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  1. I went down yesterday fairly hard on my right shoulder. I am pretty sure that the joint at the clavicle and sternum is damaged although I am not sure how badly yet. I don't feel that any bone is broken. I have separated my shoulder in the past (3rd degree-same shoulder) and the pain in the sternum-clavicle joint feels similar. There is a lump at the joint. I cannot tell if the lump is swelling or if the clavicle is pushed outward a bit. Shortly after the crash, I took off my jersey and went drape it over the chair. I felt and heard a pop at the location which was accompanied by a sharp pain. For the most part, yesterday was not so bad. I was able to put on and remove a shirt with little or not issue. I also loaded and unloaded my bikes with no issues. Today, the pain is much worse and it is difficult to put on or take off a shirt without help; there is no way that I could load a bike today. Any guidance is appreciated. I am curious as to whether surgery is a part of this injury or if it simply heals (more or less) on its own. Lastly and most importantly, how long until I can ride? I just picked up the 2013 Honda 450 and have only taken one ride. Luckly, I did not go down on my brand new skoot; it was my old bike. Thanks in advance.
  2. BNasty

    Cylinder PSI, Stock 2006 YZ 125

    Thanks for the replies. Engine is cold, Im at sea level, temp was in the high 70s, and humidity is high. qwert321--that is interesting that both your 125 and 144 read close in psi. I thought it would be higher for a bigger piston, but I am no expert. I think I picked up my gauge at Autozone. I guess the only true way to know if my psi is off is to test after fresh rings/pistion and then monitor as it goes down. Is there a rule of thumb for percentage drop in psi? For example, if your psi drops X%, it's time to replace the rings.
  3. Anyone know what the psi should be for a fresh set of rings in a stock cylinder? I bought a used bike that is suppossedly bored to 144. My bike is maxing at 175 psi, which seems to confirm the overbore. Just dont know for sure. On the same note, does anyone out there with a 144 have a fresh ring psi reading for me to work from so that i know when I might need to replace the current rings? Thanks, in advance.
  4. BNasty

    Oil Tank Breather/Vent Hose

    Excess pressure is the only thing I think that could pop it out. I assume the most common way to have excess pressure is to overfill with oil. I am meticulous about oil level so this cannot be it. I tapped the fitting back in and the connection is solid, which only ads to the mystery. The crankcase vent is fine. I checked all the oil lines and vent houses and nothing else appears out of wack or loose.
  5. I have a 2007 Yz 250F. This weeked at the track the breather/vent hose for the oil tank disconnected from the crankcase. I noticed it when I put the bike back on the stand and saw oil everwhere. There was still some oil in the bottom of the case. I got lucky in that the engine did not seize. The line is not a pressurized line, it is rubber and runs from the top of the oil tank to the bottom of the right side crankcase. The hose is connected using a fitting that appears simply to pop into the case. I am very confused as to how this hose disconnected. I did not hit anything or anyone. I was riding on the track under normal conditions. There is the occasional rock on the track but I would not describe the track as rocky. The stock plastic water pump guard generally protects/covers the area where the hose connects to the case. I had changed the oil prior to my ride, but this is not a hose that is removed to change the oil. I cleaned the fitting off, tapped it back in, filled the bike up with oil and tested the fitting. I am going to do a fresh oil change soon to see if there is any metal in the oil, but I just thought I would put the feelers out there to see if anyone has had this happen and/or is someone could offer an explanation as to how the hose disconnected.
  6. BNasty

    Lifted Truck advice

    I have a double cab tacoma, lifted 6 inches on 35s. My mpg is anywhere between 12-15. I occasionally put in a bottle of Lucas fuel additive and I typically note better results with the additive. I have the short bed, so loading and carrying the bike can be a pain, but I have taken the bike for multiple hour trips and also down bumpy dirt roads and I have never (knock on wood) had any issues. If you get the long bed, you will be better off in terms of carrying your bike, but I would guess that you may sacrifice some fuel mileage for the extra bed. I tried to attach a picture of my truck with the bike in the back, but am having issues.
  7. BNasty

    Videos of bad riders?

    This thread officially killed my work day. Thanks TT!!
  8. BNasty

    '06 CRF150f

    LOL!! You can add to that instructions to grip with her knees, grab a handful, and hang on..... I think stiffer springs would increase the fun factor. You may get away with it on smaller jumps. Springs are cheap and you will enjoy the bike more if it is correctly sprung. I have a 90 TTR with a 110 kit and I put stiffer springs in her. Cornering, jumping, and just plain hauling ass are ten times more fun with the stiff springs.
  9. BNasty

    '06 CRF150f

    Dude. Keep the bike. Sounds like you put a lot of TLC into it. I recently got into pit bikes and I wonder why I waited so long to get one. There is only one thing more fun than one pitbike. Two pitbikes. I had so much fun with one, that I scooped up another so my bro could ride with me. My non-riding friends have been coming to the track and hanging out and riding my pitbikes.
  10. BNasty

    Takegawa 110 Hyper S-Stage Combo Kit

    A couple of my hee haw naybors helped me out. And all it cost me was a case of PBR.
  11. BNasty

    Takegawa 110 Hyper S-Stage Combo Kit

    Finally found time to get this job done. I hee-hawed a slide hammer out of a long bolt and a threaded end cap for a lead pipe. I drilled a hole in the end cap and used it as the weight for a red-neck slide hammer. I still had to use heat, and a ton of brute force to get it out. Even with heat and my version of a slide hammer, I sill had to bang on it with a hammer. I gave up on finess and went with force. The bike fired up right away and I am pleased with the initial ride. I only took her for a quick spin and am still within the break-in period. I drilled out the muffler like instructed and the bike definitely has much more pull in second and third. Prior to the kit, third was a f'n wasted gear unless I was on a straight. I am pumped to get this bike onto the mini track. Overall, the installation was a snap. I was able to get it done in one day so that was good. The hardest part was the removal of the rocker arm other than that, I was super easy. Oh yeah, and the directions translated were comical. They read like "use beatiful engine oil on rings of piston." And "place beautiful cloth in case to keep out garbage." I am considering an aftermarket pipe, but as I have drilled out the muffler, I am not sure that it would be $$ well spent. Anyone have thoughts on this?? Thanks for all the advice!!!!
  12. BNasty

    Takegawa 110 Hyper S-Stage Combo Kit

    I have hee-hawed my way around these types of problems before so I think Ill give the torch and vise method a shot. And I always enjoy using a torch. Thanks for the help
  13. BNasty

    Takegawa 110 Hyper S-Stage Combo Kit

    I was afraid of that. No Yamaha shops around town have it or can even seem to order it. ***?! I am going to try Harbor Freight or I may have to make one of my own. Do you happen to know the pitch of the rocker shaft? If I can find a long bolt that matches the pitch, I think I can figure out a way to rig a weight.
  14. BNasty

    Takegawa 110 Hyper S-Stage Combo Kit

    I just received this kit for my '06 ttr 90. The instructions mention the need for a special tool to pull the camshaft. Has anyone had experience with this kit that can tell me whether or not there is a true need for the tool and/or a homemade tool that will suffice?
  15. I just received this kit for my '06 ttr 90. The instructions mention the need for a special tool to pull the camshaft. Has anyone had experience with this kit that can tell me whether or not there is a true need for the tool and/or a homemade tool that will suffice?