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  1. Fly-nBri

    Stock Gearing

    I have a 1999 YZ400F and need to know what the stock gearing is on the sprockets. TIA!
  2. Fly-nBri

    Cam Cover gasket leaking oil

    Thanks GR...I'll give it a shot. Since it's basically new, who knows what the shop did to the gasket upon installation.
  3. HI all... I just had this all gone through last year and now after a few days worth of riding I've noticed that oil is leaking on the right side just below the half circular rubbers. (gasket) What would the fix be since I know it's new since last year and I have this problem? Tighten bolts? Sealant? Help and TIA!
  4. Old Blue sold me one through here about 3 years ago. I don't remember the price but it was very reasonable. It still works great. It took a couple of pop rivets and it was about done. Very clean and simple. Get with him and see if he can still hook you up.
  5. Fly-nBri

    Oil Drain Plug Problems

    I did the heli coil method and it's still going strong 3 years later. I cleaned the surface of all oil and used red lok tite to hold in the coil. Let it dry for a few hours or you'll be turning the heli coil when it comes time to take out the drain plug. No problems!
  6. Fly-nBri

    What should I get?

    Just EASE the clutch out though! You don't want to embarass yourself first time out!
  7. Fly-nBri

    Fixing small hole in sidewall....

    So....I would assume NOT then?
  8. I wanted to know if I could fix a very small hole on my tire sidewall. Can I do this with a regular tire patch? If I do...will it hold on a tubeless setup? Or can I fix it with a plug? TIA!
  9. Fly-nBri

    1st post, wanted to say hi

    HIya! Welcome!
  10. Fly-nBri

    Anyone ride a CR500AF?

    Says right there in FAQ that they ship to Canada MXJEWEL.
  11. Fly-nBri

    Engine Ice---Worth the $$$

    LOVE IT!!!
  12. Fly-nBri

    Is Stator Bad???

    I took the motor out to have the cases redone in the first place. They messed up the stator and put in a new one. I saw it. It was new. But there is only a 6 prong to hook it back up once the cases were done and the motor was back in the bike. All was working great before I took the mototr out for the case work. That's what makes me think they did something with the stator install......just can't figure out what it was they did. Got it back to them to fix. Just wondered if anyone would have an idea of what a common problam would have been. Thanks