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  1. drhach

    '09 DR 650, Who has one?

    To each his own I guess. I've got the 5 gallon IMS tank and there have been many times that I've ridden to the end of the tank, filled up and kept going. No problem. It's all a matter of perspective and conditioning. The DR is actually not bad for touring as far as I'm concerned.
  2. drhach

    '90 DR350s Fuel Injection Conversion

    You can also locate a fuel source below the carb.
  3. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    Ok, bear with me guys. I got the panels out of the molds. They look ok, but not really acceptable in terms of how I expect them to look. There were some flaws in the clearcoat. Needless to say, I have to rework them and try it again . Carbon is a little different animal compared to fiberglass. I will get them posted as soon as I get a good quality part out of my molds.
  4. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    No, I didn't, Probably not until Saturday. Sorry to tease like that but I have a new Son and I have to work around his schedule (Full-time Dad). I'll post pics as soon as I pull them and clean them up.
  5. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    Paint scratches yes, plastic scratches no. You can smear them around, but ou can't remove them. You will have to do a lot "high build" painting in order to disguise them at which point you have cracking and peeling issues. Material differences aside, scratches can't be buffed out of factory plasics, only minimized. True to a point, as you know, not everyone rides on the dirt or even mostly in the dirt. That said, I doubt that there would be any rela issue with the way that these bikes are ridden. Well said. I totally agree. A fiberglass patch also looks better for the reasons stated above.
  6. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    Fusion does work and they have a pretty decent number of color options. Having the ability to have any paint type or color option seemed pretty nice to me though. The idea of being able to mix a custom color or to walk in to any hardware store and buy any paint rather than hunting for the only brand and type that you can use, sounds good to me. Also, as I said before, you can't sand a scratch out of a factory side panel, so no matter what you paint them with, they will look ratty after a while. As far as strength goes. They should tolerate any abuse that you can throw at them. They're pretty flexible which is good from an impact standpoint. I wouldn't try to bend them in half. If you get in a wreck that bends your sidepanels in half though, I would think that bent sidepanels would be the least of your worries. I have some carbon panels that I'm going to try to get of the molds tonight. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them out and cleaned up. Dan
  7. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    I thought about changing the design and I still might. Mostly, I wanted something that was paintable and that, if it did get scratched you could repair the scratch. One look at my IMS tank, which is made from the same materials as the factory side panels and you'll see what I mean
  8. drhach

    DR650 Sidepanels

    Hi guys, I've been working on something and I just wanted to see what you guys thought. It seems like a lot of people want to paint their side panels but they can't get the paint to stick. Also, when they scratch them (like when I crash:ride:) they're stuck with the scratches. So, I made some side panels out of fiberglass. The great thing is that the resin can be dyed so they can be made in a variety of colors. But they can also be painted any other color. I laso have a couple carbon fiber panels curing in a mold right now that I'll be pulling out pretty soon. Here are the fiberglass panels. I should have pics of the Carbon panels any day now. I'm pondering making a full set of carbon bodywork to go with them as well as a few other goodies.What do you guys think? Sorry, but the pics are kind of big.
  9. drhach

    A lighter DR

    You got that right. Buy a "three person" tent and try to put three people in it.
  10. drhach

    Yippee...Got the front off the ground!!

    I went through a period where I was trying to wheelie the bike a lot. This was something that I found as well. It really is not second nature to cover the brake and tap it when you think things are going too far. You have to really be conscious of your intention to do it. Trust me, if you forget and then decide to do it later, you won't find the pedal.
  11. drhach

    Can I add another oil cooler?

    The DR has two modes of cooling, the fins on the head and the oil cooler. I think those fins contribute a great deal of cooling. If you need proof, get your bike to operating temperature, then shut it off. You'll be amazed at how quickly then engine is cool to the touch. At slow speeds there really is little airflow going past the oil cooler, it would seem that the cooling fins are doing most of the work. The only time I would think that added cooling might be necessary was if you added some kind of fairing that blocked airflow to both the engine fins and the oil cooler fins. Even then, rather than add another oil cooler, it might be better to simply add a thermostatically controlled fan to the existing cooler. For that matter, if it matters that much to you, it probably would be cheaper and simpler to do that now. A couple of those squarish computer power supply fans would be fit perfectly over the cooler. You could relocate it out of harms way if you did that too. Maybe put it under the seat (not that it would fit).
  12. drhach

    is this true...

    Wow, that's more impressive than the fact that you used car motor oil in your engine. Care to elaborate on that? Maybe a link to a trip report?
  13. drhach

    DR650 prices

    If it's an '08, shouldn't you be able to hand them a flyer form any store in the area that sells DR's? I would think that you would be getting retail for a bike that is less than a year old. How much are they offering you? Also, the DR hasn't changed fundamentally in a while. That said, it seems that if you put a 2000 and a 2008 with the equal mileage, the newer one will command a higher price. Even though there is absolutely no difference between them other than the age of the air in the tires.
  14. drhach

    Swap Meet: Lake County Fairgrounds, Illinois

    It's not going to be all Harley crap, er, stuff, like Walneck's is it?
  15. drhach

    Meet PLAB ( personalised lightweight adventure bike)

    I get what you're saying about the process that you used to get the paint to adhere to the tank. What does that flame treatment do though? Does it seal the pores so that the fuel can't pass through the plastic. As I understand, it, the issue with painted tanks is not just that the paint doesn't like to stick to the plastic but that the fuel vapors pass through the plastic and act as a solvent on the paint. Thus there really are two issues with painting plstic tanks. Considering that the paint is removable with solvent, the fuel vapors passing through the plastic would seem to do the same thing.