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  1. Talbertnz

    You ride a Suzuki, What's your job? (NOW WITH PICS)

    Verry Cool idea for a thread! I'm a self employed "Hire a Hubby" franchisee in Aukland NZ no i'm not a Gigolo.... it's a a home maintenace/handyman franchise "From the front gate to the back fence and everything in between."
  2. Talbertnz

    Engine swap Newer DR650 to Classic DR650

    there is a video on youtube where a guy has a old dr with new dr engine. i'll have a quick look see if i can find. ah found it but its a dr 600 with sp41 engine:
  3. Talbertnz

    funny Dr650 movie

    can seem to remember how to embed the movie... help someone????
  4. Talbertnz

    DR650SE, whats the little switch on the carb do?

    Cheers, SS is sitting in a shed somewhere at the moment. am planning on picking it up sometime soon and getting it registered here. i brought it over from Holland its 1973 i put 70cc on and fast camshaft. my mate and dad went to have a look at her a couple of weeks ago hasnt run for a 2years or so. 2 kicks and it ran....
  5. Talbertnz

    DR650SE, whats the little switch on the carb do?

    or by taking it of with the 2 screws you dont bend anything! (not that i didnt initial bend it as well to test and see what it does....) Me vote no bend, just take her off
  6. Talbertnz

    DR650SE, whats the little switch on the carb do?

    its some sort of ignition retarder at wot. take it of as lots of us have done. just unscrew the 2 little bolts on carb and unplug the white(?) conector and put the thing in ur shed then go for a ride. notice it sudddenly likes to rev more!
  7. Talbertnz

    Am I carrying a bomb around?

  8. Talbertnz

    650 go crunch.

    Anyone had gear go within warrenty period???
  9. Talbertnz

    Move front brake lever.

    uhm move lever by undoing 2 bolts or muck around with brake fluid, trying to get all the air out etc.... hmmm.. had braided line on my cagiva but apart from loosing some sponge-e-ness couldnt realy say it made braking with 1/2 fingers any better
  10. Talbertnz

    Move front brake lever.

    I just moved my front brake lever further towards the LEFT on the bars to try and create more leverage when "2 finger" braking. Havent tried it yet but should be an improvement? I hate having to put all 4 fingers out on the lever. I havent got any handguards on at the moment would this idea clash with the hand guards?
  11. Talbertnz

    Rear wheel hopping under heavy braking...

    must say went for 5h ride today and adjusted the rear brake pedal yesterday ( lower in this case) and find i have a lot more precision over the rear brake! like it almost as much as cagiva now! (didnt have any hip/hopping 2day)
  12. Talbertnz

    dr650 rear brake question

    after re building my DR i couldnt get the rear wheel to lock up with rear brake. even after bleeding aal the air out. ended up cleaning the DISC with some acetone and roughing up the pretty glazy looking old PADS with some sand paper. works great now
  13. Talbertnz

    Rear wheel hopping under heavy braking...

    Anyone with the upgraded rear shock have less probs with rear brake wheel hopping? my 500cc single cagiva canyon had a verry grippy sensitive rear brake but never had anywhere near as many wheel hop problems under hard braking as my Dr. I find it verry anoying!
  14. Talbertnz

    The right skid plate....

    just noticed in your signature you have the gafler wave disc with ss line how does that go compared to stock? I dont like having to use my full hand when braking hard. (dont mean to change topic on this thread sorry...)
  15. Talbertnz

    Rick Mayer custom saddle DR650

    does feel pretty awsome getting soooo sore on stock seat and then getting home and collapsing on soft bed!!