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  1. surfidaho20

    Another Opinion on my "Floating Rotor"

    Alright Thanks guys now I feel more comfortable about it. And I double check it when its hot. Also yes it is the Braking setup.
  2. I just bought this bike that I am rebuilding and the guy I bought it from, his brother didn't take much care of it and rode it on the street doing burnouts, and stoppies. This leads me to believe that this is why the front rotor seems so loose. I understand that Floating rotors are supposed to have some play. But I feet that this is a little to much. So just to be safe I uploaded a video to get some of your opinions. Btw this is a 2005 yz250 that I got for $1000 and hopefully I get it fixed up before riding season really gets underway.
  3. surfidaho20

    Replacement key

    Just found a replacement (duplicate/backup) ignition key for my '04 DRZ 400. My local key guy used a "YH50" blank and matched my key. I pulled off the plastic rectangle cover and he only charged me 5 bucks. YH50 is a Yamaha blank. Supposedly my DRZ key is an "E" series, so your key slots may be a little off. But for $5 it's worth a try. (YH50 is alot longer but wgas)
  4. surfidaho20

    Video Of Me 2008 Season

    Hey man good to hear theres another ROWLEY tearing it up
  5. surfidaho20

    if you like mountain biking

    sweet man I was just up there last weekend it was pretty good but mammoth needs a good rain for the sand and dust.
  6. surfidaho20

    Ok here we go

    Haha ya your the only other one ive seen run that number but its okay I wont run into you any time soon because I live in California.
  7. surfidaho20

    Ok here we go

    Sweet number haha Go # 243
  8. surfidaho20

    pictures of your mountain bike

    I know its not a secret and that alot of people know about it, i just think they want to keep it quiet so some newbies dont go and kill themselves on that trail, theres some serious drops and jumps on it.
  9. surfidaho20

    pictures of your mountain bike

    The only picture of my 2006 Specialized Big Hit III This is a secret riding spot known as G-Spot its a pretty knarly trail
  10. surfidaho20

    Leatt Brace Graphics

    Anybody now where to get zebra print leatt graphics. Ben Townley had them at glen helen it looked sweet. I cant find where to buy them though, prob cause im not a factory rider.
  11. surfidaho20

    JohnnyAirtime Jumps Onto Moving Truck

    Thats some sweet riding gear
  12. surfidaho20

    Pictures of our new 125

    just around the block and its a blast. I cant wait to ride it at the track it will feel like a mountain bike compared to my 450
  13. Decided to get a 2-stroke for a family play bike. its an 04 Cr125 and we bought it from a guy for $1800
  14. surfidaho20

    Problem with Dads DRZ

    ok ill check that cause the previous owner removed that and i dont know his abilities. But were thinking it might be something with the float cause it almost runs until the fuel in the float runs out. We just changed the pilot and the main jet too.
  15. surfidaho20

    Problem with Dads DRZ

    maybe were too poor to buy two bikes