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  1. RedOz

    actually what the Mags are saying

    Ever thought they are all testing the same bike!! if they are all saying the same thing it would suggest that the test is more likely to be closer to reality. Here is one for you, Describe black to me 4 different ways. Black is Black Unless you are as fast as Pingree what's the point, wouldn't you rather know what someone at your level thought?, and if you are at Pingrees's level, why are you buying bikes??. Also if Pingree or "The Pro:" thinks it rubbish then Racer X aint gonna say that either, they are owned by manufacturers and Davey would not get he free cappuccino in the Kawasaki truck if his magazine did bag them, I here this test bagging all the time and deliberately steered cleat of them for years because I think it is very hard thing to do. Actually it is a very hard thing to do, I would like to see a few people here write a test of the 450 who own them, I will even give you a week of owning the bike - we only get a day. In short you guys need to get a grip on reality and make your own decisions, if you are waiting for a single magazine to tell you what bike to buy you have issues, put them all together pick out the bits you are interested in then be informed. And as far as bagging test riders speed, well that argument usually comes from complete friggin losers themselves. Just like a good music teacher doesn't need to be in U2 to be a good teacher, so a good bike tester does not need to be Ricky Carmichael. The guys from Motocross Action have been testing way before most of us where born and they are now old slow men, I would rather there opinion than Chad Reeds. Bike tests are simply an indication of what a particular person/s found on that day under those conditions, unless you start paying them to come test on your home track in your climate and at your level then they will always be a small sample/indication of what the bike is like.
  2. RedOz

    Riding 450s today down under

    Wow Thumper, that was a bit unexpected, I never thought I would have that effect LOL. In all honesty it is a great bike, the best way I can describe it is very enjoyable. I have always had CRF450's and like them a lot, but to be honest I would be more than happy with the KXF. Like I said I am no pro rider i just want to ride and not have to compete with my bike and that’s what I found the KXF let me do. Off the record, my best mate was with me who is a Pro and I couldn't put it in the review or he would lose his job but he has not shut up about how good it was either. All the way home he kept swearing and cursing because the team had to leave so early and he never got to do more laps on it. By the way Kawasaki don't give me a cent so no propaganda here.
  3. RedOz

    Riding 450s today down under

    OK, i have written up my ride report. Remember i am no Pro so its just your average riders point of view. That's me in the main photo, you will notice i am sexier than the others. Here is the direct link to the review
  4. RedOz

    Riding 450s today down under

    hey i rode it as well and it is one of the best bikes i have ever ridden. I will have a ride report tomorrow, just resting my arms and ass. The bike is seriously a dream.
  5. RedOz

    USA vs. OZ

    We have a bit of a report on Fullnoise if you are interested. I didn't go myslef but Phil has put some coverage together. http://www.fullnoise.com.au
  6. RedOz

    check this out...

    Can't say his name as it not official but rhymes with Doug Henry - only if you say it fast
  7. Hey there guys, i forgot to mention that i posted a report on the final round of the Australian Championship. I also got me a new camera so took loads of pics. Hope you like them Links are below: Story Photo Gallery
  8. Hi Guys here are a couple of reports to the first round of the Australian Championships. Fullnoise Supermotard Australia Official Championship Website Cheers
  9. Here you go guys, i reported this on Fullnoise a while ago and there was a bit of debate about whether it was real or not (No malice by the way - just people questioning). So here is the official press release, released 10 mis ago. ******* OFFICIAL RLEASE FROM HONDA AUSTRALIA ********** END OF AN ERA – XR TAKES ITS FINAL BOW IN 2005 All good things must come to an end someone once said, and so is the case for Honda’s legendary XR400R and XR250R. Honda Australia has announced that the last production run of these two models will be March 2005, and to recognise their enduring popularity, the manufacturer is offering a special Cash Back offer on all current models. Valid until the 31 st of December, 2004, anyone purchasing a new XR250 will receive $250 cash back. The same goes for the mid range XR with customers receiving $400 back. Both the XR400 and XR250 have had an illustrious career with their unbeatable bullet proof reliability. Australian landowners and farmers in particular have banked on the gutsy performance of the XR250 for around 25 years, an impressive history in an age when most models only last a few turns on the production line. Its bigger brother has also been on Australian soil for nearly 10 years after Honda revolutionised the industry in 1995 with the introduction of a middle range off-road bike offering a sublime combination of power, handling and durability. In line with their policy to provide the best service possible to all customers, Honda Australia will continue to provide genuine parts for both bikes for the foreseeable future. Anyone wanting to take advantage of the XR Cash Back offer should see their local Honda dealer as soon as possible. For more information regarding Honda’s full trail and enduro range for 2005, please go to www: hondamotorcycles.com.au
  10. No hard feelings at all mainjet. I try to sort of remain behind the scenes and do what i do. I am not out to become a prize winner or anything, I have been on TT for a long time and you will see hardly eny posts are to do with Fullnoise. But i do know that you do make some valid points, and it would be fair to say that i am probably not Honda's favorite person at the moment. I hope what sites like mine do is offer reliable and credible news. If you think about it its been a long time since there has been a magazine that offered breaking or un-biased news. One of the best things i did was not pursue manufacturers for advertising so i could write what i saw. I can promise if Honda where an advertiser i wouldn't have got this story out. On the topic I was sort of spun out to read the Roger DeCoster interview on RacerX and he states he takes no notice of the Interent etc. I find this amazing from not just Rodger but anyone in the game really as these days the interent community are their customers. Look at this forum, I doubt there would be more than 5% [@#$%&*!] stiring nerds, most would be normal everyday punters who are interested enough in their sport to share, listen and learn. I think we are in different times and i can see why the manufacturers would be pissed of - simply as a media outlet we do not need them like a magazine does and we can tell it how it is. What they need is to drag themselves into the modern age of public relations. I know its their business and they can do what they want but journalism is our business and the same applies.
  11. This is a big statement mainjet, sure some are wrong, and i stress "Some" but when was the last time any manufacturer unveiled a complete surprise to the public. I would say in 99% of cases they are correct. I spend all day every day doing my job and i can only count about 3 things anywhere that where totally wrong so i wouldn't say this is notoriously incorrect. In this i am not wrong as it was told to the Honda Dealers of Australia via their group communications. Sure it my not happen but it was said. I don't think any magazine/website would just make up something like this for the hell of it.
  12. Sorry Red, i worded it badly. i actually meant the exact opposite to what you thought. I meant i am glad you did have confidence and didn't state anything like the source was unreliable. I in no way thought you where questioning my integrity. I wrote the message in a bit of a hurry and should have worded it a bit better. Also, although i never meant it, maybe i have broken the story. I will expect a damn pulitzer for this LOL Also i don't think you will ever get an official word from Honda, well maybe a magazine will pick up on this and chase the story and they will be forced to say one way or the other - or the interent maybe powerful enough on its own. I know when i publised the story that Craig Anderson had re-signed to ride for Hond back in Australia it sent them into a spin and had to spit out the worst press release in history 3 hours after i ran the story. How i found out was that Honda where asking dealers to place their orders now and they would still help promote the range to move them. As you can understand dealers here are very pissed and are telling me about it every 5 minutes. So it is true that they stated it, whether it actually happens remains to be seen. Like you, i hope not. One thing is the story is there and if Honda ever say they never said it, then i will produce the evidence. Cheers Garry - Oh and yes we are alias ===================================================== Here is a petition being circulated by the Honda Dealers Group of Australia. Honda Australia Motorcycles Hume Hwy Campbellfield Attention Tony XXXXXXX As the combined dealer group of Australia, we have written this letter to express our concern at the decision to cease production of the XR400R as of March 2005. This model has become a very important part of our product schedule as it provides our customers with an air cooled low maintenance off road motorcycle which is very well suited to farming and agricultural use. It also offers our customers a low cost entry level enduro model for recreational use, as an alternative to the new high compression models now on the market. It is our combined opinion that this model will continue to sell in strong numbers well into the foreseeable future as has been shown by its strong sales performance in what is now its eighth year of production. In the past you have been able to supply models like the CT200AG in limited build numbers over many years of production to the Australian market, so for the benefit of our Honda customers and the Australian dealer network, we ask that you reconsider this decision.
  13. Thanks for your vote of confidence RedX. Just to get this clear, i never stated that "Honda" made it official, i stated that "On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the much loved Honda XR250R comes the news that it will cease production in March 2005, the XR400R will also join its smaller brother on the extinction list." I got the lead from the Honda Australia's dealers group who received notification form Honda Australia. I don't want to re-print the email here but i stated that 'Honda' would not be producing the XR250 and XR400 after the date i specified. I would say Honda probably didn't want it widely publicized but i am a journalist and it is my job to seek out stories, and this is a story. The internet these days is 99% full of company press releases or 'the company word' as most sites are to lazy to actually chase a story of go with a gut feel. Now i am not trying to be up myself here or anything like it but if sites do this and we get some real stories and journalism online then we will be all the better off. It is safe to say you would never see this in a magazine or "Magazine site" because manufacturers say jump and they say how high. it is a safe bet i will never get advertising of Honda. So my point is, i saw a story and went with it, i can produce the correspondence if need be, anything can happen between now and then and who knows Honda might have a change of heart after the uproar and i will look like a dick, but it was sent and we reported it. Cheers Garry
  14. Hi guys, here is our round 3 report. http://www.fullnoise.com.au/news/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_full&news_id=788 Good luck to you all on the weekend for your first round - lets hope its big Cheers Garry
  15. RedOz

    Avards Supermoto Event Story

    Hey there Krumm. Glad you liked it and it certainly was good for Motard. You are right all those guys where out-ridden on the day but they are not the top of the tree for nothing. The Sydney layout was pretty different to the normal tracks and any little drama was going to cost you. Marmont, Bennett and Rob T certianly deserved their wins. I know Mark Willis was just plain un-happy and would freely admits to being out-ridden. Adam Altham actually qualified second but bent two gear levers and ran out of brakes. At Oran Park Jay Marmont was no where near, Altham, Avard and Willis but to be fair he was just getting into it. It took Danny Ham a while to get into it also and he can seriously be counted as a contender now. I have hard KTM are making it part of their offical race team now which is great. Hopefully all the manufacturers will take to it. The whole reason that most motard events have been put back to the summer months is to attract the "Motocross, Road Race and SX stars". The best thing is we are talking about it and that good for the sport. Avard has another huge event coming and the Australian titles are just around the corner. The biggest problem Motard faces is places to ride. Cheers and keep you eye on Fullnoise, we cover a lot of Motard.