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  1. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    According to my wife I have a sickness

    You are very sick! I should come over immediately and relieve you of your sickness!
  2. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Used FOURSTROKE bike sales are horrible right now

    Tell me about it. Even in Canada the 4 stroke sales are WAY down. I had my 07 250SXF up for $5,500 Canadian and I had offers only up to four grand. Bike is in MINT condition. Better than new in fact with 30 hours. Makes me want to kick myself for putting 12,000 into it.
  3. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Jesse james is a dead man..

    Haha! I am watching it right now on Spike. This is probably the most embarrassing show on Spike TV. I hate how they play 2 stroke sound in the background when we know he is riding a 530. Oh and that crash was pretty soft too.
  4. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Muscle tighten up and feel weird?

  5. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    My 250 f

    Looking really good man.
  6. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    250sxf trail bike

    Yup, I have mine set up for woods and I love it.
  7. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK


    Looking good!
  8. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Roosted my buddy...oops.

    Cool vids! Those trails look like a blast. thanks for sharing!
  9. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Orange Frame?

    It would look awesome with the white frame! Unique. Go for it man, do the white.
  10. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Delaware Hare Scramble

    Sweet video!
  11. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Check out the 4 Stroker!

    nice one!
  12. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Check out the 4 Stroker!

    Bet ya wouldn't have said that with the gas system huh? Why come into someone's thread and bash?
  13. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    can I weld an Excell rim?

    Agreed. You shouldn't waste any time trying to fix. Get your $$ back.
  14. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    my new bike!!!!

    I'm not the one that left you bad gas, but why do people care so much about it? It's not like you're going to get banned or anything.
  15. GOorangeNEVERgoBACK

    Hour meter...where does wire attach?

    On my bike there was a black plastic guard for the spark plug wire. I moved it up and wrapped the meter wire around it 8 times.