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  1. brp2004

    width of xr400 seat pan

  2. brp2004

    width of xr400 seat pan

    I am trying to find out if a rack designed for an xr400 could be made to fit on my xr650r. Can someone take a measurement of their xr400 seat for me? I need to know how wide the seat pan is at the outside of the grommets. This will let me know if the rack I found on the interwebs will be wide enough where it connects to the seat bolts on my 650r.
  3. PC racing made a neoprene gasket to solve the sealing issues. They come up on ebay from time to time.
  4. brp2004

    650R rear pegs

    PM sent
  5. brp2004

    Xr's only Online ordering

    Search this site or adv and you will have all the information you need.
  6. brp2004

    Brand new Xr650R

    I know of another brand new one in a local shop here in Oregon that sold for about that. A guy from Texas bought it and had is shipped home.
  7. brp2004

    XR650L in sand dunes?

    MX bikes are a lot of fun on the sand. Your pig on the other hand will simply wear you out in short form.
  8. brp2004

    stupid question choke open or closed

    Front of bike is open.
  9. brp2004

    KTM Stop The Insanity

    As the thread title suggests, KTM is having problems that others are not. Please take your love of air cooled machines over to I love the 80's thread.
  10. brp2004

    We have a brilliant seller on fleebay!

    Ebay is full of idiots. I just bought a clutch cable for my 650r, but they shipped one for a 650L. Anyone want to buy a clutch cable for xr650l?
  11. brp2004

    Anybody have Pro Circuit t4 sys on XR650R?

    My understanding is the PC496 is the same as the T4 with the quiet insert. My PC496 is nice and mellow.
  12. brp2004

    greasable head tube

    I had one installed on my head tube a few years ago. It does ooze out the bottom, but I prefer the mess over the hassle of removing the bearing to grease it.
  13. brp2004

    headlight dims when rear brake applied

    Maybe you have an upgraded bulb in your headlight shell and it is using up all your voltage? I'd start by looking at your bulb to see what it is.
  14. brp2004

    scott summer rack xr650r

    Any other smallish racks? Maybe the top of an LC4 rack or something similar.
  15. brp2004

    scott summer rack xr650r

    Anyone got a SCR rack for xr650r laying around to part with?