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  1. CharlieT

    Baldwin Area Riding And Tickets

    I always wear eye protection, for my own protection and everyone around me.....without my glasses on I could prove to be a real danger to society!! I've tried several pair of over the galsses goggles. None of them seem to work real well. Typically the problem is that the goggles don't fog up so much as my glasses do first. ANyone else have this problem?
  2. CharlieT

    Trials tires for the brp

    Are they available in any other sizes than the 2.75/21 and 4.00/18?? My 2002 CRF has a 19" rear rim and my '85 XR350 has a 17" rear rim. Are you running the 2.75 on the front of the XR600's?
  3. CharlieT

    XR600 carbs

    Trying to revive an '88 XR600 that sat for a couple of years. The stock carb on it was one of the worst gummed up filthy carbs I've ever tried to clean. In going thru the various forums, have noted that folks have used a number of different carbs on these bikes in stead of the stock one. Goign thru a box of carbs I have sitting around, I Have a couple of Mikuni TM's, 38mm, A Keihin PWM 39mm, and a couple of Keihin PJ's in the same size range. We intend to leave the motor stock and it will be used primarily for northwoods trail riding/DS, so low-mid range performance will be more important than top end. ANy recomendations on which alternative carb to try? Any ballpark ranges on these other carbs for a baseline jetting to start off with?? __________________ A good bike mechanic only needs two tools, WD40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move, but should, use the WD40. If it does move but shouldn't use the duct tape
  4. CharlieT

    '90 430 wr

    Here's the link, it's in Silver Lake, MI http://nmi.craigslist.org/mcy/1537600948.html Well, for trail and/or DS riding, I've already got a CRF200R XR200 motor in a CRF450 Chassis), XR200r, TLR200, DRZ350, and for some vintage riding, a street legal '71 Penton 125cc Six-day and a '72 DKW Boondocker..... or real old school, a 1967 Honda 305 Scrambler!! Just am always keeping an eye out for something, uh, different. BTW, thanks a lot for the opinions.
  5. CharlieT

    '90 430 wr

    THis is from the huskyclub.com 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1983 1986 420 AE 420 AXC 430 CR 430 WR 430 XC 430 CR 430 WR 430 XC 430 WR 430 A-Enduro WN-1001 CN-1001 CN-1001 WN-1001 XN-1001 CN-11000 WN-11000 XN-11000 WO-00001 WP- 2085 2085 2086 2087 2087 2086 2087 2087 2087 2072 www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com www.huskyclub.com 1987 1987 1987 1987 430 CR 430 WR 430 XC 430 Auto CP20000+ WP20000+ XP20000+ -- 2171-xxxx 2142 -xxxx 2143 -xxxx -- 1988 1988 1988 1988 430 CR 430 WR 430 XC 430 AE ZHUCR430xJx0000001+ ZHUWR4304JV000001 ZHUXC430xJxx000001 ZHUAE430 -- 2202 -- 2182 1989 430 WR 2202 1990 430 WR 2202 Well, that cut and psted real good now didn't it! Didn't list a chassis # for the '89/'90 430, but did list a different engine prefix for those years. Maybe they were left over '88 models sold as '89/'90?? ANy good, bad points on the 430WR? Reliability, parts, etc. Use as a primarily for trail riding and possibly dual-sport.
  6. CharlieT

    '90 430 wr

    One of these on a Craig's List around here. Looks interesting in the pic of it. Not a whole lot of info on them on the net, though. From the specs i found on a couple of sites, one thing jumps out at me. The list it at 17hp, top speed 68mph, 0-60 in 9.x sec, weight 242lbs. Now the weight seems in the ballpark, but 17hp and that performance from a water-cooled 430cc 2/ ????? Unless that motor was made by Briggs and Stratton, that doesn't seem to me to correct. Hell, sounds more like an XR200 motor/performance! ANyone on here have any expereince with this model of Husky??
  7. CharlieT

    Project XR100 Retro Frankenbike!

    Nice job, kind of rmeinds me of my Tahitian red '76 CR125M.
  8. CharlieT

    how fast can xr 200 go

    '02 CRF450 rolling chassis I had sitting around that I threw an XR200r motor in....hence CRF200R. Motor is actually stock, only changes were in the air intake...which uses the stock CRF450 air box and the exhaust which uses the stock XR head pipe and the stock CRF450 silencer with a step-up size connector pipe. THose changes alone made a notable improvement in the performance of the stock motor.
  9. CharlieT

    how fast can xr 200 go

    With my fat 210lbs on it, our CRF200R hit 70.4 on flat ground, real-time on the Garmin GPS.
  10. CharlieT

    Ahhhh "Those where the days" photo thread...

    Must be related to your friend. Here's my Penton, a 1971 Steel Tanker that I bought in 1972. Unrestored original.
  11. CharlieT

    Ahhhh "Those where the days" photo thread...

    Just for you old Deek'ers.....a couple of pics a '72 Boondocker I picked up this summer Runs great. Starts 2nd/3rd kick. Don't really know the hx of this particular bike.
  12. CharlieT

    Ahhhh "Those where the days" photo thread...

    Here's a brief photo progression from my early days. 1966 Honda S-90, actually 98cc with the powroll kit, cam, alloy rims...16" rear, open "scrambler" pipe 1967 CB160, 198cc kit, cam, 14000rpm screamer. different tank, bates seat, mini-lites 1968 BSA 441 Victor Special, full Ceriani suspension Pair of 1971 Kawasaki's. THe enduro model in the background and me sitting on the F81M
  13. CharlieT

    Picked up a free bike: worth it?

    Likely in the $1200-1500 range, depending on how fast one wanted a sale. Around here, $700-900 would get you a clean, but unrestored "rider". Speaking of around here...where in the mitten are you?
  14. CharlieT

    Picked up a free bike: worth it?

    Here's one I restored a couple of yrs ago: Worth it? Depends what you mean. Worth money? Not as collectible as some of that era, but still quite popular. Can still make a buck off of them if you are careful on how you spend. Worth restoring? Did mine just for the fun of it as a winter project...which made it worth it. Don't knock it being "just" a 125. These are very very light bikes and ridden aggressively can be a handful and a challenge for the best and be be very fast.
  15. CharlieT

    Owyhee's Greeves Thread

    Hey, Big "O".....junk motor, eh? Frame looks like it would hold an XR200 motor, though! :bonk: :bonk: Love the old leading link forks. That be old school. Picked up a bike a few months ago with leading link front end: 1972 DKW Boondocker. Runs like a champ. Basically same engine as my Penton.