2 would do just fine here in the US. These guys are fast.
  14. thsp485

    An admission of failure ?

    Recall back in 2010 when Suzuki brought out their fuel-injected 250 and waited for such a long time to release it in order to clear out their leftover 2008/2009 models that pro racers like Blake Baggett had to race their 2009 model in early summer at Mt Morris. He did win a SX race on it, though, so the old bike was just fine still.
  15. I really cannot answer for sure as the bike had the 270 kit when I bought it. That said, it has a broad torquey power delivery. Seems to be fast enough to do anything well. It is very good off-road and certainly faster than my 2003 / 2006 / 2013 YZ 250Fs. Not quite the light feeling of my 2013 Yamaha, though. I am a mediocre C-class guy at best so I cannot say how it would do in 250A or anything, but I sure like it a lot. I am selling my KTM 450 FE now as it does the same thing but the 450 seems like too much many times.