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  1. bigboy292000

    Dr650 Faq

    Well, unfortunately - I am not able to edit my own post (the FAQ) anymore... I guess there is a time limit. I emailed Thumpertalk folks for an exception on time limti to edit but never got a reply... We'll see.
  2. bigboy292000

    Should I keep modding (for street worhyness) or sell?

    Well, I pulled the trigger... sold my trusty DR650... it was a bit hard watching it be trailered away after about 9000 miles we spent together. I have nothing but great memories of DR and this forum! Ya'll are a great bunch!! My new mistress is an 09 ABS Wee; at least I staid in the Suzuki family right? The Wee has proven to be more than I expected. !!
  3. bigboy292000

    Is my bike killing my Trailtech HID ballast?

    You know, I thought that this might be the case too, but it would point to a serious design flaw (possible) and would also lead to a lot of people having issues with those lights (something that I did not find the evidence of). On related note - yes, the light definitely takes about 20-30 seconds to really starts burning. You get the recognizable "flash" when it comes on, then it dims a bit and then it gradually warms up and becomes brighter. 30 seconds later, lotsa and lotsa light, yay! Yeah... good idea, will look into this. I will not mount it until I figure this out. I'll do some reading on relays as I have no idea what to do honestly.
  4. bigboy292000

    Is my bike killing my Trailtech HID ballast?

    I bought the SCMR16 (wide angle) about a year ago and installed it. http://trailtech.net/single_hid_scmr16.html The ballast died about 2 hours into the use of the light. I sent it back, got fixed under warranty. About a month ago, the ballast died again. I sent it in, it got fixed under warranty. So Trailtech has been really cool about it... But my question is - is my bike actually causing this? I looked on ADVRider and around, and could not really find people complaining a lot about ballasts dying... so I got to wonder... I just wired the light into the wire cluster behind the headlight (there is a pair of wires available) and installed a small rocker switch on the handlebar to turn them on or off. Did not use anything else. The bike supplies about 11.3 V to the light, seems to be enough for it. I always turn the light on after the bike is on and turn it off before I kill the engine.
  5. bigboy292000

    Is there a trick to taking off caked-on gaskets?

    Hah! Now that totally makes sense! Now that you pointed it out...
  6. As I mentioned in the other thread, I had a oil leak... so now I am following this to get it fixed. I had to take off my pipe and header as I could not get in there, yay... but anyway - the cam chain tensioner is off, and here is the problem child: So now a new problem presented itself: the gasket is caked on there. I tried to get it off using my nails, and it breaks off in small, most frustrating pieces. So the question is - is there a trick to taking off gaskets like this, without dropping half of it (in small pieces) into the engine? I don't want to scrape off with anything hard as I could mess up with clearances and then have a leak even with the new gasket on...
  7. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    By the way - I cleaned my bike up, sprayed with foot powder and ran it. No leak. But let me tell you - if you spray some on the header, it really stinks when it heats up. So then I took the bike to work today, and stopped after about 5 miles to check for leaks. Sure enough - it is the cam tensioner gasket, so you nailed it. I stopped by the dealer and got the gasket too. I'll take it apart this weekend and see how it looks like and then decide if I'll use the silicone high temp gasket maker or will use the OEM gasket.
  8. bigboy292000

    Dr650 Faq

    OK folks, thanks for great comments, I updated the FAQ... and added the problems section.
  9. bigboy292000

    Dr650 Faq

    FAQ Version 1.2; 10/25/08 This is a collection of FAQs for Suzuki DR 650. Please send in suggestions for additions or changes. Mods – please sticky this in DR forum! If this does not prove useful, we’ll kill it. The links provided from here are from various sources. Can’t promise that everything will be up when you look for it! Many link to DR650 Wikia, as there is a ton of info there, but I figured people don’t know about it always. I have saved several things in PDF format because pictures on forums are known to disappear over time. NOTE: It is completely possible that not the best thread or page about the specific subject is linked to in this FAQ draft. If so – please don’t get ticked off but rather PM me and I’ll fix/add stuff! This FAQ will rock if we all make it rock! NOTE 2: Huge thanks obviously goes to people that contributed to threads and pages that I link to. Props to all of you! Exhaust Exhaust page on DR650 Wikia Header polishing Header weld grinding How to repack your FMF-Q2 silencer (by mx_rob) Intake Intake page on DR650 Wikia (please send me more links) Seat Seat page on DR650 Wikia Corbin seat fit issues: fix 1, fix 2 Tires Tires page on DR650 Wikia Where to buy tires Luggage Luggage page on DR650 Wikia Some examples: Givi knockoff top box, Givi top box, Dirt Bagz Windscreens Windscreen page on DR650 Wikia Various windscreen advice threads: Turbo City and various options discussed Fuel tanks Fuel page on DR650 Wikia Guarding and Protection (skid plates, crash bars) Guarding and Protection page on DR650 Wikia KTM MX fender install Lighting Lighting page on DR650 Wikia Buell headlight mod Some 100W light bulb information Trailtech HIDs Where to connect accessory lights Brighten up your turning signals cheap Tail light conversion Suspension Suspension page on DR650 Wikia Cogent Dynamics suspension and brake upgrades How to make your own damper rod tool Save $$$, Replace Your Own Fork Seals Installing a DRZ shock into your DR Controls Risers – experiences with Rox, Dirtly.com (Ebay), Tusk Highway pegs Engine upgrades Engine page on DR650 Wikia Carb work and carb tuning (jetting) Tuning the 39mmFCR Tuning Mikuni tm 40 DR650SE Needle Comparison (an epic thread by mx_rob) How to do simple carb mods (step by step), PDF with pictures is here The BST-40 Bible (by laramie LC4 on advrider) – stock carb. PDF with pictures is here Basics on carb adjustments Routine Maintenance How to change oil How to adjust valves. PDF file with photos here. Chain maintenance and lubrication (no lack of opinions on this!) Is your chain too loose/tight? Electrical Electrical page on DR650 Wikia DR650 generator capacity test results Kick Stand Safety Switch (and how to bypass it) Drive / gearing Drive page on DR650 Wikia (includes 520 conversion and 525 options) How to change the counter sprocket ( CS ) / front sprocket. PDF version with photos here. Common (and not so common) problems Surging / cutting out issues: read this, this or this NSU (neutral sensor unit) screw backing out: read this and this Upper chain roller breaking off: read this and this. Already broke off? Read this. Fixing cam chain tensioner gasket leak Base gasket leak (typically 2003 and earlier): read this, this and this, and then search some more... lots of threads on this.
  10. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    Dude - that rocks! THANK YOU!!
  11. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    I am probably going to go by Suzuki dealer today to see if they have it. At this time I am still not 100% clear as to where the cam tensioner is exactly LOL, as the shop manual has pictures that really kind of suck (the PDF anyway) but I'll figure it out. I just washed the engine and will let it dry completely and will apply the foot powder tomorrow morning to see where it is coming from. I do have a little bit of mess on top fins too (left side of the engine), but I could swear this appeared after one of my drops of the bike... Did I just admit I dropped the bike? I mean a friend dropped it...
  12. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    Thank you!!
  13. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    I see! Thanks, I'll look at this. Without knowing if this is the problem yet: where did you get a silicone gasket? Is it an OEM part and the stealership will have it? Thanks for all other suggestions too guy, I have a list of things to do now
  14. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    About 2K ago, did it myself and rode street only since. I am getting ready to do it again soon here.
  15. bigboy292000

    Oil on the engine - but from where?

    That's awesome! Thanks! I take it it does not get caked on if the engine gets hot? Based on the mount of oil, I might be looking at riding for a bit before I can figure it out...