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  1. AlphaFire X5

    Which seat in the best for my DRZ 400

    I have heard numerous complaints with Corbin. My father had to return a seat for his ST1100 because it didn't fit properly. He got another one in (they charged him chipping both ways) and it STILL didn't fit! He did some cutting to make it work, and it still doesn't fit properly. A lot of people on the FZ1 board also have had a lot of problems with Corbin, both in customer service and quality control. Numerous people (we're talking a few dozen) on the GS500 board have written to Corbin asking them to make seats for the newer model GSes, and Corbin says, in not so many words, "No. We don't want to and we don't have to because we're Corbin. If you want one, bring your bike in and we'll make one custom for you. Oh yeah, it'll cost you twice the normal cost for a seat." Sargent seats have a much better reputation, and from what I've seen, are much higher quality as well.
  2. AlphaFire X5

    DRZ400SM high speed unsteadiness

    Yeah, but how much do you weigh? Having weight over the front wheel makes a big difference, and the OP and I both weigh in at a flyweight 130lbs. Even 30lbs more is a big difference in weight distribution (that is 10% of the bike's weight).
  3. AlphaFire X5

    DRZ400SM high speed unsteadiness

    I'm down south a bit, off Riverside and I-35, close to UT campus. I'm not that big of a fan of LCR recently, as there is always crap in the turns and idiot people crossing the double yellows. That, and I'm not used to sliding the bike yet
  4. AlphaFire X5

    DRZ400SM high speed unsteadiness

    I'm tellin' ya, the fender is what is going to make the difference.
  5. AlphaFire X5

    Descent price on Pilot Powers

    Bingo. Those aren't Pilot Powers (as everyone is saying), but rather Pilot S2/H2, the precursor to the Pilot Powers I believe.
  6. AlphaFire X5

    DRZ400SM high speed unsteadiness

    I weigh 130 too, and experienced the same problem. Changed the front fender for an Acerbis Supermoto front fender and the problem went away entirely. Looks better, no high speed shakes, cheap. Go for it.
  7. AlphaFire X5

    Psi Pilot Power

    I ran 33 front, 36 rear on the street when I had them on my GS500. They were fine. On the track, I dropped them to 31/33.
  8. AlphaFire X5

    Killing the high speed twitches on the DRZ.

    Weight might also have something to do with it, as well as riding position. I weigh 130, so it doesn't take much to scoop me up. Also, what flyoff? I ride on the street!
  9. AlphaFire X5

    Motorcyclist magazine

    It's the minimalist cafe racer styling, as well as the classic gold pinstriping and lettering on black paint scheme. It's a modern cafe racer, and it looks gorgeous.
  10. AlphaFire X5

    Motorcyclist magazine

    Oh my god. That Ducati is... wow. More than beautiful, that thing is just amazing looking.
  11. AlphaFire X5

    Killing the high speed twitches on the DRZ.

    The original poster did not change the front fender. I did that without doing the fin mod. The reason the Acerbis SM front fender makes such a difference is due in part to two things: 1) The stock fender is much longer and has a bit more scoop to it, like a dirtbike fender should be to catch dirt and mud. And while it's good at catching dirt and mud, that means it is also good at catching air, which causes lift underneath the front fender, lightening the front wheel and causing twitchiness. Basically, it acts like a sail. 2) The Acerbis fender has a lot better vents in the back, allowing air to pass through it, rather than cupping it and causing it to shake. The SM fender does shake itself around at high speeds (wobbles to and fro?) but it does not shake the bike.
  12. AlphaFire X5

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Hammer 4, that bike is gorgeous. Makes me love the look of the Huskys even more.
  13. AlphaFire X5

    Young Riders

    Like, really? Like, no way! Like, totally awesome! Like, lol!
  14. AlphaFire X5

    Killing the high speed twitches on the DRZ.

    Hm. I was experiencing the same twitchiness. I switched the front fender for an Acerbis Supermoto front fender and it stopped entirely.
  15. AlphaFire X5

    Psi Pilot Power

    Stock on a DR650 is 38lbs??? Holy crap! I thought it would be in the mid 20s...