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  1. yamaha6j

    Turbo YZ

    That's powerfull !!! Gray where can we send the money, because you haven't charged us a dime.
  2. yamaha6j

    2010 Yz450f

    This is going to be great !!! I hope that Yamaha changes the dirt bike world again... They will get it correct, as i know they have the patience to pull this off.
  3. yamaha6j

    01 yz426 oil bolt stripped

    I would go this way. Good Luck !
  4. yamaha6j

    Time sert ?

    Does anyone know the size that would work for right and left crankcase on 2007 yz 450 ? Also any feedback if they work well, instalation tips. ( drain bolt stripped ). Tx:banana:
  5. yamaha6j

    Bike Won't Start after Top end

    Is the spark plug getting wet with fuel after all this kicking ?
  6. Is it the stock pipe or after market ?
  7. Pull the plug out and rest it on the motor and kick to see if you have spark. The coil wire cap is on good and you will have to use some twisting and pressure to pull off the plug. Does it have spark ?
  8. yamaha6j

    Could this be a stator issue ?

    Thanks Gray, I will pass the information along. Do you think a stator could work under @ a certain rpm and not at another?
  9. yamaha6j

    Could this be a stator issue ?

    Let me be up front here and say I'm posting this for a friend with a 07 kx 450. He is ready to purchase a new stator @ 260.00 dollars. Bike is giving him what you would think were fuel or carb issues however we have pretty muched rulled them out. Changed plug and bike is getting plenty of fuel and fuel screw is ok. Bike starts cold with choke out, as it warms up and you push choke in bike starts to run poor looking for the choke again. Then when you slowley crack throttle it usually dies and will be hard to start. We thought the stator could be intermitanly working at low RPM not high ? Does this sound like the stator? I thought it would be more black and white as that is what happend to my 07. as it stalled and Gray Racer got me going again. Also props to Yamaha for charging less than half for that item and making them better as well.
  10. yamaha6j

    Golden Spectro 4 Semi Synthetic ???

    Gray, now I can fall a sleep... You are the man! I remember that conversation not to long ago just forgot what the outcome was.
  11. yamaha6j

    Golden Spectro 4 Semi Synthetic ???

    Gray, one quick question. I was on Amsoils web page just a bit ago and they said they are fine for wet clutches. I know that you had to hear that the boys at MXA said not to use it(read that some time back). That's kind of why I said I would give this one a try as well. Do you think a fully synthetic shortens the clutch life from our beloved dirt scooters?
  12. Has anyone tried this oil out? I have been a fan of Amsoil 10w40, however Cycle Gear near my house recomeded this out (they don't sell Amsoil). I only ask because my freind ride's a KX 450 and his clutch was making a winding sound comming back to the pits and he said he uses this oil as well.
  13. yamaha6j

    07 yz 450 stalled out today ???

    Todd, let me know what the outcome is. I'm not sure what it could be, sounds pretty strange and not normal at all. Todd if you like replace the stator. It wasn't a big thing to do and cost around $ 140 with a plug ang gasket. Good Luck !
  14. yamaha6j

    07 yz 450 stalled out today ???

    Gray, the stator was to blame all along !!! Thanks for help in making sure I didn't throw out a bunch of money for somehting that wasn't it.
  15. yamaha6j

    Mineral oil Vs Synthetic oil

    In a pinch not really looking at labels and taking my friends oil at the track. I would say more than likely that is what happend to it. I thought the bottle was black not sliver as suspected. Anyway's that's a good point to remember.