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  1. y2blade

    my new toy

    cheers last one from that set
  2. y2blade

    New guy with pics...

    very nice
  3. y2blade

    Step by Step Suspension Set Up

    thanks for the info
  4. y2blade

    Step by Step Suspension Set Up

    good thread thank you what about toe? in or out?
  5. y2blade

    show us your LTZ

  6. y2blade

    show us your LTZ

  7. y2blade

    my new toy

    she is all serviced with oil and filter change and new twin air filter fitted and ready to rock some pics taken this afternoon was being watched some close-ups
  8. y2blade

    Suzuki show us your LTZ

    i'll start mine, only had her a week and a half and very pleased with her this was taken on the way home from picking her up, you can see the grin these were taken last saturday, i've never had so much fun in the wet before show us yours please
  9. y2blade

    my new toy

    update spent a good bit of time at the weekend putting all the suspension settings back to stock so i can get to learn the quad as it should be...the settings were all over the place the last couple of days have been really good on the quad, esp this morning with it lashing it down also the 6psi all round has made a real differance thanks RP my new airfilter and rear brake pads have arrived so will be fitting both at the weekend........the oil on the dipstick is pretty clean looking so no rush to do an oil change for now but will get on and do it within the next month, i have a new oil filter ready and waiting getting a new set of front Claws fitted on saturday morning so a busy weekend ahead a quick picture of my baby , taken on saturday while out enjoying the rain thank you all for the good info and guidance
  10. y2blade

    Alaska Riding Photo's

    fantastic pictures, thankyou for sharing them with us
  11. y2blade

    Quad Rear Brakes

    good info fitting new pads in mine at the weekend, hence the "search"
  12. y2blade

    bike to bike Two way radios

    I use 2-way radios too, I have the Cobra MT800s
  13. y2blade

    Quad Recomendations

    +1 for the LTZ400 i have just bought a 06 LTZ400 and very happy with it
  14. wow fantastic pictures
  15. y2blade

    LTZ400 Gearing changes....15t-39t

    thanks for the reply did you have to alter the Chain length at all? what sort of cruising speed does that give you?