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  1. Lot of it has todo with the brand of the helemet. if i was you i would go chech sizing before you buy online.
  2. _Elivis

    rear shock

    what is the correct spring for somebody that weighs a 150 pounds rides off road for an 04 cr 250. And how do I.D. the stock spring.
  3. U have to get rid of ur old bike some how:busted:
  4. _Elivis

    MX pants

    THere usally close to the same so you should try on 34-38 sizes
  5. _Elivis

    ohio xr 600

    Wayne and Perry and crash is also a Fun palce to ride at.
  6. I need to know the proper main jet for an xr650r with a FMF power core 4.2 slip on and a K&N air filter that is uncorked at an altitude of 1000 feet.
  7. _Elivis

    Xr 650r jetting

    I need to know the main jet for an xr 650r with a FmF 4.2 slip on that is uncorked woth a k&N air filter. at a 1000 ft altitude.
  8. _Elivis

    Oil ?

    What the best oil to use in XR 650R?
  9. _Elivis

    Photoshoped graphics for yz250f

    second set looks pretty sweet
  10. _Elivis

    Chad reed:

    Bubba was chartging for a while there but he saw that there wasn't much hope in him catching reed so he seattloed for second reed had that track dialed
  11. _Elivis

    How to make your own "works bike"

    It also nmeans the bike has a green seat.
  12. _Elivis

    Is A 2 Smoke Crazy To Ride

    125's are so much fun and you won't regret buying one
  13. _Elivis

    james stewart sux!!

    comparing stewart to mcgrath is lijke comparing apples and oranges how many times did see Mcgrath ride out of control or crash hardly ever mcgrath was tiwce as smooth as stewart. Rj wouldn't stand a chance against JS or RC. Tracks are alot differn't know then they were in the 80's
  14. _Elivis

    Tech 8's

    overall a great boot comfortable protective and stylish.