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  1. motoxhead

    2012 KTM Owners Manual (Free on KTMUSA.com)

    What are some things in a service manual you would need? Full parts fiche? What else? I've rebuilt full suspension, crank, electrical with an owners manual. Am I missing out not owning a KTM service manual?
  2. I've had a couple people PM me because a link I put up for the owners manual was placed as forbidden. For the dummy that took it down it is on the KTM website free for anyone to download. Sorry you've never owned a KTM but they do it right for their customers. http://www.ktm.com/us/mx/250-sx/downloads.html#.UDL8Ct1lTh8
  3. motoxhead

    Cornering Critique

    Work on your attitude it will help you go faster.
  4. motoxhead

    Ponca City 2012 MillCreek Mx

    Where did you hear this information? I looked on the site and they have: FLY RACING PONCA CITY MX CHAMPIONSHIPS SCHEDULE JULY 21-26, 2012 Race Fees: Pre Entry - amateur $85.00 Pro Entry - $100.00 Post entry fees are $20.00 more per class. AMA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. Go to www.amadirectlink.com to join online. Deadline for refunds is Monday, July 16, 2012. This will need to be in writing and emailed to jamie@rpmsportsonline.com no later than Monday, July 16, 2012. GATE FEES Thursday, July 19 – Thursday, July 26 $80.00 per person Friday, July 20 – Thursday, July 26 $70.00 per person Saturday, July 21 – Thursday, July 26 $60.00 per person Sunday, July 22 – Thursday, July 26 $50.00 per person Monday, July 23 – Thursday, July 26 $40.00 per person Tuesday, July 24 – Thursday, July 26 $30.00 per person Wednesday, July 25 – Thursday, July 26 $20.00 per person GATE FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE PARK USE FEE/NON-HOOK-UP: $75.00 – NON REFUNDABLE Pit vehicles are allowed. Cost for a pit vehicle: $30.00
  5. I've never been to this race, but it is in my back yard (Birmingham). The races I'm sure will be great. I was thinking about going on Sunday, but am I wrong in viewing a $80.00 entry fee? This is more than my front row Supercross tickets. What is going on with the Amateur Nationals that they cost more money than a Pro event for spectators?
  6. motoxhead

    New Race Critique Please

    Picked it up after the other Suzuki passed you which just shows you had some more speed to give! Good job.
  7. motoxhead

    Sticking Your Landing

    Shift to the arches of your foot. Get on the throttle hard before the tires hit. Land with the rear wheel first. These are basically all you can do. Also don't look down at your gas cap or you will likely cash plant into it. Try to keep your vision in front of you.
  8. motoxhead

    Dwarf Riders

    lol, defintely wait until T-ball season is over. The heat and humidity well melt even the most red necked men in full riding gear. Monster Mountain is open all winter!
  9. motoxhead

    Dwarf Riders

    Ok but please allow me to continue my bad news bear fantasy until you make it down south and we rip the track in person.
  10. motoxhead

    2012 250sx

    More and more hours on my 2012 250sx and still no issues. What are the problems causing a "few" of your friends to buy a yz250?
  11. motoxhead

    Dwarf Riders

    Your toes are your friend. Your best leverage is created with the balls of your feet on the pegs. Be aggressive with the weight you're placing on the pegs in corners. Active swift fluid movements will do wonders for moving the bike. Time your movements with the rebound and compression of the suspension. While I am not currently undersized for a bike I can relate. I rode a bike that was always one size too big so I could grow into it. You'd be amazed at how active you can be bouncing all over the pegs with your feet and still keep the bike in control. When you antcipate a buck the plan by putting some counter motion in the pegs. For instance a 2inch slick pine root would kick the rear every time on me. I would literally move my feet a couple cm off the pegs in anticipation. Then instead of having the bike rebound with me along for the ride it would instead meet my boot and body weight and counter act the entire kick. Good luck dude. P.S. Dogfish I always pictured you as an average build t-ball dad from the 80's with a red and white can of budweiser and a smile.
  12. motoxhead

    Won Round 3, Pro Moto Fan!

    Short answer: My extensive Motocross knowledge. Long answer: Motocross game were you pick the top 10 from each class. The winner of each round gets a prize! Or the winner of the 450, 250, and combined series leader wins a big prize at the end of the season. I won a couple rounds with the free fantasy game last year, and decided to play the $25 prize series this year. http://www.promotofan.com/
  13. motoxhead

    Won Round 3, Pro Moto Fan!

    Little delayed in actually posting the helmet, but Fly has some great looking designs. I think I'm gonna win a couple more rounds then exchange all my helmets for the Andrew Short Fly replica.
  14. motoxhead

    2012 KTM 250SX - Build Quality?

    Love my 2012 250sx. I'm not sure why anyone would want a YZ that is heavier makes a lot less horsepower and doesn't come with CNC bling, Brembos, moto-t reeds, plated pipe, and hydraulics. I may have to look into the shorter shock shaft and air box with more flow. The new clutch seems pretty cool, but truthfully I eon't have enough feel to notice any of that besides maybe a shorter bike.
  15. motoxhead

    Corner speed critque please

    Doesn't seem like you are braking very hard. First impressin is that you could gain some corner speed by getting to the corner faster. Also your throttle control looks smooth! Maybe too smooth? I didn't really see you fighting for traction at any point. Where you right on the nose or underestimating your grip?