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  1. Hello all, I am currently looking to completely rebuild my 2003 450 exc. I have researched rebuild kits and have discovered slim pickings, however thumper talk sells an "Universal kit" crank kit CBKW008 for it. I want to make sure this is the correct kit before I drop $800.00. Thank you, Josh.
  2. I have the tank bag. It looks great from a distance and is cheaper than a new tank.
  3. Did you loosen the cam chain tensioner? If not, take it off and it should give you enough slack to spin the cam.
  4. The XR and I raced our first ever moto on sunday. The XR had more than enough performance to race the "moto" bikes, however we got our asses kicked on the jumps. But, we still finished 9th and 10th. Good times, but I feel like I got hit by a cement truck from hitting mother earth off the jumps. Sorry fellas, but the XR is going to be limited to trails and I am going to go back to the KX for moto racing.
  5. xr440cc


    I know every one is probably tired of jetting questions, but I have one. I live at around the 4800 elevation level. My XR400 is set up with a 440 big bore kit, snokel removed, plug resistor removed, exhaust completely gutted and the air filter sceens removed, (all except one). Could some one tell me what jets to start with, so I can attempt to get my jetting right. I think I have 148 and 52 combination currently in it. Thanks, Josh
  6. I don't always pull the decomp lever, I push the kill button and kick over a few times and then do the above.
  7. I just saw an xr250 in the back of a pickup. This bike had dual exhaust! Where can I get dual exhaust for my 99 xr400?
  8. I live in Yerington, NV and I can choose between desert, woods and any other type of riding you can think of. Lately, I have been riding in flood washouts with sharp rocks and such. Nothing seems to kill the Carlsbads.
  9. Ithink every town in america has someone nicknamed "Biker Bob."
  10. I have been riding in the werstern part of nevada for many years and I have probably used up enough tires to fill up a land fill all alone. I have recently put front and rear Kenda Carlsbad tires on my XR and I just can't seem to kill these tires in normal riding conditions. I think Kenda will be getting my money in the years to come.
  11. I don't know if it is getting more miles to the gallon, however I don't have to give it full throttle for the power I want, so in turn I don't use as much fuel. If that makes any since.
  12. I removed the resistor out of the plug wire and I beleive that is probably the best modification I have done. Quicker engine reponse, easier starting, and better fuel mileage. I recommend doing this to your bike!
  13. Thank you, that explained it all. XR440cc
  14. What is the plug cap resistor? I have read many times to remove this for better performance, however I don't know what it is. Please enlighten me. Ride till your dead!
  15. Sounds like you need to pour some Seafoam in your gas tank. Turn on your gas valve and drain some gas out of your carb bowl. Then let it sit, while you are at the bar. The Seafoam will clean all the tarnish in your gas tank and carb and it is relatively cheap, and you should be able to get it at your local parts store.
  16. I just replaced my clutch on my XR. Stock clutch cost $53.00 and 30 minutes of work. Just be sure to soak the new clutch in fresh oil for a couple of hours.
  17. I have an 1999 XR400 with the big bore kit. It is a very wild ride and the newer 450s can't out power me. All my buddies want me to race MX, however I am not convinced the suspension will handle the large jumps. What do you think?
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