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    Enclosed Trailer Wiring ?

    Ok, moving right along with the project. A few questions: Do you guys that have both 120V and 12V systems have seperate fuse boxes? I have the 120V wired through the GenTran inlet and am ready to put the breaker box in that has 2 breakers(1 for AC and 1 for everything else) and start wiring for the outlets and the lights. I think I am going to use the 120v 4' sealed flourecent lights. I have a 16' trailer. How many would you guys reccomend? I don't need a tanning bed, just light. There are a few small overhead 12V lights that I will leave for quick trips when I don't want to hook up the generators. Is there anyone that does all their lighting with 12V? Benefits? If I put a deep cycle battery in a tounge box to run the lights, 12V electric awning, and power jack, how would I wire it? I am planning on buying the progressive dynamics PD9245. Is this what I need to keep the battery charged up for use all the time? As toyota said, I don't see us needing a inverter. We have two Honda 2000's. Thanks so much for all the help guys. Your advice has been invaluable. That AC is going to feel nice in between those 95 degree motos!
  2. ILThumper

    Enclosed Trailer Wiring ?

    Guys, Thanks soo much. I have not been on in awhile (spend all my time servicing 50 and 65 MX bikes!) This gives me tons of ideas on how I will finish my trailer out. I am thinking of mounting the AC towrds the rear of the trailer to help balance things out as much as I can. Has anyone else done this? It is not real front heavy yet but if I keep adding things up front I could see it being a issue. Also, where is the best palce to get a 12volt/120volt breaker box? Thanks again guys:thumbsup:
  3. I was wondering if anyone has any input on my delima. I have two Honda 2000's hooked together. I am running them into a 30amp hookup on the outside of my enclosed trailer that goes into a breaker box inside the trailer. All the stuff that came on my trailer was 12 volt (power tounge jack, indoor light, exterior lights and powered awning). I am going to wire the inside for 110 with outlets, AC and flourecent lights. I think I will probably put a tounge box on and would like to put a battery or two in it and wire it so I can use that power source instaed of having to always have the trailer cord(12v) plugged into my truck. My question is, I am not sure if I understand how to do this portion of the wiring or what I need? How do I wire the battery or batteries so that the can charge? How and where do I splice in the current wiring. Do I need anymore equipment? I am not really concerned with converting 12v to 110v. I just want the battery for the stuff that is already 12v so I can use it when the truck is not hooked up or turned on accessory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ILThumper

    Has anyone ridden little egypt?

    I am a member at Little Egypt. I believe that this park is the only one run by this group. I am pretty sure all land was paid for with a grant from Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources. Sorry for the sketchiness of my report but I have not been able to attend a board meeting yet. I love the park and all the trails. I mainly ride there and St. Joe. They are just two different types of trails. I prefer St. Joe when it is really wet out and L.E. when things start to dry out. The club has just completed a new supercross track and we all work to try and keep the trails up. If you made the trip you wil not be disappointed . There is a new section on the south side of the area that will open up sometime next year. I believe it is a few hundred more acres. We will also be hosting the Saluki National Hare Scramble earlier in the year for 2005. I believe if you call on the weekends you can talk to someone. Hope to see you there.
  5. ILThumper

    YZ426 Part for sale

    What is the Power Now listed under???
  6. ILThumper

    00' 426 clutch basket info needed please

    I have the 2000. My OEM basket is still fine after 3 seasons. The two mods I would suggest are the GB mod and the clutch plate fix. You will know if you need the clutch fix. You can find both these mods by doing a search. They are both great bikes. Have fun!
  7. ILThumper

    Auto deco 426 ride report

    Thanks Yamaben. Great work on the cam. I am on my way to the shop today to get mine ordered before the back log starts. On another subject, I talked with you about the Tech 8's about a month ago. I am going to be moving down to your neck of the woods next year. Maybe you can help me out with track and trail locations? Once again great work. If this thing holds up it will be one of the best tweaks of all on the 426.
  8. ILThumper

    Tech 8's

    Thanks for all the great advice guys. I would rather buy my stuff local and when I can I do but my local palce does not have Tech 8's. I appreciate the offer to try them on in Herrin but I am not that far south and by the time I make it down there it will probably be winter. I will stop by next time I am down your way, I would like to see your shop. By the way I ordered 11's.
  9. ILThumper

    Tech 8's

    I have been out of the loop for about 5 years. I just bought a 426 and can't wait to go riding. I am going to buy a pair of Tech 8's and don't know what size to get. Do they run about the same as street shoes? I wear a 10 1/2 in all my tennis shoes. Should I get 10's 0r 11's? Thanks guys