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  1. gcvt

    what is this

    Nice looking dog....and smart too
  2. gcvt

    Cosmetic Mod....$1.39 It's The Economy

    Great idea - I like it!
  3. I have some good news regarding Jonah Street and Rally Pan Am. Jonah went to see Dr. Ting Tuesday afternoon and the news isn't too bad, apparently. I hung out with Jonah and the Rallypanam.com team Tuesday evening and everyone was understandably excited about his performance in this years' Dakar effort, but disappointed with the way it had to end of course. Jonah goes in for surgery on Monday. Sounds like he's got a piece of broken bone that has attached itself to another bone limiting the motion in his right hand, another piece of bone floating around, and some arthritis...if I remember the conversations correctly through a few beers. Dr. Ting will apparently cut him open and basically do some removal and some grinding. There are apparently no broken bones, tendon damage, etc. that would affect his ability to ride in the future. Jonah said he expects to be back riding in about a month and the team is already making plans for Dakar 2010. GO USA!!!
  4. Jonah Street has withdrawn from the Dakar due to injuries
  5. gcvt

    DAKAR: Jonah Street

    Unfortunately, this is true. He's not yet listed as withdrawn on the official Dakar site, but the news came from the teams website at http://www.rallypanam.com
  6. gcvt

    What does K. T. M. stand for???

    Kosts Too Much
  7. gcvt

    3.9 Gallon Clarke ??????

    Two things: 1. Rinse the tank out with water and let it dry completely. Often times, there are small slivers of plastic left in the tank after the manufacturing process. 2. Check that the cable guides on the upper frame aren't making contact with the tank. Many people have had to bend them in slightly.
  8. gcvt

    Safety wire pliers.

    It's really one of the best tools ever conceived. I have a couple pair
  9. gcvt

    Why so many Anaheims? What's up with SX?

    Last year in SF was completely dry. The only big mud-fest here was 2006. Saturday night hardly qualifies as a mud-fest.
  10. now its raining just in time for the mains
  11. I'm here, the racing is great and the weather is perfect - warm and dry!!
  12. Not raining today and the skies are mostly clear...just a couple of clouds. Let's hope it holds.
  13. gcvt

    whos going to the san fransico supercross

    I'll be there rain or shine...but I got some covered seats with the carpeted interior areas (food, bar, bathrooms, etc.) BTW, it's been raining like hell here the past couple of days...in case anyone didn't know. No little rain showers this week.
  14. Street helmet for the street. MX helmet for the track.