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  1. Has anyone ever bought a bike from an insurance company? I'm curious how you do it and how do you find out which company has what? Thanks
  2. Eric781

    Ephrata MX 4/6,4/13

    Thanks for fixing the url, I'm not a very good typer. I already put it on Waunches site so I hope a few new people show up.
  3. Eric781

    Ephrata MX 4/6,4/13

    Ephrata is having two mx races this spring. They have all the normal classes plus some for the kids with xr's and ttr's ect. This place needs some support, there isn't enough locals to keep the place afloat so stop by and check it out. All the info is available at ephraracewaypark.com Thanks
  4. I broke my wrist real bad in 2005 and still have a plate in it. It's a plate with 3 screws holding it to my arm bone with some pins that go into my wrist(it looks like a pitch fork in my arm). The doctor said after a year or so I wouldn't notice it any more but I still have pretty limited motion in it. I can only bend it about 3/4 as far as my other one and if I put weight on it while bent it hurts. When I do push ups I have to use fists instead of flat hands. Am I limited because of the plate or because of poor physical therapy. I never did any PT with the doctor, he just said to hold a hammer and spin it side to side and move farther down the handle as it got stronger. What do you guys think, remove the plate or just deal with it. Thanks
  5. Eric781

    2005 Kx 85?

    Thanks everyone
  6. Eric781

    2005 Kx 85?

    A friend of mine wants me to post an add for his sons bike but I have no idea what it's worth. What do you think an 05 KX 85 is worth? It's all stock and runs like new, they are the original owners and the kid is pretty new at riding so he didn't ride it very hard. Thanks
  7. Today was pretty warm here and it seemed to start ok, but as soon as you try to use the choke it dies. I'll look for that rev limiter tomorrow. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what he's talking about when he mentions his problems back home? I'm just nosey I guess. Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  9. How do you take out the rev limiter, I take out the throttle stop screw when I ride it around the yard. I thought maybe it would be a little faster for $2000 but it goes pretty good with my daughter on it, not so much with my fat butt.
  10. I was kinda thinking it might be the jetting, I'll have to see what it has.
  11. I just bought my daughter a Polaris 50 for her 4th birthday which she loves and looks extemely cute riding, but I'm having a hard time starting it and keeping it running. I bought it brand new yesterday and it just doesn't want to fire real well. When it starts it has a hard time staying running, I tried to turn up the idle, but then it wanted to keep moving when you let off. It was pretty cold outside, does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  12. Eric781

    Subframe question

    Thanks for the help.
  13. Eric781

    Subframe question

    Does anyone know if a subframe off a cfr 450 will work on my 04 crf 250? Thanks
  14. Eric781

    Advice Valves/Jetting

    My dad and I did my top end in my 04 in just a few hours. Other than fixing the valve seats and putting in the new valve springs and valves an average mechanic should have no problem doing this. I ordered everything from motosport.com and it only set me back a few hundred bucks. Just use the head you already have and order stock replacement valves and springs. The valves are only $25 or so and I think the springs were like $3 a piece. The wiseco piston kit was only around $160. I'm not sure on the machine work cause a friend did mine but good luck and don't get carried away buying an 07head unless you want to spend a bunch more money.
  15. Eric781

    Arenacross in Monroe, Washington?

    Go to whrmotorports.com. It's a fun series and the promoter always builds fun tracks. He builds the safest jumps of any track I've been to but they are still challenging. I wouldn't just go to Monroe because it's the smallest arena of the races I've been to. Pasco is a pretty big arena and he builds some fun rythem sections. Squirrel Tree is also a very fun track (it's the outdoor one near leavenworth) I really recomend this one.