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  1. racinace

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    Yea... fortunately I had on a full pressure suit with pads... Ripped the jersey but didn't get to me.
  2. racinace

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    Here is some footage of this years baja... RM 245 - 330...
  3. racinace

    Alert - baja 1000 on today

    That was by far the worst coverage I have seen in 10 years! No bikes... no quads.... three classes... one team! Baja is about so much more!
  4. racinace

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    15 PSI is more than enough in Baja with the right 6mm heavy duty tubes... but besides that the front had at 20lbs+ before he flatted. Absolutely should have run a fresh bib mousse up front.... lessons learned again. The rear had 22 psi until I had it adjusted down at the first pit at RM55. Amazing how much better the bike handled after that. Didn't touch the front in the interest of time but it was hard as a rock when I got off the bike.
  5. racinace

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    Hey Tim, that was me that talked to you guys at registration. Greatly appreciate the help with specialty tools. As for swapping tools, I don't think we had any tools with us at all as we went directly from registration to your place out there.... but I will also check with Craig to see if he got some out of his truck or something... Here is a video from the start. At one point going up the pavement out of town, I glanced down to check speed of the bike and saw 85. I weight in at 230 so that isn't bad for an uphill and a completely stock motor.
  6. racinace

    2011 Baja 1000 - 2x start video

    Sal is an amazing guy. There is a good reason he is in the off road hall of fame! I was very honored and yes it is something I will never forget! There is no other sport that I can think of that you can register and then line up with the best and race.
  7. racinace

    Baja 1000 2011 2X

    LMAO... I was getting last minute instruction from my wife who is just out of frame in this picture.... figures! Thanks for all the support guys! Good to know so many are rooting for us back home. No flat at RM 5. Left the line with way too much air in the rear tire and stopped to let some out... yea it was that bad. Colton stopped to see if I was ok and must have radioed in that I had a flat. Them factory boys are fast. Accompished my goal of holding Kendal off until after I exited the wash...about 2.5 miles. Shortly after that he showed me what JCR horsepower was all about. I was up to about 80 and accelerating when he blew past me on the pavement. I'll post some helmetcam footage in a few days. Things got a lot better for me after my first pit at RM 55 when I adjusted pressure from 22 ft and rr to 15psi. Traction is a beautiful thing! I handed off the bike to John at approximately 8AM at RM 70. My second section began at 1:17pm and was from RM 245 - 330.... lots of whoops! I bested my best pre-run time by 1 hour so I was happy with that..... I handed the bike off to John at approximately 4:15 pm. This is where we began to unravel... the super lights were not at the pit as they were supposed to be so I had to wire in my back up single 8" HID. We didn't have appropriate tools but we made the best of it. John had issues with the light and it went out on him several times and caused him to crash a couple of times. The motor developed a werreeing sound that gave the impression that a bottom end bearing was going bad... either that or a really loud harmonic vibration through the skid plate or something... When Ken got on the bike he seconded the bottom end bearing impending failure...so the guys limped it home. Ken had a couple of get offs that tweaked the frame of the dual light bar ... both lights were pointing off the trail to the right according to one rider.... thus slowing the pace to a crawl until he could make it to the next pit....They straightened the light as best they could but was less than ideal... Ultimately Craig brought it home and we finished another Baja 1000! Thanks agian for all the support!!!
  8. racinace

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Justin.... first off thanks for taking the time to work with Baja Pits to cordinate this effort. I just returned from Baja and spent the last hour or so reading this thread. Felt like I was reliving the moment. I started the race for SBR on the 305X bike and was on through San Felipe Baja pit 4. We were 3rd in class and 21st O/A when I got off the bike at approximately 10:40. Not sure what they mean when they said I "ran Check 2". I slowed to a crawl and when I heard them shout 305X I got back on the gas... same thing I had done at Check 1 and the many checks I have passed through in previous years. Our team crossed the line at approximately 10:28 in just over 27 hours solidly in 3rd place. When the final results were posted we had over 4.5 hours added to our time but no one can tell me what the penalty was for. Communications with the rest of the team in La Paz has been difficult at best. Anyone have access to this information? Thanks again for your efforts to keep family and friends informed.
  9. racinace

    Dirt Bike Bucket List - Baja 1000

    Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate and don't forget to eat. I raced last year (09) with one other person so it was a bit of a mini ironman. Started the race and handed off to my partner in San Felipe. Started last in class 30 and was running 3rd when I hit the wall at RM 270. Limped in to SF running in 4th. We ended up finishing 5th in class. Planning to return with a 6 man team this year to give a shot at the long run. Stay away from the moose. Too unpredictable. Mine melted on the lake bed and needed to be changed at RM 160. Invest in a good pit service. Nothing like knowing that you WILL have an easily identifyable pit every 50 - 60 miles. If your communications are strong (Sampson Radios) then you can give your chase rig a heads up if you have an issue and they can be ready with whatever you need when you arrive, but don't count on them making it to the next pit before you.... life on the road with race traffic is too unpredictable. Best advice I have ever received from Larry Rossler: Most importantly... Ride as fast as you can when you can, go as slow as you need to go to keep it on two wheels. Best of luck down there. Racinace Snortn' Boar Racing
  10. racinace

    Baja 1000 Pro Teams!!!

    Trackmaster... looking forward to seeing you down there and sharing resources. Snortn' Boar Racing will be fielding another class 30 pro mc team. We have some talented riders joining the team this year.... should be an improvement over our 5th place finish with only 2 riders last year... Whoo hooo.
  11. racinace

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    I was there this past weekend and have been contemplating and mourning with the rest of you ever since. I didn't know Kevin personally as some of you did, but I had met him on one other occasion. It was my first time in Odessa at the 100. A complete newbie to this desert race in a foreign land to me. As I rolled up the wrong way to the line, I found myself wheel to wheel with Kevin as he was waiting to lead the group of over 1000 riders to the start line. Of course I was facing the wrong way but Kevin didn't care and he gave me a what's up kind of nod. Not knowing who Kevin was I introduced myself and asked if he had ever ridden this event before. He said yea a few times. I asked how he did and he told me he won it the previous year! All very low key. I could not help but notice that his bike was almost completely stock, his tires were half worn and generally looked as if he had probably run the poker run the day before. I told him I should probably go find the end of the line and he suggested that I just spin around and follow him.... We wished each other good luck and that was the last time I would see Kevin until he reappeared on the podium that afternoon. A true class act!!! All I know is that we are all in a heap of trouble as Kevin is roosting the tracks of heaven above and he sure didn't need a head start! RIP #10
  12. racinace

    25 hrs of Starvation Ridge update

    Save your tear-offs for the MX track. They have no place at an off road event.
  13. racinace

    25 hrs of Starvation Ridge update

    Roscoe, I am available to fill the open slot on your team... Check your PM's. Ace