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  1. Take it apart for the first time so that you can understand how all the pieces fit together; bolts inside of sleeves, inside of bearings, inside of seals with very tight clearances between them. IMO, it will not work for the stock linkage, the YamaLink system may be different in design - open it up, work with it, you'll see why...
  2. av

    Adding a cooling fan.

    Read your manual under "lighting system". The headlight is running AC current, 13.3 ~ 14.3V. You can get a pdf version of the manual for your 2002 WR here -> http://ymenvom.nl/manuals/M5PH-31.PDF
  3. av

    Adding a cooling fan.

    All current sources require two sides; AC = alternating current, DC = direct current. Your headlight requires at least 2 wires, a 3rd for the high beam if it is in use/activated. Disconnect the back of the headlight and measure the voltage level and current level and you'll get your answers AFA if the fan will work or not. 3 watts with low current is ok for the stator to pull, but pulling too much wattage and the engine's electronic system won't run properly...
  4. av

    WHERE are the 2010 ride reports??!!

    Yup, totally agree with your assessment
  5. av

    yz250f coolant overflow

    Here is the link to what I did for my catch bottle.
  6. Wow, sorry to hear/see the carnage. How do you file this accident with the insurance company? What category would it fall under, it's not a car accident and not caused by nature or vandalism - just curious what they categorized it as for the coverage...
  7. av

    WHERE are the 2010 ride reports??!!

    Sweet! Gotta love it when you can ride all year round like you do down there... Why are you going back to a 250F instead of staying with another 450F - just curious...
  8. av

    WHERE are the 2010 ride reports??!!

    Yes jetting. Do you smell gas or see it leaking any? The idle circuit could be a little rich. My 06 took a long time to get started when I first got it, then I leaned out the idle circuit (PJ & fuel mixture screw) and it starts great now. It will run and start better the more you ride it and break it in. Suspension will work better too.
  9. av

    deep water.

    The hoses coming out of the carb are already split. Follow the hoses, you'll see. All you have to do is take one side of the split and run those up higher (like into the air box) and leave the others where they are.
  10. av

    deep water.

    Click here for info from my web page.
  11. Removing the head light and tail light should be fine, it's just like as if you turn off the light switch. But if you plan to remove the battery, then there is a kit that you can buy to put a capacitor in its place so that the charging system can function properly.
  12. The FMF powerbomb header has the same diameter at the joint as the stock 06 YZ250F header, so the FMF header should mount right up to the stock 06 YZ250F silencer (using the stock YZF gasket at the joint).
  13. av

    avnow or jamesnow on 2008 wr

    I have not tried the x-wing so I won't comment on it, although I'm not sure what the vertical plate would do for the engine/carb? The slider is horizontal as it opens up, the horizontal plate forces the venturi to be smaller to increase air velocity in order to change the torque curve at smaller openings of the slider...
  14. av

    avnow or jamesnow on 2008 wr

    I understand where you're coming from. My point to the OP is that if you have a bike with and one without the avNow where both bikes are properly jetted and are running well, the power characteristics of both bikes would be different. The one with the avNow would do as I have described in my previous post. As you have stated, using the plate(s) to mask poor jetting is not the proper solution for getting a bike to run at its best - we agree there, but the hit that his buddy is experiencing allowing the bike to raise the front end easier is real and has been experienced by many people that have tried those plate(s). He is not alone in experiencing this...