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  1. meanstrk

    Guaging interest.. Light mounts...

    These are heavy gauge aluminum stock. I have had these on this bike for well over 8000 miles from trail riding to WFO in the twisties and commuting. They are not going to crack. From what I can tell, there is not enough interest to generate a production run though. No worries.
  2. meanstrk

    Guaging interest.. Light mounts...

    I have mine wired to a switch that is direct off the battery. The switch is mounted to a tab that is mounted by one of the fork riser bolts. Keep in mind that I am trying to determine if anyone would buy just the mounting brackets with this thread. I am not going to try to sell lights. You also need to take into account the bike's charging system when choosing lights to ensure they will not overload the system.
  3. meanstrk

    Guaging interest.. Light mounts...

    I am trying to figure out if it would be worthwhile for me to do a production run of mounts for aftermarket lights. I have these on my DR 650 now and they are solid. They bolt up to the lower triple tree fork bolts and can be drilled for whatever light mounting bases you choose to run. I "should" be able to produce these for around $40 shipped, but would need to look at doing a run of about 50 sets to make it worthwhile. Obviously, the more in a production run, the less the cost will be. Let me know what you think and if you would be interested....... This is not a sale thread yet, but I would like to figure out if there is enough interest in this........ If you want to see more detailed pics, let me know...
  4. meanstrk

    Stock Exhaust Mods?

    Many will also tell you to grind down the weld inside the header right where it goes to the head. Be careful doing this since it can also make the section weak and potentially break. Mine broke last night......
  5. meanstrk

    Sad day for my DR......

    What is the question here? The frame is bent. Get a new bike. I would be setting them up to pay for all aftermarket goodies as well.
  6. meanstrk

    DR650 Shock Roundup

    I run a Cogent Dynamics shock on mine with Race Tech emulators in the front and love the set up.
  7. meanstrk

    Picked up a couple TTR's this week....

    Some Chinese cheapo that my wife mailed to me while I was in Iraq last time! Donna has been tooling around in the yard with hers and doing ok with it. I think she likes not having the clutch to deal with. My grand daughter seems to like here, though she is not big enough to ride it yet. She did not want to let go of it!
  8. meanstrk

    Picked up a couple TTR's this week....

    I was buying a used 50 for my grand daughter and while there, my wife noticed that the 110's were also clutchless, so she wanted one! I'll borrow them for pit bikes at the track! I expect I will visit this section occasionally now! BTW.... Believe it or now, you CAN stuff a 110 in the beack seat of a Subaru WRX! The 50 got torn down a bit to stuff in the trunk! I was not expecting to bring TWO bikes home!
  9. meanstrk

    DR650 Bike Night

    I would tell them they are more than welcome to try their luck against the DR so long as I get to pick the road. Oh, it will be asphalt, but tight twisties is where the DR shines!
  10. meanstrk

    Street Only Tires What to buy?

    Well, crap... I received an email that states the Maxxis tires are no longer available, so I need to look at something else. I found that the Avon AM26 seems to have them in the proper size so I may go with those.
  11. meanstrk

    Rotating the tires......?

    I flip the rear on my track bike to try and get another track day out of it, but never on road bikes due to tread pattern designs for water dispersement.
  12. meanstrk

    Street Only Tires What to buy?

    An update..... I am getting ready to replace the rear tire and will be ordering the same type, but in the 130/90 size this time. I got over 5K on the rear which is more than I usually get on rear tires, and at a fraction of the cost. These tires are keepers for me.
  13. meanstrk

    base gasket leak on 06

    I recently replaced mine on a 04 bike with a metal gasket. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, it's not a hard job and the parts only run about $30 total. I would recommend ensuring that you have some Yamabond on hand before starting and using some on the new gasket as well as the CCT.
  14. meanstrk

    Top end gaskets replaced......

    Well, I seem to have fixed the CCT area leak, but still seems like I am getting some seeping on the left front area of the base gasket. This is a bit irritating. I may go ahead and use some Yamabond on the base gasket as well next time. If they seal engine cases with that stuff, I reckon is should seal a cylinder base too.
  15. meanstrk

    What causes DR650 base gasket leak?

    I would beg to differ on this statement. Mine leaked.