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  1. 3 bikes in my signature. I had a 2014 500 XCW and sold it to get the 18 300 XCW, thought it would do it all. I missed the 500 for higher speed open desert as it is more stable - it plows versus bounces. Bought the 18 500 and both are excellent depending on the terrain and type of riding.
  2. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    +1, tried the jetting route and went to Lectron
  3. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2018 500EXC Gearing

    Steve is correct - depends what terrain you are riding. The 2015 model XCW stock was 13/50 which is close to 14/52 final gearing on the 2018. With this gearing I find my self shifting through it particularly in sand but it is good for tight single track and technical terrain. For high speed desert 14/48 is best, if technical slower stuff then 14/50 or 52. I have the 300 XCW for technical stuff.
  4. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2018 500EXC Gearing

    I have 14/50 on my 2018 and am going to 14/48. I had 14/50 on my 2015 500 XCW and it was perfect for the desert I ride so I put the same on the 2018. The primary drive changed on the 2017+ models and using gearingcommander.com, the 14/50 on the 2015 is nearly the same as 14/48 on the 2018. 14/50 requires a longer chain on the 2018 if you go that route but 14/48 will fit with the stock chain. I have a backup 50 tooth now and will keep the longer chain on with the 48. Some guys on the forum like 14/52 but too low for me.
  5. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2018 exc-f 350 first valve check

    I just checked my 2018 500 and both intakes were loose at .18 mm and both exhausts were at .18. I bought 2 shim kits (they come in .04 increments) to have .02 MM increments and shimmed them to nominal. My 2015 500 never needed shimming. If the gap is loose then the valves are not opening all the way. Yes they will wear over time, but it will be awhile.
  6. AZ Thumpdaddy

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    Use a torx socket instead of the 8mm with a long extension. You can push the thermostat housing slightly forward to access.
  7. AZ Thumpdaddy

    '17 EXC 500 Fault Code r04 14 10 14

    The battery is located on the bottom of the speedo.
  8. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

    Sicass fender 21-2217 with LED turn signals 22-100C - very clean.
  9. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

    I bought one last week as well and my build list is in progress. Spend $11K and another $3.5K to be "Ready To Ride" as all bikes require personalizing.
  10. AZ Thumpdaddy

    17 300XC-W, hole in air filter foam

    Black one here and yes it works fine. Should I spray paint it orange? Still had to file the very tip off. A good investment of $14 for a $10K machine.
  11. AZ Thumpdaddy

    KTM 300 XC-W ; Best Gearing Ratio for Enduro

    I am not running enduros but rather desert single/2 track. I found the 13/50 too low and was shifting all the time. I tried the 14/50 combination and found it took too much off the snap. I went with a 13/48 and found it to be perfect with all gears usable without excessive shifting. You will need to take one link out of the chain to run this combination. I am running Vforce 4 reeds, JD jet kit with stock power valve spring on a 2018.
  12. AZ Thumpdaddy

    Ignition mapping on '16 KTM 250XCW

    Anyone have the answer to this question? I am thinking of buying the switch but if it is aggressive as plugged in then I am good.
  13. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    2018 300 XCW final settings for my bike that's dialed with no spooge, no lean surge or hesitations. Have VForce 4 and JD jet kit = Elevation 1,000 ft, red needle 3rd position, 30 pilot, 440 main and AS 1 1/4. The AS adjustment is the only difference from the kit recommendations of 1 1/2. With 1 1/2 on the AS there was a lean surge when the throttle was closed. 2 1/2 hours on the bike now. May consider a high compression head S3 or RK Tek as the next upgrade but right now the bike is a blast.
  14. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    My instructions show 440 for 0-4000 and 420 for 2-7000 for both the red and blue needle. I am riding lower elevations.
  15. AZ Thumpdaddy

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    I have an 18 300 XCW and put in the JD jet kit (make sure it is for an 18, 17 is different) with recommendations for the red needle 3rd clip, 30 pilot, 440 main and AS at 1 1/2 and it seems to run crisp. I haven't been able to ride too much yet to really test it out. I also have V force reeds and have a 5.75 slide on order but wondering if it is necessary - need to ride more. I live in the Phoenix area and ride the east side.