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    2007 DR650 SE

    Time Left: 27 days and 1 hour

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    Senior owned and ridden since new. This is a great ride, never a problem. Clipped taillights (DR-200) and turn signals (LED), custom aluminum plate holder. Factory rear carrier. Has been my commuter (all 2 lane) for the last decade. It has proven rock solid dependable. New battery 6 months ago, brake pads front and rear. Just changed oil and filter and brake fluid front and back. Serviced the air filter element. Adjusted the valves. I have a box full of the stock blinkers, rear fender mounted plate and reflectors, tool kit. Owners manual and Factory Shop Manual. Id really like to keep this one, but am out of room in the garage, as I've have added a V-strom to the stable for pavement and will ride the DRz for fireroads.


    Hesperia, California - US

  2. 1moreoldguy

    Jetting this weekend!

    Finished my 3x3/stage 1 kit friday....Wish I woulda thought to just tilt the damn carb, except I needed an impact driver to get the shitty phillips out:bonk: ...my mixture screw did NOT have a plug, no drilling ... ...just carefully unscrewed one and installed the Kleintech.. I used the jetting guide in the TT thread...BUT...kit does NOT provide a bigger pilot jet, so check specs for your altitude(22.5 stock, 25 per Eddie)....I just ran a 70 mile test after installing the Moose version of the Dynojet kit... MUCH more everywhere...thank you all who wrote that thread...
  3. 1moreoldguy

    trail ride 10th of february

    Big thanks to the Desert Rat et al for putting this ride together, and giving the old guy directions from afar!! I saw a lot of Dove and Jawbone while wandering around looking for the truck...lol..great ride!!
  4. 1moreoldguy

    trail ride 10th of february

    86 Mitsubishi P/U Gold...hauling 02 DRZ blue...should be at Primo bout 8 am...cya there
  5. 1moreoldguy

    trail ride 10th of february

    Is this the roll call? I'm IN and looking forward to meeting some of you s...