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  1. I have read numerous topics in regards to this, just cant seem to find a answer that works.. I purchased this bike in 09, and delt with gremlins for 3 year before finally buying a new motor.. (after disassambly found a small fracture in the head where that a valve dropped and was shoved back up by the piston, that the previous owner did not fix).. Since buying the new motor all KTM OEM parts, Right after start up there is oil coming out the vent tube, after the bike gets hot and running the oil stops coming out the vent tube.. causing me to scatch my head in wonderment.. when cold the oil level is mid way i the site window, it is not the rings as I have had 3 new pistons and a different cylinder installed.. It does not cause any issues with performance, or longivity as I have taking the new motor to Baja and rode 1000 miles in a week, done the utah 500, countless other weekend rides approx. 250 hrs with no issues.. this is just a pain in the A$$ when starting it up in the driveway.. somebody stated maybe a casting issue from KTM.. Thoughts !!
  2. desertlivin

    DarkSide M/C Laughlin Hare Scramble

    DARKSIDE and XMC have teamed up to put on this race... $1000 Pro purse $ 100 for the O/A in each class Ex, Am, N
  3. DarkSide M/C presents The Jumping Cholla Hare Scamble
  4. desertlivin

    Las Vegas 2 stroke DMV

    The Sahara DMV is the best one to go to, I have heard Henderson is getting better. No you do not have to start the bike up, just make sure Vin # is correct on all paper work, all lights, horn and DOT tires are correct, The DMV is only supposed to verify the VIN #, Im sure you know if you have check into this, you have to take it to a certified inspection station first, Sportsman Cycle, MTC, I think Carters..
  5. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    Or get a hold of Pete (rmzpegger), and he will show you some cool stuff...
  6. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    yes, still able to park by the ponds/firehouse.. be careful of the crazy guy, he put up a fence whinning about it being his property.. I havent ridden that side of wheelers since 2012.. , sweet single track heading up to the pass from the pahrump side not telling where on-line, but would be more then willing to meet up... mileage from cold creek to pahrump is 25-30, depending on side trips, routes, etc. very do-able on your new bike...get a great cardio workout doing the boulder field heading up to the top...
  7. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    I love you that ride, to bad I have to work..
  8. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    Mine is a KTM 505 XC-F When I started the process I didnt even have a title Now I have a title, full coverage insurance, and can ride from the house... unfortunitly I might be selling her though , have to make room for another one...trying to see if it will fit..
  9. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    Used to, now just very involved in a club thats puts on a race with MRAN, and ride as much as I can.. Nelson area is great, has everything .. typically ride there then head to searchlight get gas and taco then head back through nelson to boulder
  10. desertlivin

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    How was that ride yesterday? Did you get in the race course they are setting up for this weekend?
  11. desertlivin

    The Commentators: Best Comments

    "you cant get the power to the ground when your in the air" uhhh yea!! lol
  12. desertlivin

    Looking for Baja Riders

    Get a hold of UTMA, they have several different groups that go down every year. http://utma.net/rides-2/rides/
  13. desertlivin

    KTM haters?

    I have been riding KTM's for a loooong time, the only bad one ive owned is my current ride, an 08 505 XC-F, I bought it from an AA racer, and I thought took care of his equipment.. 2nd ride it dropped an exhaust valve.. He said he would take care of it.. for a year I battled overheating problems. Having buyers remorse I was ready to sell it, then I deceided to replace the head, and cylinder. I found the studs had helicoils for 2 of them, the head was cracked where the valve broke and got punched next to the guide. I replaced the cases, crank, bearings, rod piston, cylinder, head, valves basicly put a new motor in it.. Now you could not offer me enough to for this bike or wipe the smile off my face.... my wife calls it my mistress, ... after every ride I give it bath and rub down,, hum maybe shes right I should also state I started out on Yamaha's, then went to Suzuki's. Then I went to KTM and stayed...
  14. desertlivin

    Plating a bike in Nevada

    http://www.dmvnv.com/pdfforms/vp254.pdf try this one...